100 thoughts on “Sardine Feeding Frenzy: Whale, Shark, Dolphin and Sea Lions | The Hunt | BBC Earth

  1. nobody : why that preditors cant fight each other…?
    aquatic predators : because its a free real estate !!!

  2. I love how all these players join in working togethers, but the moment a large whale appears, everyone makes way. That was badass.

  3. I watched this in TV 2 years ago, I wanted to watch it again, I didn't knew how to search it in Google
    Everything I can say is… Thanks, Youtube Algorithm

  4. You know im here the thumbnail but everything is so exciting right from the beginning i forgot that a whale will appear😂😂😂

  5. Sealions & sharks: we can't get as much as we would like so grab what you can they're getting away..

    Blue whale 🐋: hold my beer 🍻…..

  6. This feels like any battle royal game. And I'm usually the Sardine. Why are all these predators working together to kill me…

  7. That 🐋 was like the main boss you face after having to deal with many mini bosses, until you realize he can insta kill a whole squad in one swipe.

  8. All these predators working together so everyone can survive yet we have 1 in 5 children hungry here in America..😔🤦‍♀️ and we have It better here than a lot of places in the world.. humans suck sometimes

  9. Whale: Just give me all the sardines you have
    Seals: 👍
    Whale: Wait… Wait, I’m worried what you just heard was give me a lot of sardines. What I said was give me all the sardines you have. Do you understand?
    Seals: 😟

  10. Question: Do the Sharks just prefer the taste of Sardines over tuna and sea lion, or did they just go after the more plentiful prey? Or do predators share a "bully" mentality and they all join in on picking off the weak?? Seems to me like it would be just as easy and more filling to nab a couple of the others while their backs were turned.

  11. S.L.M.2 Hi im with Sardines Lives Matter 2 . Our organization is try to put an end to these mass killings. Just remember there is a group and organization for everything.

  12. 3:38 Whaley boi scared the crap of me 😂😂

    All the other predators were like “oh sh- WHALE! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!”

  13. Not now but …Soon people will start judging animals too 😂 like they did with human and the secret service will start interrogating animals…😂🤣
    Internet is an illusion and will always be

  14. That whale was a hardcase. An "ever dwindling shoal" and swoosh! Old mate finishes the meal service in one swift movement.

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