Sanders stopped talking about ‘millionaires’ when he became one: Schweizer

Sanders stopped talking about ‘millionaires’ when he became one: Schweizer

100 thoughts on “Sanders stopped talking about ‘millionaires’ when he became one: Schweizer

  1. bernie the messiah. $600,000 home acquired just after resigning to hillary. and yet sanders stated that when he ran in 2016 his entire net worth was less than $400,000 even though a US senator makes $174,000/year. bernie has been in government since 1991 making this salary. if he doesnt have more than $400,000 i dont want him handling public funds because he doesnt know how to handle money.

  2. Burnout bought 500,000 dollars in his own books l saw in a podcast. Using campaign funds that should be illegal. Then hires his wife to work on his staff with no experience. What a hypocrite this is your socialist get used to it. He has 2 homes and a camp . Not bad for a hypocrite

  3. The unanswered question is; how did Uncle Bernie get to be a multimillionaire on a mid level politician''s salary.?? ………………………… Corruption??

  4. Yes now he is only talking about billionaire !! why though, because he's not there $$ Trump 2020 thanks !! Regards from a Dane

  5. Seriously Bernie? If you don't like capitalism, stop being a capitalist. Defect to Russia and leave the hard-working American alone

  6. He used to say millionaires and billionaires, then became a millionaire and stop talking about millionaire, even I noticed that, they even defrauded a college, do research, he's a scam artist.

  7. "Everyone has camps in Vermont." Yeah, and a bunch of people live in them. Let's see a picture of yours Bernie. I've never seen a $600,000 20 year old camper before.

  8. Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite and a failed politician.
    If anyone listens to him and fact checks the BS rolling outta his mouth, it'd be easy to spot.

  9. Minimum wage in 1960 was 1 dollar, if it kept up with inflation today it would be 24 dollars per hour, in 1963 JFK was assassinated after that every crook in the us started running to be president. Nixon made health and mental care profitable and took us off the gold standard. Thanks to Reagan for stealing the American dream, and not one president ever brought it back. Except Clinton moved the democratic party to the far right of center becoming the new demorepublican sell you out down the street con man, sucking the livelihood right out of America. Again not one president or congressmen offord to help bring back our dream or revive our livelihood. What we received for our help in bailing out the banks and securing our corporate industry was 16 trillion in aulstairty, endless wars, bankrupt housing market, manufacturing wages cut in half. and now huge corporate tax breaks, with huge amount of inequality And a healthcare system that is a total Insurance scam. Who but ghetto makers and slave masters would want to not pay a living wage, make sure your healthcare is a insurance scam, allow wall street to steal from your 401 pension, and support corporate lobbyist above your own people. sounds like communism. After stealing your rights for 50 years, giving them to you makes you feel like it's wrong, except they lied to you so they could keep more for themselves. Why are we allowing 530 con artist to vote against our right for healthcare, jobs with pensions and a living wage? vote them out. end the DNC IT'S CORPORATE LOBBYIST OWNED RICH ELITE RAN Slave and ghetto makers, same as republicans elites self serving corporate thugs. THEY NEED TO PAY A LIVING WAGE. AND THEIR FAIR SHARE IN TAXES.

  10. Has anyone who considers this idiot as someone who can run our Country thought about this. IF a miracle occurs and a communist democrat becomes President, before he is inaugurated American millionaires and billionaires will have already moved their money and investments to OVERSEAS ACCOUNTS AND BANKS IN OTHER COUNTRIES WHERE THEY ARE PROTECTED AND CANNOT BE TOUCHED. All the money you think that is going to pay for your schools and health care WILL BE GONE. Uh, 75% of our paychecks will be taxed in an attempt to compensate and it is doubtful our Country will experience anything but poverty, hunger, disease, violence and a complete breakdown of society unlike anything we have ever experienced. Just think about that when you vote for comrade Burnie or anyone of his deranged selfish ilk.

  11. BERNIE BEEN TALK THIS S,,, FOR 50 YEARS. I lived in Oakland 1960 to 1975 , Bernie's IS A fanatical ,appealing to FANTICALS

  12. You better wake up, because if you think Bernie is going to give you free stuff your fooling yourself . This man will be controlling what you already have. Listen to people who have come here from a Socialist Country. He wants your vote, that’s all.

  13. Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren flies private jets while Commie Bernie has Millions and four homes, But..but..but..they want us all to be poor while they spend our money. THAT is what communism is folks! WAKE UP!

  14. Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren flies private jets while Commie Bernie has Millions and four homes, But..but..but..they want us all to be poor while they spend our money. THAT is what communism is folks! WAKE UP!

  15. And to think Bernie is probably the most honest of all the Democrats running for POTUS, doesn't say much for the others, does it ?

  16. The Clintons bought him a house after he dropped out in 2016, Bernie's a crook and most of his supporters are to dopey to recognize it.

  17. Change come in from the fringes not from the middle. But you still have to look to the part of the fringe that makes sense.

  18. You just have to see when he became a millionaire, and that's all you need to know.

    Medicare for All is all nice, fluffy and unicorny, but the quality of the healthcare will depend on the government. A corrupt govt will not make healthcare better for anyone. N Bernie is as corrupt as they come.

    N Bernie supporters are as loony as they come, going so far as to shoot anyone. There are radical supporters everywhere….but even Hillary's radical supporters are not as violent as Bernie's radical supporters.

    Don't become over confident. Get out and vote!

  19. Pharisee. Oy oy 😠 narssisict MILLIONAIRE globalist…ting be? Im gonna die on Dee trip to dah new planet befoh im get on de rocket.

  20. Why isn’t this obvious to people? These democrat voters just cannot be paying attention to anything, especially what their candidates have already used them for…

  21. bernie , all of his life ,…………..millionaires are evil !
    2016 people find out he IS a millionaire .
    bernie 2020 ,……………………….billionaires are evil !
    hypocrisy , thy name is bernie sanders !

  22. Bernie Sanders Is…”Red-Green Party”…A Leftist Communist / Islamic Terrorist (D) Criminal Party Candidate…Enemy Of America & The American People.

  23. Bernie Sanders is the BIGGEST phony in politics today. He does the total opposite of every talking point he has. Sanders is a horrible person by his own standards. 🧐

  24. I am still trying to understand why he is even allowed to run for the democrat nomination when technically, Bernie is an Independent. In practice of course, he is a communist.

  25. PLEASE!! Will somebody PLEASE help lil ol dummy me to understand WHY these backstabbing wishy-washy double minded HYPOCRITES slander/mock/ridicule/scorn each other BUT IN THE END, whoever is nominated, THEN everyone of the backbiters PRAISE the Nominee & TELL US WHY WE SHOULD SUPPORT THE VERY ONE THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY RIDICULED/SLANDERED/SCORNED & MOCKED!! why dat?

  26. $2 million net worth at age of 80 is nothing man common, If you had a 100k income for 35 years and you put money in Stock market you would also have the same more or less

  27. Bernie Sanders is going to be another one goes in the office not being a millionaire and comes out of it being a millionaire typical politician

  28. Greed he works for free sir so does his daughter to help America how much do you give to less forunate?. I heard its 1% of charity . your soicalist views and your promises r lies i pray america wake up from your fantasy .
    Trump promises trump delivers! your a liar and a snake just like Hillary wake up sanders followers he's scamming you all

  29. He wants our money to give us medical ins free no thanks hes a millionaires who lies of his worth he's old retire sir … his views r absurd 3 years ago and today the same !we dont want anything he's scamming americans wake up remove your blinders

  30. Trosky was a very rich man most dont know about the russian revoultion and frankfort school what its done to this country. Its not taught in our schoolsthe evils of communism in general isnt taught.

  31. The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the rest willing to let them. Robert Frost*** Open borders, free schooling, free medical, free housing, free-free-free. Why work when it`s all free.Who is going to supply us with all this stuff?

  32. Bernie's book? What could it possibly read ?
    "Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky; How do I love thee, let me count the ways" 200 million times??

  33. the only reason Bernie's getting votes cuz he's promising people free stuff that we had to work all of our life for think about it

  34. Let's look at the one little ad he has running, then look at how much has been donated to him, and see if ad looks like it had a budget somewhere in that arena of funds

  35. He’s the crook!!! Liar and thief you old goat you’re too old to be president you’ve never worked a day in your life , schemed and fraud in the American people all your life who want you for president you old piece of refurbished socialist communist fart 👿👿👿👿👿👿

  36. Nobody supporting Sanders cares that Bernie or anyone else is a millionaire. But hey, keep trying to make it an issue. It's kind of funny to watch the desperation from the corporate backed media.

  37. GOT A STUDENT LOAN??  Listen up, here's the skinny.  Sooooo, you have a student loan, lets say for 100K and the student loan now has magically disappeared……WHOA, hold your horses Wilbur, now the IRS considers this 100K student loan as INCOME!!!    So, this will put you in a different higher tax bracket AND you get to pay the taxes on that student loan……now you know the "rest" of the story.

  38. Why are you punishing Americans for working hard? We are trading years, months, hours of our lives in exchange for the money we need to provide a good life for our loved ones. No one else is entitled to that money.

  39. You have to be a special kind of short yellow bus stupid to not know the Democrats will sabotage Bernie Sanders again like they did with Hillary. Oppps that's right, I forgot……..Bernie Sanders supporters ARE gullible and stupid.

  40. I'm still waiting for Trump's promised "best and cheapest healthcare"… I guess he omitted to disclose that he had the "best and cheapest healthcare for millionaires."

  41. Berni said from the bottom up? I guess the founding fathers were all poor working class! Does this man not know anything about history? Or maybe history will be rewritten like the DNC does all the time!

  42. It infuriates the HELL out of WE THE PEOPLE that politicians enter elected office as a meager middle class taxpayer, yet they quickly become MILLIONAIRES while being paid to SERVE US.

  43. Ever wonder why our elected leaders (BOTH Parties) spend millions 💲💲💲 for jobs paying $100-300K? Our government is run by the RICH! And they laugh all the way to their 401Ks – while we peasants fight & yell & bicker!

  44. ENRICHING HIS FAMILY SORT OF LIKE JOE QUID PRO QUO BIDEN DID HUH ? bernie used capitalism to get rich but doesnt want everyone else to sustain wealth once he pbtained it . hmmmm an yall cant see through this dudes lies america? wtf is wrong with the united states .


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