RV Life: 2020 Grand Design Reflection 260RD Fifth Wheel

RV Life: 2020 Grand Design Reflection 260RD Fifth Wheel

tour of my Grand Design Reflection 2020 260RD camper. I’ll share with you what I love a today I’m gonna give you a tour of my grand design reflection 2020
camper I’ll share with you what I love a few things that I just don’t like and a
couple of problems I’ve had I am Liz amazing and welcome to my channel these
are exciting times to push past fear gain confidence and live amazing and I
am super excited today because I’m gonna give you a tour of my home the grand
design reflection 260 Rd fifth wheel I’m gonna share with you what I love what I
don’t like so much and the problems I’ve had with it
well the 260 Rd is ideal for a couple or solo traveler it is just under 30 feet
which is really short for a fifth wheel it is ideal for weekends full timing or
even boondocking and as you can see it has an extra large awning it has super
large holding tanks extra storage capacity and so many features that I’m
gonna list them in the comments below this is my seventh camper and I have
come from a camper van and I am absolutely thrilled okay I know you’re
anxious to get inside but let me show you a couple things outside pretty quick
in the front storage it is nice and deep you can see I can hold several cups and
cleaning supplies toolbox and I have to admit I feel a little inadequate with
what tools I have I have the basics and I have a torque wrench so let me know if
there’s anything that I absolutely should have with me and then I have a
problem I bought the torque wrench the extension it has this plastic thing that
came in it and I think it’s from you know the price tag or whatever but short
of burning it how do you get the plastic thing out of it so that you can use it
just let me know I’ll be so grateful thanks this is the pass-through storage
it is huge I love how the door is held up just by magnet
so awesome it has motion sensor lights which is so great but I have not figured
out how to organize this space I just kind of have all this stuff piled here
so if you have any ideas if I need bins or whatever just let me know I love the
water system here it’s really just a flick of a switch to go from city water
to dry camping and if I’m hooked up to water right now at the campground which
I am if I want to fill my fresh water holding tank it’s really just a flip of
a switch it’s just super easy these are my gray and black tank levers right here
and then I love this design see how the hose comes up from underneath so I can
close the door without having to house hanging out so here’s an overview of the
floor plan you can see nice tall ceilings beautiful vinyl plank flooring
and here’s the reason why I bought this floor plan is I wanted that rear view I
knew it was going to be doing a lot of time staying at campgrounds and if
you’ve ever stayed at campgrounds you know that your back view is the most
important because to your side is generally your neighbors so you really
want to look out the back and that’s why I didn’t even want a couch across the
back because I wanted to be able to just relax on the dinette enjoy meals or just
put my feet up and enjoy looking out at the view and I have a pretty good view
you can see even through the glare of the Sun that I have a river back there
and there are windows on this side too on both sides so it’s just really lovely
now this dinette goes down into a bed this isn’t for families but if you have
a an occasional guest or a grandchild visiting this will go into a twin size
bed and there’s storage all the way around this u-shaped dinette so you can
really take a lot of stuff plus there are cabinets above look at that kitchen
my goodness all the storage all the cabinet space all the drawers and the
counter space I love what they did with the faux finish on the counters it’s
really pretty the drawers are nice and deep
there’s plenty of room to keep stuff in here and there’s six of these drawers
there is a residential style stove it is a gas stove but it has the grace that
you find and residential it doesn’t have the ugly RV look and there’s an oven microwave and an oversized sink even a
spice rack it has a good sized fridge and next to it is deep pantry space the
couch is a full-size couch it has two recliners and it has bells and whistles
it has heat which is so nice and it has massage they also you can see they each
have a cup holder the middle part of the couch flips down so that you have extra
cup holders and a work area I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about the TV because
I don’t watch TV but I am told it has lots and lots of features on it and I do
know you can watch YouTube on it there’s also a DVD and CD player and it has
indoor and outdoor speakers am/fm radio and here is the control panel where you
operate the slides and the awnings and check your tank levels this unit has one
slide and what you’re looking at here with the wood frame is the slide so the
couch and the fridge all come in and with the slide closed when you’re
driving down the road the counter at extension flips down and it comes to
right about where the trashcan is so what that does is it does close off the
stairway and I thought well is this going to be a problem if I’m driving
you know cross-country and I want to stop and use the bathroom
so high timed it do you know it’s only twenty or thirty seconds to open and
close the slide so it really is not a big deal well I love my bathroom I’m in
heaven remember I came from a campervan I
didn’t even have a bathroom counter and I had a medicine cabinet half the size
of what I have now now I have this huge medicine cabinet a counter drawers a
cupboard under the sink plus a big linen closet
I have a full-size shower and it has a skylight and a squeegee door so what
that is is that it squeegees the water off when you open it and this is my
linen closet a lot of people don’t realize that when you go full-time you
have to bring your whole medical supplies with you your sick bay
everything that you need you know in case you get sick or you get insect
bites you know extra supplies so you really need a lot of bathroom storage
well the bedroom is amazing it has a residential queen-size bed not the RV
Queen but a regular residential full-size queen there’s a nightstand on
both sides and there’s overhead storage and the entire under the bed is storage
there’s also a shelf in the back for knickknacks there’s some USB ports
plenty of outlets plus there is a good-sized wardrobe and deep drawers
well I’m sure you can tell I just love love love my grand design 260 rd
reflection 5th wheel but there are just a few minor things that I am not
thrilled about and here they are well I’m not super loving this glass stovetop
I don’t really use the counter space that much although I do occasionally I’m
thinking about taking it off the reason why I don’t like it is because it’s
glass so it’s so hard to keep clean I find it just too high-maintenance for me
you know if I did permanently take it off I am not sure if this is going to
look okay back here with it off and probably when I’m traveling I’m gonna
have to take the grates and put them somewhere because they might bounce out
another option tell me what you think about this idea is what if I put contact
paper on here and got some nice contact paper and attached it on here so that’s
a thought let me know what you think so another thing that I’m not too fond of
is the height of the table it just feels too high so I’m pond
what if I took these table legs and cut them shorter I guess I could just get a
hacksaw what do you think is this something that I could do or should I
beat should I just hire it out so the other thing I don’t like is how this
faucet in the bathroom is too short so I end up washing my hands pressing my
hands at the back of the sink and then getting water all over the counter so do
you think this is something I can do myself can I switch out a faucet or is
that something where I need to get somebody in to do okay so I did have a
couple problems since I bought the fifth wheel so one of the problems I had was
with the stovetop the actual top here can you see these grooves right here I
actually took a series of photos because this showed up at just a few weeks after
buying it and just got worse and worse and I sent photos to grand design and
you know what they did they just sent me a new one I didn’t even have to go to a
dealer so I have a new top and all I have to do is find a handyman to replace
it and that’s it super easy well most people know that mattresses and RVs are
generally not the best quality however mine although it was comfortable
it cratered in like about a month so grand design gave me a generous credit
to a new mattress and now I’m super thrilled and here’s the thing again I
didn’t have to go to a dealer I just sent them a photo and they took care of
it and I want to remind you to join the
a-team the community where we help support and inspire each other just push
on the subscribe button and if you liked this video you’ll love the next one I’ll
see you in the next video

23 thoughts on “RV Life: 2020 Grand Design Reflection 260RD Fifth Wheel

  1. Nice video. Thanks for sharing. We are still considering which one to buy. I love the back window, but am not a fan of the booth seating. I'm glad you pointed out the high table. Just another thing to consider. I wish they had a table and chair option for the back instead.

  2. I always use a pick or an awl to remove those plastic dohickey's (technical term ;-() ) from sockets or extensions.

  3. That's a great layout! I'm pretty sure you can change the bathroom tap by yourself. check out some Youtube videos. 🙂 Great video Liz! Keep them coming!

  4. I’m glad GD took good care of you and the issues you had Liz. I’m a big fan of their product. Nice review!

  5. Really nice set up.! My RV will never be clean enough to do a tour – Ha ha ha. 💥💥💥 # Roamingwithrover

  6. 🙌🏻Liz! Contact paper is good idea to cover the glass or maybe just a glass paint would work? Great videos👍🏻😁

  7. Lowe’s sells a pipe cutter to cut the legs… I wouldn’t put contact paper on the glass top… The heat from stovetop or oven may melt it and you would have a mess… Get a cutting board and cover the whole thing… something like this… https://www.ikea.com/th/en/p/laemplig-chopping-board-bamboo-20309828/

  8. Not sure of your level of competence with tools. Those are easy projects and a handyman or woman could quickly finish all. You may even find someone in the rv park to provide assistance. These are good learning projects if you have the proper tools; hacksaw. Channel Locks. Vice Grips. Assorted wrenches. GDesign is well built and they look to provide excellent support so hopefully your problems will be few.

  9. Grand Design is quite popular for sure among the FT community. We recently upgraded out of a TT into a Class A toy hauler. But still enjoy seeing these beautiful floor plans. ~Bradley

  10. As far as tools, a cordless drill, small compressor, and a complete hand tool set. You can drill out the plastic that should have pulled straight out of the extension, use a channel lock or vise grip to hold the extension. You can probably cut the table legs with a hack saw if the ends don't need to be modified (you should probably have one of those too).

  11. Thanks for a great review- I was looking for a review on the Grand Design and your review was the second one in line – and I’m glad I clicked on it – your very well spoken and did a better review than the “sales man” 🙂 – if my wife and I ever cross paths with you I would gladly give you a hand with any “minor” repairs – have a great thanksgiving 🙂

  12. You can definitely cut the table stands down with a hacksaw, however you’ll only get one shot at it. I would suggest stopping at Home Depot and see if they have similar tubes for sale. Buy one and do some practice cuts on those. You will also need a metal file to remove the burrs after you make your cut. Good luck!

  13. Hey Liz we are in our early 60s . In the market for our first camper. We need 1/2 ton towable that won’t kill our F150 5.0. Not full time camping but 4-6 mo a year on avg. we want easy to tow, easy set up & the biggest bang for our $ . Is that a TT or FW in your opinion ?

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