rocket stove silverfire survivor, cupcakes

rocket stove silverfire survivor, cupcakes

hey you know welcome to BCI’s outdoor
kitchen I’m fixing to fire up the rocket stove and I was gonna see if I could
make some corn bread but I found some muffin tins that’ll fit in there
so I think I’m gonna make some cupcakes and let me get this thing on that metal
cart now get some wood in it get it fired up and see what kind of
temperature I can bring this up to let me get going we’ll be right back okay I
just got it started it hasn’t started gasifying yet I I made this metal plate
I think I showed you the other day this this tray that I got at a yard sale Wow
all right so I’m gonna set the oven on that feed this I’m gonna over feed it
just a little bit and go in and mix mix my cake mix and
grease up my pan this only came with one shelf I’m kind of surprised well uh
we’ll try it with I’ll had just have to make two you know I have two pans and I
had this here but it doesn’t quite fit in there
I could put some rods through here across this and then set that grill out
but I’m not gonna do that I’m gonna leave it just like that so here let me
yeah let me set this down while I’m there and we’ll see how quickly this
picks up heat I’m not gonna make you stare at the
temperature gauge with me I still got several things to do let me go and mix
my cake batter up and we’ll be right back it’s not even up to 300 yet but I’m
gonna go ahead and put this in there now maybe feed this a little bit all right
all righty I’m gonna sit my clock for 20 minutes and we’ll be back I’ve got a
toothpick here I’m supposed to stick this toothpick in there to see if it’s
done we’ll see all right see in 20 minutes here’s the
thing about rocket stoves there there’s a fine line between just enough wood and
too much wood that it smokes when you get these rocket stove smoking you put
too much wood in them and right now we’ve had so much rain here I can’t even
walk from here to my chicken house I have to walk down to the corner there
and then step on all the roots and then hop over to the door with with those on
we’ve had three weeks of rain we had rain yesterday it’s thundering now then
have rain tomorrow and I tell you this because that’s why I’m using all this
lumber instead of sticks if I had some smaller stuff this would be a little
easier to control but uh this is actually the hottest it’s been now that
this is finally burning right you know from my overfilling it now that it’s
finally burning right and it’s actually burning the wood gasps oh my wife you
just brought me sticks okay cinnamon counter thank you very
much okay well anyway it’s the temperatures coming up because it’s
finally burning right and that wasn’t not the stove it’s just that I I stuffed
it too full because I thought I was going to be gone longer but uh anyway
it’s working good now okay that’s 20 minutes have my doubts I
have my doubts well wait a minute now you get my glove they do not make
nothing to fit normal sized hands Jason all right now apparently you’re supposed
to be able to take the toothpick stick it in here and tell if it’s done I don’t
know how I don’t know how he’s pushing till but I didn’t get that far my instructions I have no idea I’m gonna put this back in
and then go ask my wife what the hell that that means stick toothpicks in it
alrighty I’ll be back in a minute okay she said it was supposed to come
out clean and with no dough stuck to it and I think it did I’m gonna give it
another try well shoot where’s the daggone toothpick
now oh god I hope you weren’t licking that yeah looks clean to me all right I’m
gonna put my other batch in there and do about the same thing with that and by
that time all I gotta let these cool ten minutes and then dump them out we’ll see
we’ll see if they’re done all right batch number two is in there go let that
temperature come back up and setting a clock for another 20 minutes okay so I
had a little trouble getting them out of this pan apparently you’re supposed to
grease the pan before you put these in there and I think she already told me
that and I may have forgotten but let’s let’s break one open and see what looks
like inside they’re done well there you have it
you can absolutely bake a cake because that this is just cake mix you could
bake a cake make muffins and I know you can do cornbread and I will do some
cornbread but not today my next time lighting that rocket stove up I’m going
to do a chicken teriyaki stir fry I’ve still got another batch of these in
there and I hope them come out a little easier because I had planned on oh yeah maple bacon frosting oh well let’s see
this one’s good that one’s good that one’s good that one’s yeah I can kind of
stick that one back together nothing I can frost these yeah I’m gonna go ahead
and frost them what the heck waste not want not
anyway now you know a little coleman oven it’s not ideal and i have seen
another one on amazon it’s a foreign-made and it requires a lot of
assembly according to some of the complaints but once it’s assemble that
works really good there’s got to be a better oven than this it’s piece of crap
and everybody warned me that it was but you know that you can make bread in it
you McMuffins you can do cornbread on a
rocket stove a silver fire survivor rocket stove not on a propane oven so
that’s saying something you can you can make bread and oven over a fire pretty
cool all right folks thanks for watching did
you really think I wouldn’t show you the most important part a bacon in case you
could tell I’m not a baker huh this is my first time never bacon anything okay
this time I mean it thanks for watching

46 thoughts on “rocket stove silverfire survivor, cupcakes

  1. i am going to use my large cast iron dutch oven with a trivet in bottom to bake over my stationary rocket stove.i have both a low profile and a taller profile trivet to try.i think the cast iron holding the heat in its sides and top will give a more even temperature.we shall see…i may do a video on it too.thanks for showing this.keep up the good work.

  2. Its done when there is no batter on it.I should have waited until boss of the kitchen told you. jk  See Ya  :>)

  3. You've done good son. Now l have to go and make/bake for my husband's birthday cake. Son is going to work, he don't have time.

  4. i was gonna be a smart ass & tell you, you should've put some bacon bits in them but you beat me to the punch.

  5. Hush, for a non-baker, they are WUNDERBAHR!  Let me translate the toothpick thang:  Insert a skinny wooden skewer into the area of largest mass of the cupcake, and if you remove the pick and find the cupcake has not coated the pick with raw batter splooge, youre good to go.  Clearer?

  6. The off grid betty crocker strikes again. When hubby gets home from work tonight we are going to BBQ up some burgers and I have salad ya know that green stuff, although I don't like salad on my burgers, just cheese,bacon and onions and salad on the side. On a different note, it is 95 F out with the humidity and we had a rain storm a couple hours ago. Last week the hubby installed rain barrels on our eaves troughs and all 3 of those 55 gal barrels are full to the brim and have to let loose some of that water, because more rain is expected tonight. So down the driveway it goes. Don't know what else to do with it. Gardens do not need water right now and I don't have a berkey to filter it for storage. Sheesh. Water in barrels is warm to. Maybe next project should be and outside shower or bathtub. Or maybe go buy one of those blow up 4 foot deep pools. I am letting loose about 90 gallons of water out of those 3 drums that equal 165 gallons.

  7. Smaller space can work with lower temps.:) I have a Coleman stove too. They work well on a propane stove as well. Have fun.

  8. Use a regular kitchen oven thermometer to check the one in your Colman. These are like built in grill thermometers & those in the kitchen, too. Sometimes they are way off!
    Have you seen these? If not, hope there's something useful in them for you. (note pipe strapping spacer)

    BTW, there wasn't a thing wrong with those cupcakes. Uhmm, I take that back. There was one. I didn't get a taste, especially with that frosting. (sigh) 
    lol – enjoyed, thanks for sharing.

  9. with the oven i dont think ya need the steel plate    that was for  the all, foil pans

  10. Great effort.  I hope you gave some to the dog.  He loyally hung around hoping you would drop something.

  11. Looks like it works pretty good. It also looks like you won't be opening a bakery anytime soon lol. That is pretty cool I been wanting to get one for awhile God bless brother

  12. waste not? more like if you cook it … want not O_O bahahaha You'll learn, nobodies first stuff works out when they don't listen to the wife.

    Anyway, at least you're capable of making an oven 10x as good as the coleman, which is the easybake oven toy of the outdoors.

  13. I think they came out pretty good for a first timer. I've never tried baking anything so your already ahead of my skills.

  14. If you get your hands on some stainless steel you can build a better oven for the rocket stove by having a double wall box made with an opening under to let the gasses get into the space between the walls and an exhaust port on the top. If you want something larger look at a cob oven they are dirt cheap and can be built around rocket stoves tech.

    A cob oven is a large high mass oven built of mud that is then fired to dry. After the fire is out it stays hot for a few hours for baking in. They can be modified to use a basic rocket stove for the heat so less ashes inside the back area and less fuel needed to get the thing to temp.

    The other fun one is a rocket mass heater they use the rocket stove idea to heat a large mass then let that heat out slowly over the day and can be modified to provide hot water/cooking areas. Shouldnt be to hard to make a oven box on top of the barrel section add some heavy rock-wool insulation to keep the heat inside that box. Around 2:30 into the video they start a good breakdown of how and why the system works well.

  15. You did a great job. Why am I not surprised you found bacon flavored frosting. Appreciate the demo on the stove and oven. For a $12 investment it seems the oven will do in a pinch and just needs a little coax to perform at its peak. I am  envious of our outdoor kitchen. Looking forward to more videos.

  16. Bacon and maple frosting?  You could burn the hell out of the cup cakes and I would be good as long as they had that frosting!

  17. We haven't had 15 days of rain in the last 12 months. Maybe we should relocate to the bayou! Yep, that toothpick is done! BTW. That was the BEST cupcake tutorial I have ever seen!!!

  18. I've found the thermometer on my Coleman stove was way off. A pizza stone to help stabilize the temp and a small thermometer too.

  19. wow maple bacon icing . . .  to cool for words. if you don't like that coleman oven Perhaps you'd let me have it.

  20. wobble wobble that tray table that was holding the stove made me so nervous LOL Now you can add "cup cake" making to your resume! LOL 🙂 yum! great job! – I wish you used organics 🙂 but still a check mark!

  21. Cooking with BC in the outdoor kitchen.I love cornbread,last time I had some was about 2007,or2008,when I used to go to a place called Boston Market.

  22. little bit of bacon frosting, a little bit of hot sauce. the combination of sweet, salty and a touch of spice is wont matter what it looks like because they will be in your belly ha ha ha ha. they looked pretty good BC

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