57 thoughts on “RIP duckling

  1. Bummer. I had a bird fly into the room through an open window when I was sleeping with a cat on my feet, and I woke up to a similar sight.

  2. Sadly that's the nature of, well, nature, predators and prey, through my life I've seen so many things brought home by our cats, from tiny field mice, all they way up to a whole duck (sadly deceased) and even a live seagull, and believe me, you don't want a live seagull in your kitchen!!!! :S

  3. My cat brought a baby bunny home once, sadly he was still alive, barely. I had to put it out of it's misery. 😭 Only thing sadder is when my cat died last year. 😭

  4. :'-(
    Would you feel better if I told that I once woke up to the sound of a cat protesting wildly and then just – silence. Getting out of bed and looking out I saw a fox running away with a cat!
    Goes both ways it seems!

  5. Bird hit the big picture window at my house years ago now while I was away and talking with the wife on the phone. Our son rushed outside to help the stunned bird. Wife was chatting with him through the open window and I asked her where is the cat because he will go for the bird. So our son picks up this bird gently and the cat runs in and snags lunch and bolts with it. Wife and kid are mad at the cat and i'm all I warned you to be quiet or he would get curious and come over. lol

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