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T.L. Morning News. This is Holly Chadwick.FEMALE RADIO ANNOUNCER 2:
Thanks for joining us. We have a great show in store
for you this morning.MALE RADIO ANNOUNCER: Well, it’s a great
morning to be in the studio.BRITISH NEWSMAN 1: Authorities have
confirmed an avian flu outbreak.WEATHERMAN: Forecast,
cloudy skies…NEWSMAN 2: Good morning.
Reporting from Brighton.MALE EPIDEMIOLOGIST: This
will be a different scenario if the virus changes in a way that allows
transmission between humans. – So, let’s get started.
(CHEERING)FEMALE REPORTER 1: Yet again today, another group of dolphins
became stranded. CO2 emissions have
dramatically increased in…TV ANCHORMAN: Are there any real
threats that you know of? Not at all.SOUTH AFRICAN NEWSWOMAN:
Environmentalists are trying to determine
the ’cause of death.FEMALE REPORTER 2: At alert level six, W.H.O. guidelines
for governments… Your socks are so cute!
I like them. Police say they’ve seen
similar cases recently of people behaving strangely.TV ANCHORWOMAN: The U.N.
health agency is not likely to recommend official
travel restrictions.OLDER BRITISH MAN:
It’s a little bit unsettling.MICHIO KAKU: They’re not physicists.
They’re not engineers. They think it’s just
gonna go away. They live in a fantasy
parallel universe.FEMALE CALLER: Right on top
of the man, beating him. The man is bleeding.BRITISH NEWSMAN: Twenty-one
confirmed cases. All the talk about a doomsday
is a big hoax.MALE REPORTER: The
subject growled at him and continued
to maul the victim.NEWSWOMAN: The best estimate
is about 15,000 in the U. K.EPIDEMIOLOGIST: We don’t
know if this is spreading.BRITISH NEWSMAN: Rhythms of change…EPIDEMIOLOGIST: So far
there’s no manifestation.(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER)MAN 1: Monitors have arrived,
even carrying them…MAN 2: With that much public
at risk, we cannot…MAN 3: They’re trying to move us on,
trying to tell the journalists to get out.(CHILDREN SQUEALING EXCITEDLY)(GERRY GROANS)CONNIE: Wake up! – Oh, creatures in our bed…
(KARIN GRUNTS)Oh, you’re getting very big. – What do you want to eat?
GIRLS: Pancakes! We got a lot more
sunshine today. You have to only say one word.GERRY: Hey, by the way, what do
you want for your birthday?(WHISPERS)
say a puppy- A PUPPY-GERRY: You mean
a stuffed animal puppy? Because that we can do. Scusi.KARIN: Good morning.
That looks yummy.RACHEL: She gets the bigger one? –CONNIE: Yeah, sorry.
KARIN: She’s tiny. Did you pack your, um, inhaler? Bathroom sink. – In a minute?
– Scootch! Go.MALE REPORTER: The government
has declared martial law. Daddy, what’s martial law? Uh…
(LAUGHS)Martial law is like house
rules, but for everybody. Were you ever in places
like that with your old job?GERRY: Mmm-hmm. But I quit my old job
so I could be with you. Do you miss it?GERRY: No, I like my new job. All you do is make pancakes
in the morning!(CHUCKLES)Yeah, but I’m really good at it. –(SING-SONG)Look who I found!
– Oh!STUFFED ANIMAL: Here comes
the number 12 train!GERRY: It’s not
Subway Sam, is it? You want more pancakes? Good. Go, go, go. Come on, scootch! –CONNIE: At least…
KARIN: Move it on out. Hey! Plates in the sink!CONNIE: Later! KARIN: Do
that when we get back!(VEHICLES HONKING)Uh… Does it live
in the jungle?(INDISTINCT WHISPERING)Oooh. No. Do you eat it on Sundays?(CHUCKLES)
No. Does it live on the Great
Plains of Africa? – Yeah.
– Oh, well, I guess, yeah. Do people keep it in pens all it’s life
and harvest it for meat? –(LAUGHING)That’s really gross!
RACHEL: Gross! Dad! Is it an animal
you’d have for a pet? – Yes.
– Is it a cat? –RACHEL: Yes.
(GASPS)Ha ha ha. – Okay, now we have another one.
– Do another one. –(HELICOPTER WHIRRING)
– You totally got one! Why are there so many? It’s like, three in the last
five minutes. –(SIREN WAILING)
– What is going on? –(RADIO TURNS ON)
Health Organization has been tracking the recent
outbreak of rabies that began in Taiwan and has now
been reported in over 12 countries. Responding to allegations he hasn’t
done enough to prevent the spread… Can we try BBC? You’re not British
anymore, baby. You lost your accent
a long time ago. Except after two bottles
of wine. Am I British? Yeah, your grandma is.(SIREN WAILING)– Hey!
– Yo! He’s just gonna
keep going, Daddy? Hold on, guys.RACHEL: Daddy, be
careful on the road.GERRY: It’s okay, baby.(SIRENS WAILING)ANCHORMAN: Can be
transmitted between species commonly from a bite
from an infected animal. Our best recommendation is to stay
away from densely populated areas. Hey, yo! You all right? Yeah, I’m okay. Thanks. – You need anything?
– No. You know what’s going on? No, man, I don’t know anything. It’s crazy. –(EXPLOSION)
(PEOPLE GASP)Gerry?(PEOPLE SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY)Get back in your car right now! Remain with your ve… –(CLAMORING)
(CRASHING)What are we doing?GERRY: That’s our way
out of here.(SCREAMING)(INDISTINCT YELLING)I want my blanket! Baby, it’s packed right now. Snuggle with Subway Sam, okay?(CLAMORING)My blanket!(CLAMORING)Rach? Rachel, baby, you’ve got
to get back in your seat. – Baby, we need you in your seat.
GERRY: Put your belt on!KARIN: Rachel, right now! – Gerry?
– Rach, get your belt back on!(ALL GRUNTING)(HIGH-PITCHED WHINING)(MUFFLED GASPING)– You okay?
GERRY: You okay? – Rachel, sweetheart?
– Rachel, you hurt? –KARIN: Connie?
– Are you okay? It’s okay.(PEOPLE CLAMORING)We should get out. Everybody out of the car.(CLAMORING)(SCREAMING)GERRY: We’ve got to get
out of the city. Her door won’t open!
Rachel, go out that side. Okay, you have
to climb over, honey.OFFICER: Out of the way! Move it!(PEOPLE SCREAMING)Come on, honey. Come on.(PEOPLE SCREAMING)Sweetheart, are you okay?(SIRENS WAILING)(SNARLING)(PANTING)(SCREAMS)Let’s go. Let’s get
off the street.(SNARLING)(SCREAMS)What is that, Gerry?
What is that? I don’t know! Get to the RV. Subway Sam! Here comes the number 12 train!
One. Two. – What’s happening?
– Five. Six. Seven. –(GROANING)
– Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Train’s in the station!(SCREAMING)(GASPS)Gerry! –KARIN: Watch out!
back on Fifth Street!COMMAND OFFICER: Containment is a fail. –KARIN: Try to relax.
(RACHEL GASPING)Give yourself air. In and out. – Come on, baby, try to relax.
(COUGHING)Gerry? We left
my purse in the car. Where’s her spare? I’m gonna go check
your backpack, all right? Do you want to be with her?(HONKING)(RACHEL GASPING)GERRY: Rach, you’ll be all right.
You’re gonna be all right. Hey, hey, you breathe
through your nose. Rach, Rach, look at me.
Look at me. You’re gonna be all right. You’ve done this a hundred times.
Look at me. Look at me. Breathe in through your nose,
out through your mouth.(GASPING)Okay, we’re gonna
go to a pharmacy. We gotta move.(BREATH ES DEEPLY)Okay. –(ENGINE STALLING)
GERRY: Good. Good. Look. Look at me, look at me. Rach,
breathe through your nose.KARIN:(SOFTLY)
No, no, no, no…(EXHALES)You’re
gonna be all right. – Look at me.
– Daddy, what are those things? Honey, find us some water. Okay?
Something to drink.(RACHEL GASPS)(CELL PHONE RINGING)It’s Thierry. Where are you?THIERRY: Airborne.
Lower East Side to Turtle Bay. It’s all gone.
We barely made it out. – Tell him to go South.
– No, no, we need visual confirmation. –(ENGINE SPUTTERING)
– No, no, no, no, no, no, no. What is this? We don’t know.
How close were you? Face to face. Good, honey, good. Daddy. Connie, give me that. Give me that. Oh,
thank you, honey.THIERRY: Where are you?GERRY: 95, heading north. –(ENGINE STARTS)
– Okay. Okay.THIERRY: All right. We’ll try
to get a helicopter to you. I’ll call you back
with an extraction point. Can you hold
out for another hour? Do we have a choice? This is not for old
time’s sake, my friend. I’ll need you. I need you back. Don’t forget about us. What do you mean,
we’ve lost Boston? All right. Good luck, Gerry. Okay. Good, honey. Keep it going.
It’s gonna be all right.(PEOPLE CLAMORING)– Come here. Stay close.
– Super close. Take my hand. Get her medicine, I’ll get
us something to eat. I’ll meet you back here.(ALARM BLARING)Stay close, honey. What do you need? Albuterol. They outgrow
the asthma supposedly. And this shit, too.
It’s magic for my kid.GERRY: Thank you.(SCREAMING)CONNIE: Daddy! GERRY: Connie? Daddy! – Connie?
CONNIE: Daddy! – Where’s Mommy?
KARIN: Gerry! Gerry! Karin? – Karin?
KARIN: Gerry! Gerry! Get off of me! Get off of me!
That’s all I have. – Gerry!
– Hey! – Hey!
11-99s at Washington Park. Please, send units.
We’re falling back on Reed Street.FEMALE DISPATCH: Two Robert
12, units need backup. Mobile ops is down.
Please respond. Two Robert 12, are you there?
Copy. –GERRY: Girls!
– Responders, Code 3, Code 3.KARIN: Rachel, quick, come on.(DISPATCH CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY)(PEOPLE CLAMORING)No. No! We got to get out of here.
We got to get off the street. Gerry. Apartments? Hey. Yeah.(CELL PHONE RINGING)– Gerry?
– We’re in Newark. We’re stranded. Apartment buildings, 23rd. If we can get to the roof,
can you get someone to us? – Not tonight.
– When? The earliest would be sunrise. Sunrise. Tell him I got flares.GERRY: We’ll be
on the roof with flares. Listen, Gerry, I will move
mountains to get you out here. –(SCREAMING)
– Come here, baby.(CONNIE SHRIEKS)(GURGLING)Go! Go! Go!KARIN: Baby, in here! GERRY: Come on.
Quick! Gerry! Inside, girls! By the stairs. Inside, inside!(SNARLING)GERRY: Wait!
(GRUNTS)Wait.KARIN: Up, up. It’s okay, baby. –(THUDDING)
(SCREAMING)Run! Run! Go, Rachel!KARIN: Go!GERRY: Go! Keep running, baby. –KARIN: It’s all right.
GERRY: To the top. GO! Go! Go! Run! Go! Go! Go! Go! I need a new flare! This asshole’s about to get
through!(METAL CLANGING)KARIN: Where’s Connie? Connie?GERRY: Connie? KARIN: Connie! –CONNIE: Let me in!
KARIN: Connie! – Baby?
– It’s not her. It’s not her. – Let me in!
– Connie! Let me in! In, in, in! In!(INDISTINCT TALKING)Thank you so much.(SPEAKING SPANISH)– I’m Tomas.
GERRY: Hey, Tomas.TOMAS: My mom’s cooking everything
before it starts to stink.(SPEAKING SPANISH)GERRY: That’s smart. You guys all right? It’s all right. It’s okay.(SPEAKS SPANISH)Are you guys hungry’? Yes, thank you.(TUNING)(SPEAKS SPANISH)(KARIN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY)(SPEAKING SPANISH)TOMAS: Here you go.
– Thank you.(SPEAKING SPANISH)– Thank you.
(EMERGENCY TONE BLARING)KARIN: You want some juice?ROBOTIC MALE VOICE: The following message is transmitted at the request of the New
Jersey State Police Department. Authorities recommend
that the following actions should be taken
by all the members of the public. Stay indoors if at all possible.(SPEAKING SPANISH)Have enough food and water
supplies for sheltering for one to two weeks. The following message
is transmitted at the request of the New Jersey State
Police Department. An unidentified virus
strain is rapidly spreading across the state
of New Jersey. –(GASPING)
(CLATTERING)She was crying.GERRY: Hmm. Thanks, Tommy. I used to work
in dangerous places and people who moved survived,
and those who didn’t…(TOMAS EXPLAINING IN SPANISH)Movement is life.(SPEAKS SPANISH)You have a better chance
if you come with us.(SPEAKING SPANISH)(SPEAKING SPANISH)You need anything else
Come on. Come on.(DISTANT SCREECHING)We should have left with them. There is nowhere to go. What’s going to happen
when the food is gone? –(POUNDING)
(GASPING)Okay, come on. I’m scared. Connie, there’s a helicopter
waiting for us on the roof. Keep your eyes on Mommy
and Daddy, okay? Be ninja quiet. Just a walk in the park. How do we know they’re coming? They’re coming. Ready?(EXHALES)GERRY: Okay, come on, guys.
(GUNSHOT FIRED)Come on! Come on!KARIN: UP, UP, UP-GERRY: Come on, baby. Go, go, go!(ZOMBIES SNARLING)– Come on, baby!
KARIN: Go, go! Go, girls! Gerry!(GROANS)Come on. Gerry! Girls, get back!(GROANS)Watch out! – Go!
– Go, go, go! Come on, faster, girls!(HELICOPTER APPROACHING)PILOT: Lieutenant,
I’ve got no contact. I say again, no contact. –(ZOMBIES SNARLING)
GERRY: Let’s go, let’s go! Karin! – Karin!
– Yeah. Go through the door! Gerry?(ZOMBIE GROWLING)(STRAINING)(YELLING)(GUNSHOT FIRED)PILOT: There they are! Ace,
we have positive contact. That’s our target! Get us down! Daddy! – Daddy!
– Baby, get back.CONNIE: Daddy! Gerry? – Gerry, what?
– Stay back! Baby! No! One thousand seven. One thousand eight.CONNIE: Daddy, get off the edge! –KARIN: Gerry, please?
– One thousand ten. One thousand eleven.(PANTING)I got it in my mouth. You’re okay. You’re okay. –(DISTANT SCREECHING)
– Go! Go!(ZOMBIES SNARLING)Come on. Come on.(STRAINING)SOLDIER: Let’s go! Let’s go! Come on, let’s go! We got to go!KARIN: You got her? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!CONTROLLER: Traffic en route,
altitude 5-7 thousand. Heading 250. Turn right,
heading 075, once clear. Remain below 4,000.(CONNIE SOBBING)Clear to land, heading
040, wind 060 at five. Follow L.S.O. directions.
Prep for immediate dust off.THIERRY: Gerry.GERRY: Thank you.THIERRY: Good to see
you, my friend.CONTROLLER: Tango five,
this is Argus command. Cleared for take-off.PILOT: Tango five. Wilco.THIERRY: Karin, to the right. This is good, right?GERRY: Bunk beds! Your bunk beds are number
two, three and six. Please make yourself at home. You want to get up here? – There you go, sweetheart.
KARIN: That’s good.THIERRY: We’re not
dropping anchor again. You’re safe. It’s not me I’m worried about. They’re safe.KARIN: Baby. It’s bigger than our old
apartment on 72nd. Need anything, Karin? Water. I’ll organize. Is this worldwide? Is anyone
doing better than we are?(SIGHING)Baby. Go talk somewhere else. Okay. The President is dead. Four of six Joint Chiefs.
V.P. missing. Reports of gun battles
in the streets of the capital. Your parties are panicking. The bigger cities
are the worst off. The airlines were the perfect
delivery system. Carnival cruise vessel Dream has
been given permission to join. Twenty seven knots
South and closing. How soon are they showing
symptoms after contact?TECHNICIAN 1: The provisional
government currently considers northern Minnesota to be
a potential safe zone.TECHNICIAN 2: Have you recorded
any instance where a person was bitten but not infected? How the hell do I know
if Russia’s fallen? Sir, I cannot action that order. Colonel, I’m sorry,
but we cannot facilitate an evacuation for you
or your men. Sir, there is nowhere
to evacuate you to. Malnutrition. Dirty water. No gas for the winter
or transportation. No bullets to fight. And it has spread
to all corners of the globe.MICHAEL: The question
that we have got to address is what the hell is it? About 5% of the population
aren’t affected immediately. It is viral. It has to be viral.
There is no plausible alternative. And like any virus, once we find
it’s origin, we can develop a vaccine. – We find it, contain it…
– That’s Dr. Fassbach. Virologist from Harvard. The analogy I keep
coming back to is Spanish Flu. Spanish Flu? It didn’t exist
in 1918, but by 1920, it killed 3% of the world. He’s our best bet at figuring
out what this thing is. You all read the same
email I did, – and it said “zombies.”
out of your mind? So, the earliest mention
of the word “zombie” was in a memo from Camp
Humphreys in South Korea. We haven’t had contact
with them since. But this could lead
us to the origin. If we knew where
this thing started, then we’d have a chance
of developing a vaccine to stop it. So we send in Dr.
Fassbach there to look for the source. He’s just a kid. You’re right.SERGEANT: Attention on deck! At ease! Mr. Under-Secretary. The Under-Secretary
here says you were his best investigator
when you were at the U.N. I want to send you in.
With a team. Help Dr. Fassbach find
whatever it is he needs. You brought… I wanted for the circumstances
to speak for themselves. No. Captain, I’m not your guy. You were on the ground
during the Liberian Civil War. Investigated Chechen war crimes.
Sri Lanka in ’07. Places you and I both know
Dr. Fassbach wouldn’t last a night in. Gerry, a handful of SEALS will go
with you as security force. No. My guys will get you in,
you assist the doctor, pursue any leads, my guys
will get you out. We do the heavy lifting. I can’t help you. I can’t
leave my family. Take a look
around here, Mr. Lane. Each and every one of these people
are here because they serve a purpose.(INDISTINCT SPEECH)There’s no room here
for non-essential personnel. There’s a long line of people waiting for one of those bunks. You want to help your family, let’s figure
out how we stop this. It’s your choice, Mr. Lane. Simple.KARIN: You don’t work
for them anymore. – Karin…
– You might not remember what this job did
to you, but I do. So do not ask me
to say yes to this. I have to go. They’re going to kick
us off the ship. What? If I go, you, the girls,
Tommy, have a place to stay. If I don’t, we’re back
in Philly tonight.(STAMMERS)What about Thierry?
Can’t he do anything? Men like Thierry aren’t
in charge of anything anymore. You keep this with you. I’ll call in once a day. As long as I make that call,
everything’s gonna be okay. I’m coming back. Okay? We’re going
to make the best of it. As we do. Like we do. Okay, baby doll,
Daddy’s got to go to work. I’m not a baby. Okay. Tall, beautiful, tiny adult. I’ll be back soon.
(KISSES)Yeah? All right, tough guy… Take care of the ladies for me? Yeah. Deal. You’re awesome.(WHISPERING)
Daddy’s coming back. This way, sir.GERRY: Look. We don’t know what we’re
walking into. So we do what they say. Okay. If they move, we move.
If they stop, we stop. If things were to get crazy, just focus on their boots, focus on their voices,
and we’ll be all right. –FASSBACH: Mmm-hmm.
– These guys are hammers. And to hammers, everything
looks like nails. I heard that. You were meant to.
(CHUCKLES)So, you see something
that’s important, you call it
out and we’ll make it happen. Okay. You think we’re gonna
find anything? Yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna
find something. Mother Nature
is a serial killer. No one’s better. More creative. But like all serial killers, she can’t help the urge
to want to get caught. What good are all those
brilliant crimes if no one takes the credit? So she leaves crumbs. Now, the hard part, why you
spend a decade in school, is seeing the crumbs
for the clues they are. Sometimes the thing you thought was the most brutal
aspect of the virus, turns out to be the chink
in it’s armor. And she loves disguising her
weaknesses as strengths. She’s a bitch.(CHUCKLES)NAVY TECHNICIAN: Attention. D.C.
has gone dark. I repeat, D.C. has gone dark. The Capitol evacuation
has been suspended. All available resources should be
directed to Naval Station Norfolk.WARRANT OFFICER: All
non-essential personnel given F-6 status
and in groups A through E need to report to the flight
deck for relocation. Groups A and B
relocating to Orlando should be on the stern
clear of the landing zone.(TALKING INDISTINCTLY)I say again, all non-essential
personnel given F-6 status need to report
to the flight deck. Choppers are inbound
for immediate relocation. Mommy, is this dinner? Yes, sweetheart. Water here tastes funny. It’s jet fuel, young lady. He’s joking. I wish. Desal has trouble
filtering it out. Probably because there’s too
many people on this ship.PILOT: Everybody wake up. We’re on approach
to Camp Humphreys. Most of the base is dark, and no
one is Manning the tower. We’re running on fumes, so
there’s really no choice, I’ve got to put us down. So buckle up.GERRY: Hold up. Keep your finger
(GUNSHOT FIRING)(GASPS)(SCREECHING)Fassbach! Wait!(GUNSHOT FIRED)GERRY: Damn it.SEAL COMMANDER: Move back!SPEKE: Friendly! Friendly! Keep it down.
Keep it down. What is this?
What happened to him? He slipped. He’s dead. Come on! Come on! Let’s go!
Let’s go!(SIGHS)(GUNSHOTS FIRED)SPEKE: Okay, I’m good! – Who was it? Who fell?
LINCOLN: Skilken. – Hold! Clear.
– Hold.SPEKE: I want an ammo count,
then you reload your mags!RANGER: Yes, sir! My boy who just died
out there was 23. He was 23. You want to tell me why? Because the guy who just shot
himself, he’s a doctor, a virologist. What are you talking about?GERRY: He was supposed
to be our best hope. Well, he’s not
our best hope anymore. Hey. That guy volunteered
to come here. He didn’t have to, you know. None of them did. We’re still trying to figure
out what the hell this thing is. Well, shit happens. The doctor would have
strongly agreed with you. How do we go about refueling? When I say so.
And very carefully. The noise, are they drawn to it? Yeah. Sound draws them. Body shots only seem
to slow them down. Head shots do the trick,
but just to be safe we tend to burn
them when we can. – You fought any Zeke yet?
GERRY: Yeah. –SPEKE: Where?
– Philly. Newark. Bad? – What about Houston?
– St. Louis? – Baltimore?
MALE RANGER: Atlanta?FEMALE RANGER: Detroit? Guys, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know of any place back
home that’s doing very well. All right… If the other guy was a virologist,
what do you do? There was a memo sent from this
installation 11 days ago. It had the word “zombie” in it. Do you know anything about it? Yeah. It was an email, not a memo. Pretty obvious nobody back
home bothered to read it. Now, there’s 15, 16
guys in this room. Most of them guards.
But all of them were bitten trying to get this man
handcuffed to the cot. Now, our colonel said
he was the first one. This colonel, is he around? Oh, yeah. He’s right here. The guy who’s shackled,
do you know who bit him, what bit him?SPEKE: He was the base doctor. He’d just returned
from the field. He’d been sent out to verify
the death of a soldier who had just gone
AWOL the week before. Some villagers had
found this guy foaming at the mouth, oozing
some kind of black tar. Then he tried to bite
one of them. They shot him, tied him
up, threw him in a barn.(MUMBLES)(SNARLS)
(DOCTOR SCREAMS)That’s all we know,
except the doctor comes back here and begins
attacking his patients.GERRY: This soldier, do you
know where he came from? No.GERRY: Anyone he might
have come in contact with? No. There’s got to be records.SPEKE: You are welcome
to take a look if you want.GERRY: Then the origin could
have come from anywhere. It’s a shame you had to fly all the way out here
to figure that out. How did you all escape this? The expenditure of ammunition. Is that how you
tweaked your leg? No, shit’s been bugging me
a while. This prick stands
right in the mix, while seven or eight of them turn Zeke all at the same time. But they got no time for Ol’
Dirty Bastard here. Biting everything
like fat kids love Twix. Got no time for his lucky ass. Ain’t it obvious I’m charmed? The ones I saw bitten turned
in 12 seconds. Same here? Five or 10 minutes. Yeah, Davidson went
and he turned in 10 minutes. “Stevie?” “Captain Spekes! Oh, my God! My God!
My God! Are they eating me?” Who’s that? Waste no time on that freak.SPEKE: He’s C.I.A. Got caught selling
guns to North Korea. Davidson, he turned in 10 minutes. That doesn’t sound viral
to me at all, sports fans! You’re with the C.I.A.? But they’re not with me. And who are you? U.N. Oh, my God!(CHUCKLING)Captain, put on the World Music! The day is saved! Why’d you sell
guns to the North? Why not?GERRY: Are they surviving this? Indeed they are. Using your guns. Guns are half-measures. How then? All right. They took away the Zekes’ exponential power. They pulled the teeth
of all 23 million in less than 24 hours. The greatest feat of social
engineering in history. It’s brilliant. No teeth, no bite. No great spread. Bullshit.BURT: More books, fewer
receptions, Boutros Boutros. Now, why do you
have to burn them to ashes to get them
to finally stop? Why do they move like a plague? Why is Israel winning? How is Israel winning? They sealed
off their entire country days before the undead
attacked man. First to know, first to act.GERRY: People have been building walls
there for two millennia. Mmm. Right. Yeah, but,(CHUCKLING)
finish all those thousands of years
of work a week ago? Impeccable timing is all. You want answers? Jurgen Warmbrunn. That’s the man in Jerusalem
you want to see. You ever seen
anything like that? Hell, no. We’re going to Jerusalem.
I’m your co-pilot.(PHONE RINGING)Oh, hang on. Hang on. Hang on a minute. – Hello?
(STATIC)Gerry? – Honey?
– Gerry, can you hear me? Karin? Hello?(STATIC)– God damn it!
(DISCONNECTS)SPEKE: Give me your hand. No way. No. My mother. Dallas. Probably pacing a hole in the floor
right now if she’s still there. Better chance of you seeing
her before me, that’s all. It’s a big plane.
We got a lot of room. Better the devil you know
than the one you don’t. You’ll be all right.
Just pedal your ass off. Make sure Maverick here keeps
the nose of that plane pointed towards the sun. Just remember, don’t lock
the bowser’s fuel line to the inlet. Tell me 10 more times. – You good?
SEAL COMMANDER: Right here. All right. Don’t rush. We’ve got one chance to fuel
their plane, so let’s do it right. If you ain’t a crack shot,
don’t aim for the head, just get Zeke on the ground. Remember, “Spine’s divine, those
knees they work just fine!” Let’s go, lights out!ALPHA TEAM LEADER: Alpha in position.BRAVO TEAM LEADER: Bravo moving out.SPEKE: Remember, these
things are drawn to sound. So I need you close to target
before I bring you the truck. Now there’s only one way we’re
getting you on that plane, and that’s quietly. –(PHONE RINGING)
– Shit!SEAL COMMANDER: God damn it!
Shut that thing off! –(SNARLING)
(YELPS)ELLIS: Looks like we just
woke the dead.(GUNSHOTS FIRED)SPEKE: Out of respect
for others, please turn off all pagers
and cell phones. –(BEEPS)
(SNARLS)We got to move. We’ve got to get
out of here, let’s move! Go, go, go!(PANTING)SPEKE: Whoo! I’m gonna clear
a path through Zeke! You pedal like hell! Come on, boys, I need head shots!
Tap ’em out! I want to see some Zeke
I’m a God damn Zeke. I got you, Captain.
Just say the word.SPEKE: It’s all right, boys.
I got this one.(GUNSHOT FIRED)– God damn it.
PILOT: We got enough! We need to detach the fuel line! Israel better pay off. All right, I have instrument,
but only on single prop. You’ll have to talk
me through it. Okay, we’re clear. Okay. Give me all the lights.(BUTTONS CLICKING)Switch on the anti-icing. – Where?
– The red knob. – Got it, got it.
– Set up our heading 020 for departure. – We got to move!
– Set flaps 15 degrees. Flaps 15. All right, we are all set.
Let’s get out of here!GERRY: Make it steep.(PHONE RINGING)– Gerry?
– Hi, baby. Hi. Hi.KARIN: I tried to call you. I know, I was… It was bad timing,
I was running around. Are you okay? Yeah, everything’s okay.
I’m okay. That’s the spirit. Yeah. Listen, Korea didn’t work out. Now it looks like we’re
gonna have to go to Israel. Try to get some rest
on the flight. How are the kids? Um… I think… They’re really… They’re good. I got Connie right here.(DISTANT EXPLOSION)(STATIC)Baby?(SOBBING SOFTLY)TRAFFIC CONTROLLER: Attention,
unidentified aircraft. You are in a restricted airspace
and not clear for landing. Jerusalem tower, Reach 394. Pan, pan, pan.
Request immediate landing. Contact Mossad, office
of Jurgen Warmbrunn. Special Envoy, United Nations. Stay with the plane. Be ready to bug out.
with most people is that they don’t believe
something can happen until it already has. It’s not stupidity or weakness.(POURING BEVERAGE)It’s just human nature. How did you know? Gerald Lane. Wrote a self-defeating Jeremiad about his employer,
the U.N., back in 2010. Caused a few ripples.
Sidelined your career. Thought you’d have parlayed those
ripples into a self-righteous book. No nose for profit. How did Israel know? We intercepted a communique
from an Indian general saying they were
fighting the Rakshasha. Translation, zombies. Technically undead. Jurgen Warmbrunn. High-ranking official
in the Mossad. Described as sober, efficient,
not terribly imaginative. And yet you build a wall
because you read a communique that mentions the word “zombie”? Well, when put like that,
I’d be skeptical as well. In the ’30s, Jews
refused to believe they could be sent
to concentration camps. In ’72, we refused to fathom
we’d be massacred in the Olympics. In the month before October 1973,
we saw Arab troop movements, and we unanimously agreed
they didn’t pose a threat. Well, a month later, the Arab attack
almost drove us into the sea. So we decided to make a change. A change? The Tenth Man. If nine of us look
at the same information and arrive at the exact
same conclusion, it’s the duty of the tenth
man to disagree. No matter how improbable
it may seem, the tenth man has
to start digging on the assumption
that the other nine are wrong. And you were that tenth man. Precisely. Since everyone assumed that this talk
of zombies was cover for something else, I began my investigation
on the assumption that when they said “zombies,”
they meant zombies. Was patient zero from India? That’s the problem. There’s so many potential
sources in play that no one knows
where it began. The organ trade in Germany. Strange examples of violent behavior
across the Asian peninsulas. Meanwhile, the zombie plague keeps
spreading, and we do what we can. These are the Jerusalem
Salvation Gates. Two of 10 portals through the security perimeter
into fortified Israel. You’re letting people in. Every human being we save is one less
would I start? Who would I speak with? India’s a black hole. Forget about patient zero. I can’t do that. It’s too
late for me to build a wall.(LOUD SINGING CONTINUES)I’m running out of time.
I need specifics. – I need answers…
– I don’t have answers. All you can do is find
a way to hide.(SNARLING)(SPEAKING IN HEBREW)Get troops down there.(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER)It’s too loud! It’s too loud!(SNARLING)They’re coming over the top!(PEOPLE SCREAMING)(MAN SPEAKING HEBREW)– Shit!
(SPEAKING HEBREW)Command, we have a breach
at Salvation Gate. They’re coming over the wall!(SPEAKING HEBREW)(MAN SPEAKING HEBREW OVER RADIO)(SNARLING)
(SCREAMING)Get him to Jaffa Gate. She’ll get you out of here,
she’ll get you to your plane!(SHOUTING IN HEBREW)Stay low! Wrong way! Wrong way! Go to landing point B. Roger, we are inbound
E.T.A. one minute.DISPATCHER: Hawk 5. Hawk 5,
you’re patched in. Over. This is Hawk 5.
Listen carefully. The city is breached, and they’re
(GROANING)One thousand two. One thousand three.
One thousand four. –(SCREAMING)
– One thousand five. One thousand six. One thousand seven. One thousand eight.(HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING)We got to move.(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER)(WAILING)You’ll be all right. You’re not gonna turn.
You’re not gonna turn!(HEBREW SPOKEN OVER RADIO)We got to move. –(SPEAKS HEBREW)
– We got to move! 5 going down.DISPATCHER: Chopper 5 is down. I say again, chopper 5 is down. L.Z. is overrun. Tower, Reach 394.
Requesting immediate departure.MALE DISPATCHER: Tower to 394.
Proceed to runway four. Good luck out there.(PEOPLE SCREAMING)No! There! That one!(SOLDIER SHOUTING)Stop. Stop.(INDISTINCT CHATTER ON RADIO)(INDISTINCT CHATTER ON RADIO)GO! Go! Get them out of here!STEWARD: Stay calm, please.
Stay calm. Come on. Go, go, go.(PANICKED CLAMORING)What’s your destination? I don’t know. We were headed
here, but I don’t know.(CONVERSING IN RUSSIAN)(PANICKED SCREAMING)(BREATHING HARD)(MUFFLED EXPLOSIONS)(BARKING)I’m Gerry, by the way. Segen.GERRY: Segen. First or last? Just Segen. So, what we’re doing, we’ve got to change this bandage
and we’re gonna clean it. Okay? You okay? Okay?(WHIMPERING)Okay. Come on, gut up. Gut up. Here we go. We’re almost there. Okay. Big breaths. Let’s get this over fast.
Big breaths. Here we go.(RESTRAINED GROANING)Come on. Good. Last step. Last step. Big breath.(WHIMPERING)Good job. There it is.
Okay. Mmm-hmm. Okay. Okay, I think
you’ve earned this. Very good. Okay. You a doctor? No. I’ve had some training
in the field.SEGEN: How did you know? Cutting it off… How did
you know it would work? I didn’t.(SPEAKS IN HEBREW)Now I’m just a liability.SPEKE: This prick stands right in the mix, while seven or eight of them turn Zeke all at the same time.GERRY: Is that how you
tweaked your leg? No, shit’s been bugging me
a while.SPEKE: Got no time
for his lucky ass.FASSBACH: Now, the hard
part is seeing the crumbs for the clues they are. And sometimes
the thing you thought was the most brutal
aspect of the virus turns out to be the chink
in it’s armor.JURGEN: I don’t have answers.(MUFFLED SCREAMING)All you can do is find
a way to hide.(BEEPS)(PHONE RINGING)Gerry? Are you okay? Where are you, baby?
What’s happening? I love you. I’m sorry. But you’ve got
to get Thierry now. I’ll find him. – Thierry! Thierry.
– Excuse me. Karin.KARIN: Gerry needs you.
I love you. Gerry? Where are you? On the last flight out. Listen, my phone is dying
and I need some quick intel. You gotta locate the closest
medical research facility. A C.D.C., a W.H.O., something
that makes vaccines. – And the closest airport to it.
– I don’t understand.(SIGHS)
No time to explain. Just make it happen, man. Okay, okay. But, Gerry, I still don’t
know where you are.(KNOCKING)Well, go and find
out what he needs. You’re gonna want to take this. Take it. Your battery is dead. We made contact with Cardiff
Airport, Wales. Your people directed us. There is W.H.O.
research facility nearby, but they are not sure
it’s still operational. This is location. Can we make it?PILOT: Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your Captain. I’m glad to report
that we are on our final approach to Cardiff Airport in Wales. All European airports
are under lockdown. But we have been given priority
status and cleared for landing. We will be allowed to disembark. We are very, very lucky.(DOG BARKING)(THUDDING)Hey. Who do you belong to?(SNARLS)(FAINT SCREAMING)(SCREAMING GETTING LOUDER)What’s there? –(HUSHING)
– What is it?(WHISPERING)
Bravo 160 heavy. Emergency descent!(GRUNTING)(STRAINING)(GRUNTING)Prepare for impact.(GRUNTS)(GROANS)(GRUNTS)(GROANS)(SOFT SNARLING)(SNARLING)Got to move.(SOFT FOOTSTEPS)(BREATHING HARD)Come on, come on.(GERRY GROANS SOFTLY)(BUZZER SOUNDING)Give me something good.TECHNICIAN: Sir, Cardiff Airport
lost contact with the plane. Lane is M.I.A. I’m sorry, sir.(INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENTS OVER PA)WARRANT OFFICER: Chopper inbound
for immediate relocation. I say again. All non-essential personnel
given F-6 status need to report
for immediate relocation. Ma’am? Thierry would like a word
with you. Captain,
it’s only been 48 hours. He’s a resourceful man. There’s every chance
he could have survived. Sir, I gave him my word
we would look after his family. Yes, sir. I understand.SOLDIER: Okay. Let’s go.
With a woman. Is she still…BRIT: Who are you?
Why have you come here? Why do you keep looking at him? ‘Cause he’s the one in charge. You know what this place is? Of course I do.
That’s why I’m here.BRIT: Then you understand
how this must look to us.JAVIER: This is important to you? – How long have I been out?
BRIT: Three days. Give me the phone. Just give me the phone. Give me the God damn phone!
Give me the phone! As soon as you
answer my question. Call it. Call the number, they’ll tell
you who I am. Call it.(PHONE RINGING)(RINGING)THIERRY: Gerry? – Yeah, I’m here. I’m here.
– My God. We thought you were dead. Gerry, where are you? Thierry, I’m with a couple
of nervous gentlemen. They need some bona fides
before I can speak with you. Of course. This is Thierry Umutoni. Deputy Secretary-General.
United Nations. To whom am I speaking? Where’s Karin? Thierry, why didn’t
Karin answer?(STAMMERS)I’m sorry, Gerry. I did what I could.(GROANING)GERRY: What does that mean? You’ve got to calm down.
No, stop! Stop. You’re going to hurt yourself.(GROANS)You’re okay. His family has been sent
to a refugee camp in Nova Scotia. I’m sure they’ll be safe. Are you? Thierry told you who I am
and what I used to do, right? Yeah. Then trust me when I tell
you they’re not safe. I understand how you feel. – Do you? Yes?
– Yes. Do you have a family? – No.
– No. Then you couldn’t possibly
understand, could you? I lost my son and wife in Rome. Rather, I lost my son to something that had
once been my wife. We have all lost
someone, Mr. Lane. In your case, there
is hope at least. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Now, why did you come here? What do you need from us? Your worst disease.(GROWLING)DR. KELLY: He wants a what? Deadly pathogen. With a high mortality rate. – But curable.
– Okay, well… You’d want a bacteria
rather than a virus, I would think. Typhus? Meningitis. Scarlet Fever.DR. KELLY: Rocky Mountain Fever. Anyway, excuse me,
what’s this for? Mr. Lane believes we can use such
a disease against the undead.(SCOFFS)I would give you points
for originality, Mr. Lane, if we hadn’t already
tried that, first thing. One of the many things a virus or bacteria
needs to thrive is a live host. A functioning
circulatory system. I’m afraid it boils
down to one simple fact… You can’t make
a dead person sick.(SIGHS)It’s not for them. It’s for us. I believe these things
have a weakness. And that weakness is weakness. – Our weakness.
(SNARLING)I have witnessed them
literally bypass people. Walk right around them
like a river around a rock. Why? I think, because those
people were sick. I think they were terminal. And these things could sense it. I think they’re
spreading a pathogen, and they need a healthy host. But even if you’re right,
I mean, infecting the populace with a lethal illness
is not exactly a cure. It’s not a cure.
It’s camouflage. It’s camouflage. There’s a natural precedent. Hungry predators will avoid
diseased bodies. Equipped with the right
pathogen, our troops would be essentially
invisible to the enemy. You understand the only way
to prove this theory of yours is for some idiot
to infect themselves with a lethal
pathogen and then…(BANGING)meet with her, face to face.(SNORTS)Yes. Do we have what we need
to try it?DR. KELLY: We have
all he could want. Typhus, H1N1, SARS. The problem is, they’re all stored in B-Wing. What’s the matter with B-Wing?BRIT: Dr. Spellman.
Our chief vaccinologist. Within hours of the outbreak,
he’d been sent blood samples to try and isolate
the pathogenic ’cause. Unfortunately… This is B-Wing now.(SIGHS)(MUTTERING)
God damn it. How many? How many are there? There were 80 people
working there. I’ve never seen them
move like that.BRIT: They’re dormant. They’re awaiting stimulus. Now, this is vault 139. That’s where
your samples would be. This is the skybridge. That connects B-Wing
to the main building here. And this, is the only thing standing
between us and the skybridge. So, what do you propose, Mr. Lane?DR. KELLY: You are not serious. B-Wing’s a maze. They’ll never
make it back alone. We don’t even know
if his theory is correct.JAVIER: Well, I know I’m not asking
one of you to take him there. Each has it’s merits. – Last resort.
– It’s too loud. Let’s go. Try not to kill one. It only makes the rest
of them more aggressive. Yeah. You sure you want to do this? Of course I’m not. Let’s go.BRIT: Good luck.(WHISPERING)See
you all shortly. Good luck. If anything comes down this hall
before we do, you seal these doors for good. – Understood?
Go, go.(GROWLS)Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Come on!(SNARLS)(SCREECHES)(SNARLS)They’re fine. They’re fine.(SCREECHES)(DOOR CREAKING)DR. KELLY: Shit.(ZOMBIES SNARL)JAVIER:(SOFTLY)The
(GASPS)(GUNSHOT)(SNARLS)Go! Oh, my God. Left, left, left! What are you doing? She’ll get you to the vault.(CLANGING)(GRUNTS)(GROANING)(SNARLS)(GROWLING)(GRUNTING)(STRAINING)(PANTING)That’s the vault. – We can make it.
– No, we can’t.(SNARLING)We can’t make it. Let’s go!(GUNSHOTS)They’re not gonna make it. You heard what Javi said,
we cannot open it. They’re not alone,
we can’t open it! They are coming back!(SNARLING)We can’t leave them there. Come on! Open the door!BRIT: Run! DR. RYAN: Run! Run! Faster, come on! Run! In, in, in! Come on! Now where is Gerry? Where is he, where
is he, where is he? Come on, come on, where are you?(NERVOUS BREATHING)(GRUNTS)(INTERCOM PHONE RINGING)(RINGING)DR. KELLY: 5-6-9-6-4. 5-6-9-6-4. What happened to Gerry? Not that one. Not that one.(SNARLING)Oh, shit! Shit!(ZOMBIE GRUNTS)(GROWLING)BRIT: Jesus. He’s going to inject himself.(RATTLING)We have no idea
which one’s going to work. We don’t know
if any of them will work.DR. RYAN: If he uses anything
he took from that left case, he’s dead anyway. What’s he doing?(SNARLING SOFTLY)How long does he have to wait? Before he’s infected?
Not long, but, that’s not the question
we’re really asking, is it? –(SNARLS)
– Like it was nobody! Okay.GERRY: This isn’t the end. Not even close.WOMAN:(ON RADIO)Hi, there.
This is… This is Amy.
Is anyone out there?INDIAN MAN: Hello. I’m trying
to get in contact with anyone.AMY: We’ve had some luck finding
people with this transmission. Gerry”. We’ve lost
entire cities.NEWSWOMAN: When there’s no
more people left to infect, they go dormant.
Whole cities are lost.NEWSMAN: The World
Health Organization reports today
that help may soon…NEWSMAN 2: …a hybridized
meningitis strain with components
of smallpox and H1N1.GERRY: We still don’t
know how it started.NEWSMAN 3: The World Health
Organization has created a vaccine that works
as a kind of camouflage, making people who receive it
invisible to the infected.GERRY: We bought
ourselves some time.NEWSWOMAN: Volunteer forces
are delivering the vaccine to areas that have
been cordoned off.MAN: Distribution efforts began
in earnest on April 10th…NEWSWOMAN: The importance
of getting the information out to those still alive
within the quarantine…GERRY: But it’s given us
can get to a colder area, to higher ground, they move
slower on the ground.RUSSIAN NEWSMAN: The Battle
of Moscow is still raging.FRENCH NEWSMAN: Initial tests
on the so-called camouflage have been largely successful. –(SNARLING)
(YELLING)GERRY: Others have found
a way to push back.SQUAD LEADER: Move, move!
All right, juice ’em up!PILOT: Approaching target.
Permission to engage.COMMAND OFFICER: Permission granted.PILOT: All clear. Light ’em up.
Light ’em up.TELEVANGELIST: It’s permanent! It’s settled, it’s settled!
It’s over with! There’s no forgiveness in hell! Whatever goes to hell,
stays in hell!WOMAN: This is Station
7 in Nebraska, broadcasting
on the shortwave band.GERRY: If you can fight, fight.NEBRASKA WOMAN: Head
north if you can.AMERICAN WOMAN: Hello? Is there
anyone out there hearing this?GERRY: Help each other.NEWSMAN: Mexico City has
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