Rhaegar & Lyanna | Just as it was

Rhaegar & Lyanna | Just as it was

What was she like? Your aunt Lyanna The famous white wolf Do you wanna know the horrible truth? I can’t even remember what she looked like Lyanna Stop showing off They say she was beautiful Yours is the face of true beauty in this kingdom I only know that she was the one thing I ever wanted Did you have to barry her in a place like this? She should be on a hill with the sun and the Clouds above her She was my sister This is where she belongs Someone took her away from me Rhaegar Targaryen the last dragon What Rhaegar Targaryen did to your sister The woman I loved The seven kingdoms couldn’t fill the whole she left behind I’ll kill every Targaryen She was already promised to Robert You can’t have my heart My sister Elia When beautiful noble Rhaegar Targaryen Left her for another woman What is honor… When did you last feel happy when you felt trapped? …compared to a womans love? It’s me I want to thank you hm… …for defending me Right Before we met… …the days were calm and the nights were restless but now… You’re important to me King Robert was supposed to marry her She belonged with me But Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped her I’m going after her First just saying her name Felt like I was breathing life back into her I will not abandon her a second time Robert started a war to win her back I’d rather die today Than live another day of this death! he killed Rhaegar When you’re really gone But she died anyway She died! How many tens of thousands had to die because Rhaegar chose your aunt? Rhaegar didn’t kidnap my aunt And then he kidnapped her and raped her Or rape her You worry if you blink you’ll never see her again Altough you didn’t want to lose her You will Roberts Rebellion was buildt on a lie That’s why you’re here isn’t it? I came for you He loved her You’re in love with her And she loved him What harm could Lyanna Starks ghost do to either of us? A child? You? A mother? What is duty… You might not have my name… …against the feel of a newborn son in your arms But you have my blood Is he alive? Is my mother alive?

6 thoughts on “Rhaegar & Lyanna | Just as it was

  1. this is such breathtaking, convincing storytelling, and the added bonus of hozier's hauntingly beautiful crooning in the background simply adds to the moody atmosphere ❤️

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