Residents Tried to Kill a Spider With a Torch Lighter & Almost Burned Down Their Apartment Building

Residents Tried to Kill a Spider With a Torch Lighter & Almost Burned Down Their Apartment Building

Hey guys for Complex News, I’m Natasha Martinez. We’ve all had that moment when we spot a spider
and the immediate urge to kill it sets in. Usually people opt for a shoe, a book, or
a piece of paper. Some people even cover up the spider then
safely take it outside to live its best spider life. But that was not the case for some California
residents who decided to use a torch lighter to make sure the bug was good and dead. In the process they nearly burned down their
entire apartment block. USA Today reports that according to Battalion
Chief Rob Pitt, a fire in a Redding California apartment block was caused when one of the
residents who tried to kill a wolf spider with a torch lighter. In case you don’t know what a wolf spider
is, here’s a terrifying photo for your reference. A torch lighter seems like a good idea looking
at that thing, but flames inside a tiny apartment, lighting up a spider that pounces and chases
their prey is definitely not the move. The spider caught alight but scurried off
to a nearby mattress setting it aflame, and then spread to a flag collection and drapes
in the bedroom. Thankfully everyone was safe and the fire
was extinguished. However the whole fiasco caused around $11,000
dollars worth of damage. (headline) Firefighters were able to keep
the flames from spreading to the attic and the rest of the apartment block within 20
minutes. There were three people living in the apartment
with the spider, and after the incident the space is not suitable to live. However one of the residents said they were
thinking of moving out anyways, the fire just sped up the process. I guess you can thank the wolf spider for
making them bite the bullet. That’s your news for now, for more on this
and the rest of today’s stories subscribe to Complex on YouTube. For Complex News, I’m Natasha Martinez.

100 thoughts on “Residents Tried to Kill a Spider With a Torch Lighter & Almost Burned Down Their Apartment Building

  1. I side with the people because that spider is poisonous and big. I’ve seen one walk on a wall with a rat in its mouth. 😖

  2. weed is legal there- so they were high and the big spider looked 5 times bigger, so they BUGGED the fuck out and defended theirselves

  3. I thought it was finna be like a small ass spider that ain't even that bad but when she said "wolf spider" I said hell nah nigga

  4. My old house in ATL was infested with wolf spiders. They're very aggressive. If I had a fire torch at my old spot, I would've done the same thing.

  5. Umm Yea Wolf spider eqauls torch lighter Lmao that lil bitch was crazy looking that spider was deadly looking so happy Iive in MN nothing deadly looking like that

  6. Ugh god. These creatures are living. They feel pain. There's no reason to murder them I can promise you they aren't there to harm you. I can understand if you're scared, but look at those cute eyes!!

  7. I have used my torch to kill black widow's before. But shit that spider is big, that's like setting a mouse on fire in your house. Classic

  8. Fact: I subscribed to Natasha's Youtube channel (which she speaks about makeup) just to listen to her voice. Natasha, i love you.

  9. I've encountered like 3 of these in my home in Texas….these things are huge & when they notice you that take a "DEFENSE" stance…I guess to scare you away….& they are sooo fast & agile…I don't blame them

  10. The other day I tried to kill a spider with my BB gun. The BB ricocheted and hit me in the eye. These spiders ain't playing games out here.

  11. No one wants to discuss the insane amount of highly flammable objects they had in their bedroom though? Who has A FLAG COLLECTION IN THEIR BEDROOM? Do you work for the UN?

  12. People are dumb as fuck. These spiders are not going to harm you unless you attack them.
    I hate that people are so scared but they don't understand the spider is more scared than they are.
    If you have time to light it on fire, you have time to put a glass over it and let it outside safely.

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