Rep. Ratcliffe on possibly representing Trump in Senate impeachment trial

Rep. Ratcliffe on possibly representing Trump in Senate impeachment trial

100 thoughts on “Rep. Ratcliffe on possibly representing Trump in Senate impeachment trial

  1. Pelosi needs to jump ship to the Republican party and take the reasonable people with her.. Ha ha. A last act of desperation

  2. Someone please tell Tulsi she’s no longer in the POTUS conversation !!! She couldn’t get 3% against the weakest field in the history of the USA…YouTube must give her free ads. If not, she should give the campaign money to her brothers and sisters in the military. Sick of her and her other Democrats.

  3. I'm very happy that this debacle will be what Nancy Pelosi will be remembered for. President Trump couldn't have planned this outcome for her any better.

  4. . Thats right Ratcliffe, We the american people see exactly whats going on here. Truth always prevails and No One is Above The Law, even the 45th ! I seriously don't understand how you all can live w/yourselves. You are an embarrassment to our country and to us, the American people. I would be thinking hard about the Oaths that you all have taken. Surely havn't been living by those.That I can say for certain.

  5. Love Graham…but the man never ever follows through what he says..where is the investigation of Bidens

  6. Ratcliffe is definitely the man most capable of representing POTUS! He is one of the most brilliant legal strategist I have EVER witnessed. Let’s pray this is true.

  7. We the people want this impeachment farce to be concluded. It's ridiculous what the left is doing. It's an abuse of government position and it needs to be finished.


  9. Maria,you need to have Millie Weaver as your guest.She has evidence that the "Trump Whistle blower" is actually the RESULT OF A TRUMP WIRETAP from the NSA , head of the NSA,STORCH !!

  10. A lot of us think their covering up something much bigger with these impeachment , let's talk about what is going on in Vergina with the new gun control laws . That are none constitutional . And the ealegal search and sezesure that my Happen on the 20th of jan

  11. Wouldn't it be fun to sneak up behind Ilhan Omar when she is running her big yap for the media, pour gasoline on her turban, and set it on fire?

  12. With the election of individuals like Ilhan Omar in Congress one would tend to believe the Democratic Party has reached the very bottom of the Mariana Trench of un-Americanism. And yet, Democrats, in their quest for power and control, do not allow anything to stand in their way, even the well being of the American people, and they keep setting new records in a bottomless pit of intolerance, vitriol, incomprehension and hate.

  13. I don't think it will be an impeachment trialI think it's all political they're only using it so that they can refer back to it whatever they want to about they trying to impeach the president it's nothing but a smear campaign innocent people don't see it I don't know what to tell him because once it hits the higher courts he'll be it'll be proven that it's nothing but a scam and harassment of the by the Democratic party

  14. I think the president of the United States should file harassment charges against the Democratic for harassment because he should be able to take them to court for this no matter what because they accused him of doing something he did not do now it's his turn they should have to pay for it

  15. The president of the United States should be able to file charges against the Democratic party because all they did was try to smear and harass him so Donald Trump should be able to take them to court

  16. Schumer and pelosi in shifty they took to the what the people didn't votethey're trying to overpower the president any way they can and they're using the media that take bought-and-paid-for to help them do that does Nancy pelosi shifty shift and Schumer are all crooked

  17. Uh Omar hillary actually wanted all out war with iran as soon as she was in the oval office what's your take on that…we came we saw he died…trump just did something to someone

  18. What's with this lady? FOX hired someone that has trouble speaking? Perhaps her dentures are falling out – but she seems a little young for dentures so that can't be it. Or maybe she had lip injections and she made her lips too large? Just odd.

  19. It’s worrisome to me wondering exactly what Pelosi will do to get herself out of this trap she set for herself … Desperate people do crazy things that endanger others

  20. I love my representative but to go up against the Democrats you need a pit bull not a collie. Trey Gowdy is the man to play the demo word games with.

  21. Omar is a moron – The President is the Commander and Chief of the armed forces. These Demofarts will not be happy until the weaken the United States to nothing.

  22. Ilhan Omar needs to be completely removed from U.S. Congress. In fact, for all of those who refuse to be sworn in under The Holy Bible holds no place in our government. Period….

  23. @IlhanOmar
    You have every right to be out raged, in fact by now I’m sure you’re completely disappointed with this country. In protest might I suggest you leave the country, move to the country that you’re protecting. I think you should sit side-by-side with their leader.But unlike President Trump don’t come back you have nothing to teach us.

  24. They must have done something terrible that they don’t want the American people to find out about….just saying

  25. Democrats need to shut there pie holes. Sick of the bs they try to spin. If they can't get behind the president, vote them out.

  26. This era will be known as the age of the traitor the coward and the self-serving! To betray your own people country and president for self-enrichment and political expediency is beyond the pale and well beyond shameful!! History will not be kind upon the so-called democrats {cultural Marxists}


  28. Omar and the rest of the MOB ARE obviously in cahoots with IRAN AGAINST OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT!!!!!!! ALL OF YOU ARE SO IN LOVE WITH THE TERRORISTS. GO LIVE WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Omar and kapur lick and all the democrats that oppose every single thing that this president does even if it's for the benefit of the United States of America and its citizens are a bunch of visceral ignorant fools and the more they post their garbage the more the citizens the people that pay their paycheck are becoming aware of how ignorant and how biased and anti-American they are votum out all you people that voted these fools in them out or suffer the consequences. You live in america the attacks on our president are sickening and treasonous..shut your traps and let the man run the country for the benefit of the usa…like has never been done before..surely no Democrat in currently in politics can any better….usa 2020 Trump.

  30. Illwill Omar is true disgrace, our veterans of WW2 and every conflict since DID NOT FIGHT AND DIE so she can rally against this great nation of ours… Donald Trump's campaign slogan of Making America Great Again is entirely appropriate!! Our Commander in Chief is not distracted by the sickening cries of the liberal Demonratts, in fact I think he has but one priority and yes it is to Make America Great Again!! Long live the president!!

  31. Omar knows zero how this gov operates she never should have been allowed to run in any gov capacity what’s so ever that’s includes being a city clerk

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