Rep. King speaks out against Rep. Ilhan Omar’s accusation

Rep. King speaks out against Rep. Ilhan Omar’s accusation

100 thoughts on “Rep. King speaks out against Rep. Ilhan Omar’s accusation

  1. There are to many Mosques in Christian America , not to many in Islamic Somalia or Ethiopia , so go home Omar , many Mosque waiting on you !

  2. Ilhan ohmar is a radicalist she hates America and American soldiers why is this woman even part of congress she hates Americans…

  3. Wake up America. Raise your voice against ISLAMIC SLAVERY that is very much alive and widely practiced in Around the globe.

  4. I hope that after this kangaroo coup is over, and Trump is re-elected, that there will be an investigation into Omar's alleged immigration and student loan frauds

  5. I despise this woman, absolutely disgusting the values she stands for. Hates white men then she fucks one the hypocrisy is unbelievable.

  6. He never said there were too many mosques (full stop) – he said there were too many mosques that were not co-operating. Democrats' favorite tactic is ripping people out of context

  7. Do any of you know the requirements to become a congressman in the United States of America? I bet you don't.
    I'll tell you you have to be 35 and you have to live in The district in which you want to represent

  8. Ilhan Omargot the job because of Americans not doing what they could have done to begin with Americans need to stand up and take their places

  9. She really has no shame! To bad that no one is brave brought to stand up to them except Donald trump got fear of being call racist

  10. Notice how Fox's interviews with conservatives are full of smiles but MSM interviews are hateful and no one hardly ever smiles unless they're trying to get a laugh by criticizing other people.

  11. islamaphobe = terrorphobe. islamaphobes are afraid of being blown up or being taken over by idiots that wont get jobs and wanna knife you

  12. She committed immigration fraud! Why is she in Congress??? Citizenship should be revoked and she should go get into Somalian politics

  13. The Left always picks out bits and pieces out of a speech to fit their agenda. There is a big difference in saying to many mosques will not cooperate with law enforcement then saying there are too many mosques.

  14. Why we have people in congress who aren’t from this country, and won’t be here when they ruin it with the laws that ruined their country, I’ll never know. They have no ties no love no patriotism so why would they care? They have money here and over their doesn’t change because America falls. Little do they know when America is gone China and Russia have FREE REGIN. And if anyone says the other democratic societies will still be here i laugh at that. America is the military of democracy. Everyone else helps but without the king their can be no chess game

  15. Ohmar is disrespectful, there are to many religious mosques, we need to watch them, they have threatened us. Omari would love that. She hates us, they all do.

  16. so he trid to fight ms-13 for years and trump came in and doe a better job fighting them in a few months then he done in a lot of years WOW dems you suck

  17. Lets make it clear Omar is nothing but a illegal alien and should be arrested by ICE and deported without fail she is a criminal.

  18. People in public office never retire. They either die in office, or they are voted out! Look at all the republicans that retired the last midterm. More republicans are retiring in 2020. How many democrats are retiring? How many democrats retired in 2018? Are the republicans retiring because they can't be true to the republican party, and the unseen hand, that controls them?
    I have said for close to 50 years, that there is only one party in DC the communist party! I said if we ever elect a President that isn't one of them, and won't play ball with them, and they can't buy him, then this will happen! All you have to do is read the communist manifesto, and you will; see that the democrat party is the communist party. You will also understand why the rinos run on one thing, and after they are elected side with the democrats!


  20. I live in Congressman King's district he is one of the greatest congressmen ever. Have meet him several times a down to earth person. Enjoy your retirement. Ilhan Omar is a complete sham and a disgrace to the Congress.

  21. Having a true rascist angry with you is a compliment. A true rascist has been raised to hate, and will never love America. Omar's head would explode if she said she loved all Americans. That is a TRUE rascist.

  22. Peter king is a habitual liar and I watched his politico interview in 2007 and he clearly said “ too much mosques in this country”. This proofs fox’s one sided reporting she did not even debunk his argument which were complete lies seeing how he’s on video and he’s now denying it. He’s taken a page out of trumps book where he denies saying what was clear on video theses people are sick.

  23. We need to stop the building of mosques and tear down the one's we can legally. They are gathering centers for terrorists and murdering pedophiles.

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