Rep. Gallagher reacts to the Iraqi parliament’s vote to expel US troops

Rep. Gallagher reacts to the Iraqi parliament’s vote to expel US troops

100 thoughts on “Rep. Gallagher reacts to the Iraqi parliament’s vote to expel US troops

  1. Don't forget Reagan's 'Operation Praying Mantis'. He PUMMELED them with missiles and neutralized their navy, and it was enough to make them abandon their efforts to aggressively expand their regional influence for some years. Within a month, they ended their attempts to conquer Iraq and Kuwait.

    Time to do it again.

  2. Iraq parliament voted American's out of their country you morons! Over a million mourners came out for the General's funeral, Iranians aren't dancing, they're sad & angry!

  3. They’re holding Americans in their hands for their selfishness gain bargaining cheap with foreign countries enemies and gain themselves individually wealthy lifestyles and powerful control tactics to Americans taxpayers money spending for themselves first……

  4. Who else is going to do it but the USA? Europe? They can’t even take care of what occurs in their own back yard. The rest of the world only shakes their fists. How many countries benefit because of the strength of the United States? How many countries do not have to have a major military budget because the United States has their back? How many countries then can take that money and give their socialist loving people the free this and free that because of the strength of the United States of America and the taxes that each of us pay. Hell yes, I’d love the rest of the world to protect their own but they can’t or they will not because they rely on us, the American People. And many occupants of this watery globe we live on, including our own citizens, would like to see us fall and crumble.

  5. Fun little fact: No male member of the Trump clan has served in the U.S.
    military since Donald Trump's grandfather Frederick Trump came to this
    country in 1885, ironically to avoid serving his mandatory military duty
    of two years in his homeland of the Kingdom of Bavaria (thus making his
    emigration illegal). The entire Trump clan has avoided serving in the
    military since.

  6. Fun little fact: No male member of the Trump clan has served in the U.S.
    military since Donald Trump's grandfather Frederick Trump came to this
    country in 1885, ironically to avoid serving his mandatory military duty
    of two years in his homeland of the Kingdom of Bavaria (thus making his
    emigration illegal). The entire Trump clan has avoided serving in the
    military since.

  7. The US can't even get along with itself. What makes it qualified to police the world? (Ego and geographic isolation perhaps?)

  8. "Focus on other areas of the world, like Asia" What trouble will the US get into there? The US will never be a leader of peace in the world so long as it needs Vietnam after Vietnam. Otherwise then send Trump and Pompeo to Iran to broker a new nuclear deal as promised.

  9. Most definitely darling. And thank you for your service my freedoms your sacrifice and what you are still fighting for and you're handsome too no sexual harassment just to compliment LOL

  10. Bush and the Neocons have the deaths of every single American in Iraq, thousands of them, on their hands. Period. This Congressman sounds like the same Neocons that took us to war in Iraq.

  11. umm…or we could just pull out of the middle east like Reagan did after he sent 241 Americans to their deaths in Lebannon.

  12. Incan’t wait to see the bloodbath in the streets of the US. I as a US citizen will just get out the popcorn and watch and laugh.😂😂😂

  13. Rep Mike Gallagher, THANK YOU for the firm support to President Trump's actions to Iran's threat to our citizens. And thank you for your service.

  14. We pulled out first so why take it personal that Iraq wants us out. Bring our troops home, trump should stop causing conflicts for his political gains.

  15. When theres Terror Attacks, these people would beg for our help; yet when we remove our troops, all of these US Immigrants would be outraged.

    These people are nut jobs.

  16. There is no win situation . The Sunnis are extremist (pro ISIS, Wahhabi), The Shia are pro Iranian and are in power; the legitimate government. The Kurds are too few and we abandoned them.

    ☠💣 HUMANITY 👿 ENEMY 💥💀


  18. How poetic to put a Republic into power, only for it to use your own hypocrisy(democratic principles) against you.

  19. They want the Americans out of their country; okay. Now, kick all of them out of the USA and don't send any taxpayers dollars to support their country.😡😡😡

  20. Yes the world is a safer place. You have been asked to leave Iraq. You always said you were there at the request of the Iraqi government. Iraq want you to go. Yet you won't . Now you're an occupier

  21. We'll never leave, we control too much of the oil fields and poppy fields. Too much money to give up for terrorists to use.

  22. Daesh is an american creation. Soleimani fought Daesh who was protected by the americans. No wonder americans soldiers died and that's good…

  23. its not what he did. . . it's how he did it. we are a lot less safe now. dude needs to be out cause he will start a war out of ignorance of how you need to Inform your allies and Congress when you decide to terminate other Forign leaders. and for the record no k as celebrating in Terahn thier angry and galvanized. you must show me a video of the celebrating.


  25. Hey jug heads this was done to obscure the need for a fair and complete trial in the Senate. This does not get a inch closer to peace.

  26. Pelosi and her deligates went to Italy to make a statement that America and does not want to withdraw from the Iran necular agreement. Then the attack on our American Embassy. I want to see the transcripts and Pelosi and each deligates must take a lie detector test and question their actions.

  27. Good luck with Iran,you need it.
    I hope Europe stays out of this mess,it is not our fight.
    The Americans wanted out of the JCPOA, so they have deal with the problems it is causing.

  28. nah… not til the citizens of Iran are free of their tyrannical “leaders”… til then , our presence in nearby area , keeps ‘em thinking …

  29. Boom…That's how you end a war and bring our troops home ..we have done enough in Iraq . .its time for us to let them fend for themselves…and continue to help who actually wants our help…trump 2020…bring our troops home..

  30. if and it's a big if ,we stay in Iraq , then future support /aid/cooperation should only be extended to the Kurds and Iraqi Sunni…………..

  31. No Sunni and Kurd MPs votes for this resolution. It’s the Iranian puppets made all Shia MPs vote yes by threatening with consequences.

  32. Why is media journalists and reporters able to give opinions? Isn't that the job of the person being interviewed?

    That's why media is the enemy of the people!!!

  33. Iran does not pose Isis Iran feed them and use them under the table special in Syria and fight them in the media
    Goes back when Iraqi gov who backs from Iran enable tens of isis’s prisoners to flee from Iraqi prison
    Think deeply

  34. The best point ever to be made. "The media thinks that by ignoring history". Some just can't get it through their heads that writing about history never changes it. "If it Is, So is It".

  35. American first. We are support President Trump. GOD BLESS AMERICA. God bless President Trump. Vote for President Trump again in 2020. President Trump can continuing to MAGA. THANKS PRESIDENT TRUMP

  36. نمیدانم واقعا این تویت ها را میخوانید و اگر میخوانید به مادران امریکایی بگویید یا عزیزانتان را از منطقه خاور میانه خارج کنید یا برای انها تابوت ارسال نمایید

  37. فرزندانتان به خاطر یک قمار باز. کاباره ای جانشان فدا میشود متاسفیم از ما دلخور نشوید

  38. هر گاه بینی در قانون جنگل کفتاران و شغالها در حال پایکوبی هستند بدانید در بیشه شیری مرده
    ایران پر است از این شیران
    کشته شدن در راه خاک و وطن برای ما افتخاری بس بزرگ است

  39. Iraq cant afford to kick out allied troops. It will do them more harm then good. The US will slap sanctions on them as well.

  40. EVIL TRUMP, EVIL OBAMA, EVIL CLINTONS burn all in HELL!!!! Bring our troops home and let’s take care of our country USA! Neither parties are for the people of the USA!!!!!

  41. LET’S ERASE IRAN OFF THE MAP . . . 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🖕🏼🖕🏾😡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🖕🏾🖕🏼😡😡😡

  42. Democrats have divided this country at every turn… What they have done and are doing is UNAMERICAN… This is a straight up Coup and they need to have justice stomp them good..

  43. Democracy…for the people, by the people and NOT represented only by ultra rich elites that make us fight their wars that they profit from but their kids don't fight in!  I'm tired of these politicians that pretend to care about our military but are actually abusing the American Flag and our Men and Women in uniform!

  44. Suddenly Iran is responsible for the Iraq war and aftermath. Like the weapons of mass destruction fable FoxNews pushed onto us this is just another.

  45. I am another who supports bring all of our people home, The people of the middle east insist on living in a toilet bowl, why fight with them. Let us support ONLY those who want our assistance.

  46. Democrats are planning to cheat on the elections this fall. They are working with China to get the Chinese people (millions of them) to come to the United States to vote against Donald Trump.

  47. The 10th Mountain Division soldiers disagree with what half the commenters are saying. Leaving Iraq would be disastrous for all the middle eastern countries friendly with us and more importantly for their own sake. You have to remember Iraq is being over taken by Iran internally. Vast majority of Iraqi's do not want the U.S. to leave.

  48. If America withdrew from the East, it would take away one of the few employment opportunities left for poor boys.

    Many will die miserably. Some will die in terror. Many will return, their health and spirit broken, to die on the streets of America.

    But they have a chance.

    Some will survive. Some will become career sergeants. Some will become officers. Some, very few, may rise to the highest ranks of the service, to receive good pensions and good directorships.

    Would you rob these poor boys of that chance?

    Surely, if opportunity means anything in contemporary America, it means the opportunity to serve their country?

  49. The MAJORITY of American people AND the MAJORITY of IRAQI people want US troops to go home, so GO FREAKING HOME!!! Trump's a lying bastard!! He campaigned in 2016 about ending the wars and yet he's repeatedly prolonging it!! Where're you fake anti-war Trumptards now?!!

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