Rep Collins previews the House’s vote on the coronavirus stimulus bill

Rep Collins previews the House’s vote on the coronavirus stimulus bill

100 thoughts on “Rep Collins previews the House’s vote on the coronavirus stimulus bill

  1. Pillozy is a poison ☠️ pill and she added a bunch of things that have nothing to do with the COVID-19 or the American people. I can not believe that she and the American media can just keep lying to the public sick

  2. What i dont understand is why are the 2 most important persons, the president and vice are meeting in areas for reports, like with reporters and also together, when this is such a highly contagious virus. They should be taking precautions and not exposing themselves around anyone except cabinet members or etc.

  3. The politicians sit up there and ring they're hands over the signing of the Stimulus Bill. They worry about strapping upcoming generations with debt, however, they don't give much thought to, and WILL without hesitation vote themselves a raise. Clean all of the swamp.

  4. Pelosi is the posted of a poison pill. Her definition of conference is GOP and Senate surrender and give her the much needed things like the Kennedy Center, planed parenthood, green deal subsidies etc etc etc while we just want the whole county, workers and employers, to survive. Lord bless that child with wisdom please….In the Spirit of never let a crisis go to waste I see her as a cartoon saying “Put you wish list together children mama’s going shopping 🛍 shopping 🛒 shopping!”…. Cut the rhetoric cut the pork and get a clean bill done.

  5. They will not pass it because they want to pass their own agenda .We need money now ,if we don’t get it soon,the people will go to the rich neighborhoods and pull these democrats out of their house .Then they will see the severity of the situation.

  6. poison pills are exactly what the democrats added to this bill. Again they accuse the republicans of their own actions how sad

  7. Election is soon. Do forget how rotten these Democrats have gotten. 100% vote them out. Take no prisoners.

  8. Is it just me? Or should a company like Cheesecake Factory who makes millions and millions in profit maybe even billions. Does not have money in the bank to pay their rent? Sounds like a load of BS!!! Just want a handout of the tax payers money!! These companies make me sick. They can afford this and they can afford to pay their employees also. But they don’t want to. This is exactly what is wrong with this country. The company I work for is hit very hard and I am basically out of work. It would not hurt these big companies at all to help Americans out thru this crisis. But they are too greedy to think about the Americans who work hard for them all the other times.

  9. Let's not forget that the Republicans put their own poison pills in this bill, mostly favoring mega corporations not the average American.

  10. Americans need money now these politicians on both sides are not effected like everyday people and it shows through the lack of urgency.

  11. Poison pills-chloroquine. Think about this sudden push. Do your research. This drug helps AI and malaria victims. The medical community is reaching for anything else in their doctor bag.

  12. If you EVER want to know what a democrat is up to, whatever crimes they are currently committing …..just listen to what they accuse the right of. Its foolproof.

    If they say, there is Russian Collusion…..its because they are colluding with Russians. If they say, the GOP has added poison pills to the bill……SHE HAS ADDED POISON PILLS.

  13. I wonder how much of the 25 million Pelosi got for the Kennedy center goes into her pocket?🤔🤔 Bet she'll give them 5 and keep 20!! 😤😤

  14. Collins will make a great senator Georgia! Remember in November. The only poison pill in this bill Nancy, is the one your majority could insist on if they delay this bill even one more day. The nation's healthworkers, hospitals, and workers will remember in November!

  15. Schumer is Pelosi's puppet….Pelosi is AOCs puppet…. Pelosi needs to be stopped!!!! If that means stopping the criminal AOC then, stop her. The American People are done with the democrat game playing.

  16. Why can't they figure out how to vote online.. use Hillary's server or hammer your phone. 👩‍💻🤳🤮

  17. It amazes me that fox doesn't ask Nancy Pelosi this question. They run things down but no solutions from the fox laugh track

    Most know EXACTLY what I Mean

  19. 200 page bill from the Republicans,
    Blocked by democrats so they can propose a 1400 page bill full of kibble? But she is talking about poison pills?

    We can argue all day about giving money to bail out corporations. But those corporations employ millions of regular people. If we let them fail, millions will be out of work. That's not good either.

    I say, give them the money…..but audit the bastards. If they dont spend it on the business staying afloat and use it to buy their own stock or give their CEO's bonuses then refuse to forgive the debt and force them to pay back double.

    You tell them they'll be audited and not only will you have to pay back the loan/grant but you'll have to pay back double what you took……and we can actually trust who audits them to do it properly. I have no problem giving them the money.

    They give us jobs. Period. And if you dont understand that, then we have nothing to talk about.

    Yes I know what they do with the bail out money can be very stupid and selfish, judging by the past. We cant control that. We can only punish it, if we can.

  20. IF ANYONE in the House calls for an actual vote… and that delays this even more… they person should be labelled a traitor… they can join the ranks of noted traitors like Pelosi, Schumer, and the sham impeachment bunch. We are tired of the Democrat game playing.

  21. This disgusting Pelosi bill will be posted at election stations nationwide so Americans can see the democrats priorities in an emergency that’s killing Americans.
    The Dems are the enemy within we need ICE permanently posted in the future in sensitive locations because this election and twisted documents and citizenship cheating is getting out of hand.

  22. Small business will turn this down because it is holding their assets until the loan is paid off. It doesn’t become a grant without tons of paperwork. This isn’t going to work.

  23. Hell they are never their to vote for other bills. I've watched C-span and seen a nearly empty congress during a vote. Then literally watch people walking chair to chair pushing the yeh or nay buttons for the congress members not attending.

  24. Not only are the Democrats hypocrites but they are pure evil. In the stimulus package that will help Americans financially while not working the Democrats want to keep the country shut down to keep people from dying while at the same time allocating funds to promote murdering unborn babies.

  25. Seems to me. The Democrats, under the direction of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary, Obama, and the entire DNC membership are HAPPILY ENJOYING the Corona Virus attack. While keeping the President busy. NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT ALL OF THE LAW BREAKING THEY DID BEFORE and AFTER TRYING TO IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT. Anyone hearing anything about Investigations????
    Think about it. The longer this goes on. Time is on Hillary's, Obama's, Comey's, Brennan and all the other COUP partners.

  26. Shutting down people's jobs and economy. What a devious plot from the left and media. Stage 3 of trying to shut our President down.

  27. Nancy Pelosi is the pill that needs to be taken off the shelf and replaced with a prescription that gets the job done.

  28. Posion pill Pelosi trying to push her agenda at the expense of the sick ill and dying.

  29. I really wish they listened to us in the 80's on giving the President the ability to do Line Item Vetos…We regain the house and strengthen the senate, Maybe then we can start pushing for it again…

  30. It doesn't matter something far worse than this virus is looming on the horizon!! It won't matter how much TP of Clorox wipes you have on hand.

  31. Pelosi is a fine one to talk about "poison pills" being in a bill. It's her party that's wanting to put money in for cruise lines that don't even fly under the American flag, planned parenthood, money for the performing arts and a raise for themselves!

  32. So wait… Now if you infect others with the virus they can say it was intentional and throw you in prison? Then comes the vaccine and what if u wont receive it? Now your a criminal?

  33. The Trump economy looks like it’s heading for the garbage can. I can’t help thinking if we had been better prepared for all this things might be better, but still, maybe the President had good reasons to dismantle all the pandemic response instruments and protocols that previous administrations set up. Maybe it is all big hoax like he says, but I don’t know, it looks like a lot of people are going to die.

  34. Pelosi…Your Dim party is quite used to poison pills…You sneak them into every single piece of legislation that crosses the desks in the House.

  35. Praying for all, even for Crinkle Nancy, she and her party needs a huge awakening! I have been fortunate my husband works in the fuel industry. And the only thing that may effect his company, is barrel prices and right now they are bad. Praying they and everything get better sooner that later… God Bless America!

  36. Our country was founded by geniuses and is being run by idiots.
    It's a wonder how any of them were able to pass threw the birth canal.
    Sen John Kennedy (R) Louisiana.

  37. Dear Democrats, don't you feel special n screwing we the people. You should feel proud of pelosi. She's really lost it'

  38. Stop sending aid to the CCP.. They are reselling the Aid to other countries. They didn't even bother to remove the US Aid Labels. How stupid can the Communist be..
    And Ingesting Fish Tank Cleaner. Because you can't read a label. Id not on Trump. Blame the Plantation Democrats. They robbed you of an education.

  39. If pelosi gets the virus refuse her medical saying it's just for Republicans bc we don't have enough product to share

  40. Okay with stimulus that saves companies and workers dealing with calamity, not okay with stimulus that saves anyone who bet on the wrong horse. Like Bush and Obama did. There is no such thing as a corporation too big to fail.

  41. Bernie says "hey umm uh I like airline emission regulations, and umm uh I want to go see a play at the Kennedy center, while all you are dying umm uh I think the musical "cats" would be super. Then we could make umm uh sneak some more green new deal crap, and umm take more money from you umm uh cause "bread lines" uh umm would give everyone free rice and beans. Umm uh oh I just pooped 🤣🤣

  42. The coming economic situation the shutdown has caused will be much worse than the virus itself.
    Small business will not recover.

  43. Such baloney. Again when pivotal votes are needed, guys like Collins self-quarantine and then give lip service from home. And sorry, Ducey, but The Cheesecake Factory is not essential to America. But hey, I doubt Fox would cry if Chic Fil A was hurting.

  44. Of course the bartender wants to make it all about her showing New York once again she doesn't give a sh!t about Americans. Impeach Nancy "Poison Pill" Pelosi!

  45. Trillions for corporations and the war machine, no money for universal health care….republicans lost my vote for good, i will spite vote for the commie democrats. America really is built on slavery, just called employees nowadays

  46. I don't believe this inhumane Pelosi and Schumer plus all the Cronies Demonrats 👹 trying to Vote in the nothing to do with the Safety and Health Rescue Bill. There is a God above who will do His will on these Demonrats 👹.

  47. I guess if your lies don't work then you claim the outcome … the GOP wanted most if not all the money to go to big corporations with no oversight and don't ask who got for six months because we won't tell you until after he election while the Dems are trying very hard to make sure the American people are safe and have a job on the other side and that businesses can pick up where they left off. GOP lies, just see Kellyanne CONway on Fox

  48. why is the US and the UK giving grants and Australia is giving subsidies?? We need a debt jubilee not more loans!

  49. Pelosi: What does not count is that in the same package he introduced money for abortion clinics, that the undocumented could vote, that the votes be done by email, which has nothing to do with helping workers, and that it does not count with the aid. to workers is a request from Tramp for a week and that much is already underway despite it …

  50. $1 for the peasants and billions for the elite pigs. Carve out the b.s. and take care of the American “people” only. This is for both sides.

  51. Why oh why? Free utilities for business?!!! Their rents??!! We need our rents!!! There should be revolt!! Do the new “ green deal “later!! Nancy Pelosi is just wanting to get her 2 cents in as a dem!

  52. Why does Fox show Pelosi at all. She hates America! She could have passed this last night, but she didn't.
    I got an email to sign a petition because she is using this eleged stimulus to fund abortion and the sale of the body parts of infants.

  53. Republicans in 2009: Stimulus packages NEVER work!
    Republicans now: They do when a Republican is in the white house!


  55. Pelosi is the enemy of the state, arrest the ingrate now!

    Also while you are at it Fox, look into Adrenochrome while you are at it! It will explain why the Left love abortion so much and why they refuse to protect our borders knowing full well that CHILDREN are being trafficked! Time to tell the truth!

  56. OMG 😱 poison pills 💊 😳😳 did she really say that! Ummm poison 🤔 like the one you submitted in order to pass the bill we had to agree to allow the Democrats to basically commit fraud and hand over the election in order for you guys to help us with our money! The kinda of pill that would allow No ID and absentee-voting!! Heck one illegal or one of your corrupt cult followers could vote a countless times of in a number of states 🥺!! Oh and you want We the people who are already broke to bailout the Postoffice 🙄🤨 COMPLETELY! Then transfer that debit over to the Feds so they can Transfer on to us! And why in the heck is the post office needing to be bailed out?? They raise the frigging price of stamps every other week good lord somebody needs to audit that [email protected]!! I get tons of junk mail and I know their paying postage! There’s something wrong with money management if they need to be bailed out! 🙄😳 You didn’t even ask for a low interest loan for them! So you just want to take our already paid tax dollars and just give it to them an then make us pay again! They need to file bankruptcy under whatever chapter like everyone other business who cannot pay their bills! Stupid people

  57. Pelosi is going to drag this out for however long it takes to get the vote harvesting and no voter verification. She’s devil spawn

  58. Shutting down the entire country is ludicrous, why don't we just help those most vulnerable like our seniors and those with underlying medical conditions instead? How did we get talked into this disaster. The DEMS are doing a dance behind closed doors bc they finally get to have their wish of Destroying all economical gains attained by our POTUS! None of their Hoaxes worked so they thought well we will just poison everyone, it is by all means necessary and no matter what is their motto and their goal. EVIL

  59. AOC is a puppet for global elites George Soros. That's who put the $$$behind her and put her up to run for Senate.

  60. AOC is an idiot along with her communist comrades.These American rogue congresswomen have no gratitude for the great nation they reportedly serve.Why did they come here if it`s so bad?

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