Remote Blower Vs. Local Blower – Different Blower Types

Hi Folks, I’m Mark and today in this video I’m
going to teach you about the different types of blowers that are available for your range hood now the blower is the fan that’s what most people
consider to be the fan and that’s the main power of the range hood. The first thing you’re going
to consider is how powerful of a blower you need in your range hood now that’s designated by the term C.F.M – cubic
feet per minute that’s the amount of air in one minute that
the blower can move. There are some manufacturers out there that will use a cubic meters per hour
now that number will generally be bigger so you need to make sure the you’re comparing
apples to apples. Compare C.F.M. now there are two types of blower configurations the first is a local blower that means the
blower is installed right here inside your hood now second type of blower is a remote blower. Those
can be located either in line with your ductwork somewhere between a blower and the rooftop
vent or located on the outside of a home on the roof
and this is an example of our 1600 C.F.M. blower it has a dual arbor configuration
dual centrifugal motors 1600 C.F.M. and it’s completely variable speed and this
is very quiet located inside the hood but in some applications customers would like
it to be even quieter so that’s when you locat it away from the ranger that’s when you put it
in remote configuration. Now one of the best and most unique features of our range hood
blwere package is that you can take the local blower, that’s this motor, and you can make it into a remote blower by putting
a inside of our blower box now the benefits there are that you get the
cost savings of local blower package but you also get the reduced noise by locating the blower
away from the range hood. The controls are still the same still controlled from the
exact same controls as the local blower controls. So we save you money because
you don’t have to buy a second blower and you don’t have to have a separate control panel
to control them. If you have any questions go to our website or call our eight hundred-number. were happy to help
the anytime we can

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