Ratcliffe: Trump didn’t get caught, Schiff got caught with the whistleblower

Ratcliffe: Trump didn’t get caught, Schiff got caught with the whistleblower

100 thoughts on “Ratcliffe: Trump didn’t get caught, Schiff got caught with the whistleblower

  1. Ohh give it up already Republicans …we know you guys are lying for the President. Typical Politics These lies only work for people that did not read the evidence and hear the testimonies. Lets be honest….. It wouldn't matter if they had a video tape, Republicans in Congress will just say the person that took the video cant be trusted or some other BS …. and then like clockwork…. Trump Supporters will just repeat it.

  2. Donald Trump withheld $390 million in military aid to Ukraine and repeatedly asked the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival in exchange for the release of the funds and a WH meeting with Trump.

  3. Reading these comments– stop being so partisan! …If this was the other way around with a democratic president this would be the same conversation just on different sides. Watch/hear different outlets of news: CNN, FOX, NPR, and even foreign news. Foreign news outlets give you a different outlook/prospective report on this topic. I tune into Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on a regular basis because there too much noise here and not enough facts…on BOTH SIDES!

  4. The DemonRats have shredded the Constitution, denied due process, and lied to regain power. Not only will they not regain power, they may never regain power again.

  5. I'm so PROUD of the REPUBLICANS!!! Kick the Liberals where it hurts the most. In their CREDIBILITY!!!! Liars are never trusted again!!! Stand Tall President Trump! THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS CALVERY has your back & so do the decent American people who voted for you.

  6. The Democrats know they have no chance of winning the election in 2020. So they are going to try to wear down Congress they’re going to try to wear down Donald Trump. They also know The media is going to take their side no matter how crazy it is. Hoping somehow they will give up and stop fighting back.

  7. Shiftey Schiff has to be held accountable for his lies and criminal acts in trying to overthrow our president we the people elected. The dnc is a criminal organization that wants total power and control and they will lie, cheat and steal to succeed. The corrupt media is helping them with lying and suppressing the truth. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  8. While watching this debate, I realized one thing…..the Repubtards are even DUMBER than I thought. The Dems are making these guys look STUPID!

  9. They keep going after him for 1 reason as I see it. Trump called out bill Clinton and said in the debates that bill was impeached and this is just a continuing "repayment"

  10. A "phantom" cannot be an accuser…this is totally absurd and makes a mockery and demonstrates extreme contempt of and for our American laws. We are dealing with a FOREIGN ENEMY right there in the house exposing themselves as such in plain sight and while they are doing that they are grooming the public to accept this absurdity as somehow real…Its not. Its fake.

  11. False allegations against the United States of America President Donald Trump oops somebody is about to pay!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  12. Hahah the left hot straight up STEAMROLLED today.. and rightfully so… how about that moron from GA with his skunk chin lmao staring out into space while talking… 5 more years of liberal tears

  13. Seriously please let me know why Adam Schiff hasn't been arrested if nothing else for falsifying a report and reading it on live TV to make the American people think it was what President Trump said in a conversation with the new Ukrainian President but Adam wrote it himself it was all a lie & he claims he was being funny ??????

  14. if you seen the transcripts and want everyone to see it, why don't you release it ? I hope all those who are for Trump are impeached along with him.

  15. Look at the smirk on that idiot Ratcliffe's face as he presents what he believes is a rational argument, but is risible BS.  How thick and deluded can you get? As thick and deluded as the GOP speakers who attempt to defend the criminal in the White House.Trump is right in one thing he says – the whole world is laughing at America – at him, the republican lawmakers and also the morally flexible people who, despite his manifest crimes, continue to support such a deranged and corrupt traitor in office.

  16. These Repubs are reaching for straws now. They should just admit Trump was wrong and argue against removal from office. They look ridiculous trying to defend the indefensible.

  17. The Democrats are regretting they ever went down this road. They are losing support by the minute – especially among the open-minded middle ground independents.

  18. So when the GOP takes the house they can do an investigation of the dems for the obstruction and attempted coup of the Trump presidency. They can do that all in 2 weeks, no need to have a 2 year muller type thing or 2 year Horowitz thing to manipulate the dem agenda for mid terms etc. All the evidence is already there. (Dems have already done all the work for them) They just have to put the names down with the charges and get them to jail.

  19. Where’s the whistle blower???….. Only on democrats imaginations , there’s NO WHISTLE BLOWER, it was all Schiff with the FBI running alone spying on the WH, that’s the truth!!.

  20. Where is Melania? She bitches when the media says the Trump’s gave their kid a stupid name but says nothing about Trump mocking Thunberg.

  21. The Whistleblower probably already spoke but we'll never know because that will put that man or woman life in danger how would you like if you was a whistleblower and they uncovered you.

  22. My President Trump didn't demand anything. He didn't obstruct justice either. All he did do was beat out Hillary and that's all he did. The democrats are so full of hate they can't see straight. The so called whistleblower was paid to lie by schiff etc. I never believed all the bull manue the democrats spewed about the Russian interference and I still don't believe that he said what the democrats claim he said to the Ukraine President. They are poor losers, liers and so full of hate it's scary. Arrest them, try them and jailed them all. But mostly arrest the bidens, schiff, Nancy's son and anyone else who has criminal dealings in the Ukraine. Trump and Pence in 2020. God bless.

  23. I’m just tired of seeing this madness. I saw a video about Nancy Pelosi’s son’s dealings in Ukraine during the Obama/Biden Administration. These guys are so bold with their deep deep and glaring corruption.

  24. There is no Whistleblower…they made it all up! If there is a whistleblower then produce him. They are doing this based on a lie!

  25. Repugnut capons flap their tiny wings, cluck, squawk, scratch, drool, and snub—very like their Dear Deranged Fatload Leader—any offer, stratagem, legality, demand, plea, subpoena, or request that endangers what they inconceivably take to be some sort of utterly-baffling strong suit only they hold.
    WHEN THEY DO—lock ’em up, but don’t stop with painless incarcerations: defang the snakes, castrate the mad bats, boil ’em in oil, seize their holdings, roust a few of their incontinent relatives off their golf carts, seize their land, free their women and chilluns, load a few of ’em and their girlfriends into circus cannon and launch the entire tribe of hysterical, frite-nite Nazis out over  the Tidal Basin every midnight until the Silence of the Lambs settles over the land like the Balm of Gilead.

    Keep in mind: if ya’ll don’t whack Repugnut howlers hard, they’ll never quit trying to roast frowsy ’Murka on a bloody stick.

  26. Americans will NEVER forgive the Democrats for Ruining their Christmas!…I know so many Democrats who have changed to Independent and will be voting for Trump in 2020. Most people do NOT want to be associated with the Democrat PARTY OF HATE…especially during our Sacred Christmas.

  27. Are you kidding, if Trump had asked Ukraine to investigate Biden they would have investigated Biden. But they didn’t. So Trump didn’t,

  28. You think at one point someone would point out that what was released wasn't a transcript but notes from the whitehouse, which didn't include the entire conversation. Far fetched

  29. Adam Schiff should immediately release HIS personal phone records so the American people will be able to see his coordination with the whistleblower.

  30. How do we the people stop this runaway treasonous democrat train? They are bent and determined to remove our rights and our vote for President Trump. There's got to be a way to stop these corrupt, evil people, but they just keep right on running over the rule of law, our rights, the Constitution and our President. Who in the hell do they think they are?

  31. I'll only gain faith in my country again when I see what happens with everyone who had a hand 🖐 in trying to falsely blame the POTUS OF THESE FALSE ACCUSATIONS🧐

  32. Whistleblower got “caught” lying. Schiff head got “caught” trying to create a case for impeachment where there is no just cause.

  33. This gets better and better every day…..
    All the moron Dems involved in this bull💩 impeachment had better be removed from the offices…. absolutely disgusting……

  34. Americans you should stand up for your country your time is now to correct to rid and call out these Democrats and the media and their injustices

  35. There are three people in this scenario. Trump, the whistleblower, and Schiff.
    Trump gets caught by the whistleblower (and this person exists as a whistleblower because they caught Trump). But it's Schiff that got caught with a person that wouldn't exist if Trump weren't caught.
    What if the whistleblower never caught Trump but still talked to Schiff? Is Schiff still guilty of being caught with this person? If Schiff was with the whistleblower, Trump had already been caught (otherwise the person wouldn't be a whistleblower).

  36. Collins is laughing, that's funny, like it, those democrats take ike fools, especially that one that sounds like a woman, the one on the left of the screen whatever his name is

  37. I will not be surprised if the House does not have the necessary votes needed to go to the Senate, because it will get VERY ugly for the demons there. I think more than a few of them realize this.

  38. This is a scam. Our reps need to make legislation for bridges roads and keeping our electric grids safer. They should get to work or we should hire new ones

  39. I just watched 2 hours of the Judiciary committee’s debates. OMG, I couldn’t take any more. Democrats are very good at screaming obstruction and abuse of power but none offered any evidence. The call transcript is what the “think” it means. Then one Dem actually suggested the Trump altered it and it may not be accurate even though their own witness, the LT Col. said it was. Then the are claiming Trump with held the aid to get info on Biden for 2020 even though he said the Bidens (plural). Now the are saying the President of Ukraine only said there was no pressure because, and I quote, “Trump had a gun to his head.” Then OMB also gave them a letter explaining the reason the aid was delayed and they said No, Trump told them to delay it. So it doesn’t matter one bit about actual facts, they will impeach. Hopefully this gets to the Senate and is ended. Oh man I pray some Dem senators vote against this and show the House Dems how totally political this is.

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