Range/Stove/Oven Repair- Replacing the Coil Element Cartridge (Whirlpool Part # JEA7000ADW)

Steve: Hi, its Steve from PartSelect, you’ve
decided to change the cartridge on your range, that’s a pretty easy job, a couple of things
to look for, let me show you how it’s done. Before we begin this repair, the first thing
we need to do is disconnect the power to the appliance, if your range has a standard 40m
cord just disconnect it from the receptacle, if it’s hard wired, you need to find the
disconnect switch, or shut the power off of the electrical panel. To remove the cartridge, we just lift up on
the front, just where the handle is push it forward, and lift the wing out a bit, that
will expose your terminal block, we want to make sure that there’s no signs of any arcing
or burning there, if there has been, we’ll need to replace it, and it may also be evident
on the terminals, on the old cartridge, if there’s any sign of that, chances are receptacle
is bad as well and will need to be replaced. To insert the new cartridge, just pull and
align it up with the receptacle at the back, should slide in relatively easily, push it
all the way back, that should sit firmly in the opening and that’s it. That’s just how easy it was to change the
cartridge, good luck with your repair and thanks for watching.

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