Range Pilot Light is Not Working

Range Pilot Light is Not Working

If your oven lights with a pilot flame and the pilot flame will not stay lit, blowing out immediately, or the pilot flame will not light, or it seems that the oven is not heating
when you’re trying to turn the oven on follow the printed instructions located inside the oven door. First, remove the oven door. Then loosen screws on the oven floor and
the remove the floor. The pilot is located at the back of the
oven burner on the left side. Next, light the two rear burners on the cook top. Then, push the oven control knob in and hold it while you use a flame to light the pilot light. Hold the oven control knob in for at least a minute. When you let go of the knob, the pilot should stay lit Turn the oven on to make sure it lights. When you are certain it is lighting
properly, turn the oven and the top burners off and reassemble the oven floor and the oven door. Your oven is now ready to be used. Remember that the oven must stay lit all of the time to ensure that the oven will work as expected.

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!thank u sooooo much for this video i bought this frozen pizza and my pilot went out i had no clue wat to do…then i clicked on this altough i didnt take my ovens door or unscrew i just opened the very bottom put a flash light and aimed at that pointi thing at the back with a long lighter…but anywho thanks

  2. this totally worked for me(but I didn't take the door off), at first i tried to light it by just turning the oven on and putting the flame on the pilot-didn't work…but once I turned both the back burners on and held the oven knob in IT LIGHTED!!!

  3. Hello,
    This is Alison with GE. I am happy to look into this for you.
    Please provide the model number of your range and I will see if I can offer you some assistance.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video. I was scared to death to do this on my own because I thought I would blow us up! I even had my daughter stand by the back door incase it blew so she could excape lol This video made it so easy to do. I cant believe I did it by myself and we didnt blow up!

  5. Hello, Mlfromnj,
    I regret the video did not resolve your issue. While we offer many basic problem-solving tips on our appliances, due to many components that require certain equipment and safety measures for diagnosis and repair on a gas appliance we recommend you contact GE Consumer Service to schedule an appointment for an authorized technician to diagnose and repair. They can be reached at 1-800-432-2737, Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 10:00pm, Eastern Time. Thanks for checking with us!

  6. Help, I cleaned my oven and then removed the floor and sprayed (sprayer) some water onto surface to make clean. My pilot lighted without any problem, but my oven gas sparge with not flame on. What is wrong? All top burners are fine. I didn't get the sparge wet and all the holes appear dry.

  7. THEGMAN153 – I am sorry to hear that your oven will not "flame on". For assistance, please contact us directly through the Contact Us link at the GEAppliances website.
    Thanks, Michelle with GE

  8. Can you help me with this problem. I have GRCL3650ZWW-1(GE make). timer shows OFF(display board)even surface element works good.Bake and broil does not work,but element is good and sensor is good too……….how to fix it.

  9. Kulwinder Sodhi – I apologize for the difficulty you are having with your oven. We will need additional information to be able to direct you properly. Please contact us directly using the Contact Us link on our GEAppliances website. – Thanks, Michelle from GE

  10. warrblade101 – I am sorry that you are having trouble with your gas stove. I would suggest that you check with your manufacturer for the proper way to repair your pilot light. This is information only for our GE models that we have tested.
    Good luck! – Sheree with GE

  11. Hi vikkiisthebest101, I am happy to help. Check the oven knobs to make sure they are in the correct position. If your range has separate knobs for the oven temperature and oven function, and if the control knobs were removed for cleaning, make sure they were reinstalled in the proper location. If your symptom persists, service may be needed. Calls can be scheduled through our GE Appliances website, or by phone at 1-800-432-2737. I hope this helps. Thanks, Jill with GE

  12. Hi, Raymond – We regret you are having trouble with your Brown range. You may want to check directly with the manufacturer to see if they might have some tips to share for their model. We wish you the best with this issue!     

  13. Hi, I have a model # jgbp28weh2ww and the oven controls are digital (no oven knob).  How do i do this on there?  basically the same as mlfromnj down  below said.  is there a video for my kind of oven or any kind of directions?  

  14. I feel like a moron… my pilot was making a whistling noise so I kept blowing at it and it went out. Tried to make lite it the next day using a lighter and nothing then tried using a needle because I thought it was clogged or something but that still did nothing. Watched this video and it WORKED!!!! I didnt take door off though because that seems pointless. Beer and pizza tonight yay!!!!!!!

  15. Thank you for uploading this, I wish this had more likes so people could actually see that this is the REAL useful video of the lot. I never would have guessed that I had to hold that knob down to light it.

  16. Honestly wrestled with this for an hour then watched video and proceeded with face palm. Thanks for helping simpletons everywhere

  17. Nice information how to light the oven pilot but the title displays Range Pilot Light. A range is a stovetop not an oven. Look up Kitchen Ranges at Lowe's, Home Depot, and they sell Ranges with Oven. The Range is NOT an oven. This otherwise good video should be properly titled as Oven Pilot… not Range Pilot…

  18. thank you soooooooo much. i borrowed a lighter from my neighbor and the stove top was easy but the oven not so much. other videos told of holes in the back but mine is the one where its like a long pipe. i help the knob and finally found per you intrustion the pilot lite on the left and irt came on. my oven had no intructions and i removed nothing just have sore knees thanks to you i can eat tonight. the only thing i have to eat ready made is chees slices. thanks

  19. Did you see some things light up as soon as you put the flame to the area? I just tried it and nothing happened. I have a GE XL44 and the manual says to move the broiler drawer rather than the directions here, but it is so impossible for me to get down in there that way. Everything else worked like you said and I was able to take out the oven floor but I never took off the oven door (actually forgot to do that).

  20. Thank you so much for this video! I looked at 3 other videos before this one. And they did not help at all! This video did! So thank you so much!!!!

  21. Thank god for this video! I didnt even know the instructions was on the door (covered in years of burnt on oil). Ive searched all over the internet for an answer and was about to sit the whole thing outside and buy a new one. Thanks again. Working like a charm.

  22. primitive pieces of crap…. we are in times of break throughs and yet we haven't found a better way to light these stupid things.

  23. video was extremely helpful but what do you do if the pilot does not stay lit? it just goes out as soon as I release the knob

  24. Thanks! I've watched several videos on how to do this & none of them helped. The difference of your video is: you said to turn both top pilots on & press in the oven knob. The other videos didn't say that & when I went to light my oven the whole kitchen smelled like gas.

  25. Thanks, this video was very helpful. It seemed complicated at first, but it was a piece of cake. I think the pilot light went out while I was cleaning the oven.

  26. This worked for an Americana Oven as well. The only difference was that the pilot was in the center instead on the far right.

  27. You've had double ovens for awhile. They look quite different. Do you think you could post a video for these?

  28. I came here because. Contractor charged me $45.00 to look at why my oven wasn't working. He wasnt dressed to light it or had his tools. He's coming back out Friday to light and is going to charge me $35.00 , to light it!!! The devil is a lie. I'm going to do this myself. While my cousin; who's also as old as I am stand guard, in case of emergency. God forbid anything happen. Gas makes me nervous lol

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