Rand Paul on Soleimani airstrike, Trump’s Iran strategy

Rand Paul on Soleimani airstrike, Trump’s Iran strategy

100 thoughts on “Rand Paul on Soleimani airstrike, Trump’s Iran strategy

  1. Oh CMON RAND, Now there’s hate engulfing Iran?!??!? Really? Yeah they are SO freaking peaceful over there. Should’ve made a desert parking lot of the whole place!

  2. "If the information is true how can you afford not to act" gee, where have we heard this before…..we are 20 trillion in debt and are, as of last year, spending 1 trillion more than we take in every year. We don't need, nor can we afford, another middle east conflict

  3. Rand Paul is very misguided. Iranians were just interested in enriching their nuclear program and this Soleimani was a real problem because he had American blood on his hands and there were more Americans at risk. One civilian American died and servicemen were injured in the pre strike against Iran. President Trump gave the warning that he would attack IF Iran killed any American. They did.
    Next in the Iranian regime, Obama was weak, the Democrats were holding back the aggression by stating that they were in the throws of impeaching Pres. Trump and hold on awhile so they could renew the Iranian Deal. The Democrats were weak and American lives, as been shown by Benghazi, never really matter. THIS President does hold American lives sacred.
    If you remember Netanyahu gave all the proof that after the Iran Agreement was signed, Iran began to enrich their nuclear facilities. He went on Television with all the proofs to show the American Obama administration they were duped. Listen to Amir Tsarfati about the incident on the Behold Israel channel.
    The problem we have in this Gov't is the Democrat Party is in bed with the terrorists and seeks to appease them. We have infiltrates in the Democrat Party that also need to be monitored because they are threat to America from within.

  4. I like Rand but he’s wrong on this. Iranian General has been responsible for proxy war against the US and allies. But this last attack on a US embassy had to have a measured response. Caving into extortion and appeasement isn’t diplomacy. Trump did the right thing and showed restraint


  6. I think Mr Paul would like to TALK with Iranians. Maybe he should bring art supply's so he could color with them. And maybe a world participation Award too. What an as_.

  7. This is one of the few times I’ve been in strong DISAGREEMENT with Rand, usually I like his ideas. Sticking to the Iran deal tho……oh HELL NO! Glad Trump ain’t a patsy like the Obummer admin!

  8. Let's see how wrong the Senators in 2-4 weeks. You are wrong about the "WHOLE country is now seeking revenge…" NOT TRUE!

  9. His heart is in the right place but his belief has kept us and Iran in a conflict for 40 years. I mean I could be wrong but as it stands Trump doesn't want to be in the region but wants to leave strong. Iran doesn't want us in the region but wants to appear strong. Both sides want American forces out of the region and I'm all for that; if we can get a couple billion out of the Iraq and get rid of all issues with Iran then I'd be incredibly happy.

    However there is still a blood price Iran needs to pay and offing this one General doesn't begin to pay its' due. If Obama hadn't given Iran the $150 billion we were paying out to families and victims of Iranian terror thus turning all past payments with that money into American TAX PAYERS paying for Iran's attacks on foreign countries then I wouldn't think they still owe us. But he did and they do still owe us and many others a heavy price.

  10. There hasn't been anything but war with Iran since 1979. The only thing the Iran deal did is fill their pockets with US tax payer cash. Let's fund the people who have wanted us dead for 40 yrs!!! Brilliant!!!

  11. Paul, keep up these comments and 45 will stop petting the top of your head… no more kudos for you… you should know better than to bite the hand that feeds you…

  12. This idiot criticized the agreement between US and Iran.

    Now that the agreement was thrown away he still criticize the administration??
    What the hell is this man really want?

  13. Dems crack me up. They don’t give two sh—s about our security. Peace and love for those who want nothing to do with it. They want us dead and you still want to give them a fair shake.

  14. and got to say this there is a right way to protest war. you do not have to disrespect are soldiers . protest the system for doing this never never are soldiers they just doing there job .why i put this. in past i have seen people protest wars and disrespect are soldiers and that i really have a problem with cuz unless u been over there fighting u have no right to tell them they were wrong for what they did

  15. Bravo Paul! Thank you for being honest! You've demonstrated more insight intelligence, maturity, diplomacy ,expertise , discipline, professionalism than Trump. Perhaps you should run for the 2020 US Presidency?

  16. What a pessimistic view. Rand you got it wrong. The Iranians are actually playing this perfectly and so is Trump. With this dude in the ground, they HAD to show some retaliation for their people to feel sated. BUT they warned the Iraqis and Americans they were going to fire a salvo and NOBODY got hurt. They want NO PART of shock and awe in their land. So now they lie to their people that the got us.. Okay that's fine. This way their people calm down. Trump did NOT fire back since nobody got hurt and it's over. We got the dude, they play act like they got us back. Proof you must stand strong. Nobody attack a vicious, powerful enemy and that is what WE ARE.. Our army has already impressed the world. This is DONE. Well played by Trump. Another win.

  17. Well this is what the Democrats wants and you weak repblunicans are buying In what Democrats want you to believe wow to take that general was a quick decision and if every had to be informed it wouldn't of happened someone would of leaked it out to the general of Iran so how stupid are you looking for all American that are repblunicans cause you weak asses are fake people like Democrats lies and hate so just be a Democrats

  18. One of the few with some principles and good intentions for the American people vs the zionist swamp. Not quite his saintly father, but a good man nonetheless.

  19. Says the man who was attacked by his neighbor because he did not know how to be diplomatic. You make me laugh Rand, you hypocrite.

  20. Rand Paul sounds like such a coward. I know people in Kentucky and they sure don't think like he does. Man I am so glad he will never be POTUS.

  21. Rand support the president on these issues, or shut the hell up. If we ask Congress for permission to take out terrorists, the democraps will deny it or leak out secret info. Come on Rand. I like you but you are off on this one. Maybe you were feeling left out.

  22. I think Rand Paul is mostly correct. We really needed to pull back and let the economic sanctions work. I think it is important to read things in context instead of globalizing. It is a fact that intelligent people may be more easily manipulated than those who are not as intelligent. Logic can be presented in a misleading way.
    Sometimes when we over correct as President Trump did to avoid the animal in the road we roll the vehicle and cause serious damage . Sometimes we just need to hit the animal and sustain minimal damage.

  23. Rand needs to fuk off this issue. Using 1 drone is not Trump declaring war. The president has the constitutional authority to use the military how he chooses. To presume that our military can not be used for any action without a declaration of war is ignorant. It is unfortunate that Paul is choosing this issue to lose support as he was truly the only republican I did support. The fuking president walks around with the NUKE button but for some asshat reason Paul is saying Trump would have to go to the house and get their vote of approval before using the NUKES? PULL THE FUK BACK PAUL!!!!!!

  24. The best thing to do is whack a mole when you can but let their own people kick leaders out. Some people would not stand up to a bully who just slapped their wife – bully's only back down and respect those that fight back.

  25. As much as I love Rand, I would never vote for him as commander in chief, cause he'll be worse than Obama as such!

  26. Not easy for a Fox speaker to listen to a republican who is, for one time, citicising the "Donald's" décision.

  27. Why do our enemies get the permission to do violence onto us, but when we respond(more effectively) with violence in return, then we're war mongering or Neo-Cons? The escalation into open war had already been established by the enemy Sen Paul. They don't get to play victim after that.

  28. Any Robert Heinlein readers? Are there any Rambo fans? The danger with drones is that it removes the soldier from risk. Let's all pray that it is never used on Americans . Patton if he was alive today and asked to serve. Would be four star general of the mechanized drone service if he had the stomach for it. "I don't agree with your methods a Canadian said in movies " an actor named Kevin Costner said oh yeah well your not from Chicago.

  29. Rand Paul has no right to talk about a war right or wrong when he got his but beat right in his own front yard .lol

  30. Ran Paul, make you wonder what side he is on. soloamani killed over 600 Americans and planned to Bomb the embassy, Obama friend started the attacked on the embassy

  31. Ran Paul is out of the click has no idea, what he is saying. He is an Idiot, if it was his son or daughter killed by this man he would be talking differently. This has been going on way becore President Trump got in Solomani killed before Trump. Ron Paul not to bright

  32. Just another LAME DISTRACTION ATTEMPT by the trump administration and frustrated his republicans trump TURDS to draw attention away from COMRADE trumps PENDING IMPEACHMENT TRIAL AND CONVICTION!!!!!

  33. So called Republican, Sen. Rand Paul
    This wasn't an anti-war vote you made !
    You just made a vote Like a Rhino and That is dangerous !
    The Democrats Love You Now.
    The People now have doubts if you stand with are President and We the People .

  34. I like Rand Paul, but we've got to face the reality that radical islamists will say and do
    anything, to further the cause of their Prophet. Its what they live and die for.

  35. Iran Deal was perfect. That's why nearly all of Europe and China signed onto it. FOX and Conservatives want you to believe that Iran would say "we won't try to build a nuke", but they lied and they will build a nuke anyway. Except the deal made that impossible because according to the deal Iran has to allow Nuclear Inspectors to examine every single nuclear site they have, whenever they want to, in order to make sure no nuke is being built. Inspectors are also allowed to roam and search the country to ensure no secret sites are being withheld. Any sites that Iran tries to keep secret or hidden would violate the deal and the sanctions snap back in. In some cases, inspectors have to give Iran 21 day notice but that's also not a problem because it takes over 1000 years for the signals of nuclear material to fade beyond detection limits so Iran can't hide or clean-up any nuclear material to escape detection even if they did try. If Iran refuses to let inspectors into any site they want to inspect, the deal is off and sanctions snap back in. When Trump backed out of the Iran Deal, Europe commented and I quote, "The US has backed themselves into a corner and got themselves into a huge mess, they did this to themselves, now they need to get themselves out". Even Boris Johnson, PM of the UK, the British version of Trump, EVEN BORIS JOHNSON, warned the US against withdrawing from the Iran Deal. Iran also had hundreds of thousands of rockets and tons of money (their extremely oil-rich), Obama and the Iran-Deal didn't do a single thing to help Iran attack US Bases. This is just idiot republicans trying to deflect blame off Trump and onto Obama.

  36. I respect his opinion, and kind of agree. I don’t buy the idiots who say “it’s a distraction from impeachment!”
    There’s no need for a distraction from the embarrassing charade. I just think it was a bad move strategically. But, I can’t know that because I’m not in that position, and don’t know.

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