Rampage Trailer (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

Subtitledtrailers.com It’s weird you like to hang out with animals
more than people. Yeah, well, animals get me. I rescued George
when he was two years old. George never would have survived
on his own. He definitely trusts you. Last night, George was 7 feet
and weighed 500 pounds. George, you okay, buddy? You’re scared. It’s okay. This morning he’s 9 feet
pushing a thousand. What’s happening to my friend? Are you familiar
with genetic editing? Changes will be
incredibly unpredictable. Is he the only one? Oh, you didn’t know
about the 30-foot wolf? Incoming! Hell of a day, huh? Science experiments
falling from the sky. Having George on that plane
is a big mistake. I think we’ll be all right. Hold on! Let’s go save the world. It’s coming back to me. It’s coming back. You have to evacuate Chicago. George didn’t ask for this.
They’re gonna put him down. That’s not happening. George! Is there’s something in the river? I was just thinking the only thing
missing right now is a giant crocodile.

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