Raising Hills in Slough Creek

Raising Hills in Slough Creek

You got a sneak peek at the new
Slough Creek map in last week’s dev blog.This week I’ll show you one of the
ways I’m trying to refine that map to make it more interesting and realistic.
So this will get a bit technical, if that’s your thing. If you’re just looking
for pups… well, they’re coming… but not today. So here’s the new map with all the
vegetation and water turned off so we can just focus on the landforms. Now this
is all based on a topographical data so it’s accurate to the location but that
data is relatively low resolution for our game map purposes (I’m not sure if
it’s ten meters or something) but you have these very generalized shapes for
the hills. And we need more detail for these
because, in real life, they’re… they’re quite detailed. I’m using a tool called
Gaia for the… for Unity that gives us some cool tools for adding our own
custom topography– small scale topography– to different parts of the map. So Gaia
uses something called stamps, where you take a height map… where white is the
highest point on the map and black is the lowest point on the map and
gradations in between show the topography. And so we’ve got some height
maps for smaller rock formations. And Gaia has a lot of tools to let us
customize exactly how we stamp the terrain with these. So I’m tweaking some
different values here to adjust how well it blends into the existing terrain and …
how much it… how much the actual rock formations protrude above the existing
terrain. And, like everything here, it takes a lot of trial and error and
tweaking to try to find just the right settings. But once you do, you press the
stamp button and it deforms the terrain to match the stamp. So that looks much
nicer now. But the textures don’t look quite right now. They are from the
satellite image but they don’t quite match our new topography here but Gaia
has another tool that paints terain textures. You might use a height map for it…
but in our case you want to actually follow the actual
topography that we’re looking at here. It has a really cool convex/concave filter.
And so now, I’ve assigned the granite rock texture and put this convex filter
on it basically. So for maximum convexity or “bulgy-ness” it’s going to paint the
granite texture there. And so you can see the red areas are the areas that are
being affected by the convex settings here and we’ll get the granite texture.
And then I can also add another part to this effect to paint grass in the
concave areas– or the crevices between the rocks. Those are highlighted in green
here. And so there’s various controls here… I can I can fuss with to try to
get the right look and then press paint and there… no… it’s actually not enough grass, is
it? I was too strict on that filter. So let’s try fussing with a little bit more…
increase the spread of the grass… have it expand into less of the tight crevices…
paint that again… and that’s better! Not great. But you can see, it’s getting in
the right direction. Now this is just two textures: the granite and one of the
grass textures that we’re using. All around here are the parts that I haven’t
affected here. You can see, have more textures. They have some forest floor
textures, they have a couple of grass textures, there’s some kind of lichen and
moss stuff going on… and so I need to keep working on this and build up more–
add more textures– and build up the filters to get a nice more kind of
mottled look to match what the thing really looks like out there in Slough Creek. Now even with all this, the terrain is still pretty smooth –not real
detailed. Here’s a one meter by one meter by one meter cube for reference. It’s
still quite smooth in general. So after doing all this stuff, we have to add some
rock meshes– just like we did with the cliffs of Amethyst Mountain. We’ll do the
same thing here: add some rock models that match the the look of these granite
rocks that are found all throughout Slough Creek. So creating them, placing them,
getting them to blend into the terrain… That’s going to be another challenge–
to make them really feel part of the terrain! There’s a whole other part of
the task and we will look at that in a future video.
Meanwhile, while I’ve been working on this, the rest of our team is been
working on a whole bunch of other stuff for Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek. And we’ll take a look at that in the next dev blog! And if you missed last week’s dev blog
about our hike into the real Slough Creek, be sure to check it out!

100 thoughts on “Raising Hills in Slough Creek

  1. I can’t wait! This game is going to be so awesome! I can taste and smell the role play potential and so many new things to search for in the tiniest dents and largest spots in the maps! The fluff balls we call pups shall arise.

  2. Idk why but I’m feeling like making my den in one of the abandoned dens. Sounds so cool & like an entire new experience! So excited, keep up the amazing work wolfquest❤️❤️❤️🧡

  3. I'm just wondering… WHEN THE PUPPIES ARE GONNA COME OUT IM KIND OF BORD SINCE NOTHING IS COMING OUT (still the best game ever played) BUT PUPPIES SLOUGH CREEK NEED RIGHT NOW OR AM I MISSING SOMETHING (sorry just a little bord because I see the same things and I'm just looking for fights but take your time please)

  4. Wish I new how to do this kind of stuff, I've been trying to make a wolf rp game on roblox I can't figure out how to do it even on there lol

  5. This game looks too good, there’s no other wolf game this realistic and amazing! I’m OBSESSED with games like Twilight Princess and Okami because of the fantasy wolf characters, but being able to sit down and play a realistic wolf game is really refreshing. I’m so excited for slough creek and I’m probably gonna scream when it gets released!

  6. I still can't quite wrap my brain around the expanded maps, they're so cool! I love how we can explore so much more now, and it's not just a really small area!

  7. Does anybody know when they will release it on mobile? I heard others say when they are done with slough. And I also heard others say when they make lost river…so

  8. Imagine having to travel almost halfway across the map; tracking down food for the pups smh 😂 i already know that mine gonna die my first few tries


    I’m so exited for pups to be out! I also can’t wait to explore the new map, have endless adventures, and so on!
    Are there going to be achievements in pups?

    (and I mean the brightness of the grass when I say greenery.)

  10. I'm actually SO exited to see a larger map! It'll be so cool to have new locations to explore and new dens to try out, you guys are absolutely blessing us with such an amazing game!

  11. Hey, I made a comment on the last video that another fan said I should mention again for the teams consideration.
    So here was the suggestion:
    If it is possible to allow players time in the den, some things to do in there would be
    As a female, you could raise the pups in the den right from the beginning.

    Though, even a female doesn't just stay in the den the whole time. She does have to leave and do some things for herself, including hunting. And if you slept a lot while in the den with the pups, time would fast forward a lot. You could also have to keep track of your food intake so you could make sure you were producing enough milk while maintaining a healthy body condition.

    Then, there is also the bit where you would need to encourage the pups to leave the den daily after they reached a certain age.

    I know all that is getting very detailed, but just some thoughts as to how they could make it interesting.

  12. I was wondering if you could add you seeing fish or like doing a small little new animation that you can only do in water? I’m so excited for mobile and just the game to be completed in general! When are you planning do get pups out, I heard by the end of December or early January?

  13. I love how the game is being updated. The hills getting detailed alone gets me thrilled. It’s honestly very interesting how
    You customize the game.

  14. you should combine all the maps into 1 big map! infinite exploration. yes, I posted this comment in the last video, I want the developer to see it.

  15. It's true it's gonna be so much harder to get across the map with pups. But imagine the hunting to feed the pups 😯😯😯

  16. Я уже прибывают в нетерпении!)
    Зелёная местность офигенная. Большая карта, мне нравится. Я даже и не знаю, что ещё можно сказать)
    Просто Продолжайте работать!))
    Мы ждём ваш плод труда и работ, удачи.

  17. Well this is awesome I'm a little scared that I can't play the multiplayer. The reason is why I'm scared is that my tablet can't hold that game to much fps

  18. Ooh!
    Also, question: Is there menalism in wolves? When they're completely black and that's not passed from their mother or father's coat.

  19. I love these videos, it does four things:
    – Shows us you are working hard on getting the game ready
    – Assures us on how great the game is going to be
    – Allows us sneak peeks of the game before we get to play
    and bonus, we get to listen to your mesmerizing voice.

  20. I am really glad that the wait for my new system setup has forced me to not play WQ3 yet. So when I get to play it, it will hopefully keep me going until Slough Creek is released 😀

    The water in the beginning had a lovely colour.

  21. I wish wolfquest was on console/PS4 if it was I was gonna buy the game straight away but I think they will think about it when the games finished

  22. been playing this game since i was 11 years old (i’m now 20) and i’m so happy to see that it’s still going strong :]

  23. So do you guys know an date or month for when the app while come out I really wanna play this but ain’t got a pc or laptop

  24. Omg I can’t wait for the slough creek map to come to wolf quest! It looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait for the mobile version to come out too! I sadly have to wait for that to come out to play this beautiful game..but keep up the amazing work guys!

  25. Will risks of injury and losing health ever occur due to the remodeling? I know that there's some games have that feature when the wrong move is made in the wrong place. Very curious if you guys will ever implement that type of feature for this game.

  26. Amazing wQ3! I love watching your videos and how it just keeps going! Also here's a suggestion for the den I was wondering if you could dig out some of your den and maybe be able to see inside? Or will it be like old wq

  27. This is exactly what I'm looking for!!! It's so detailed and personally my favorite part, though this is very hard. I don't expect this hame to be done in 2020, but I am super surprised how you have gotten so far in barely any time! I can't even say any more than…. your game looks awesome AND IT IS AWESOME!!!! I can't believe you and your team are so skilled in this game…. 🙂 Keep working… not working to hard, but I am looking forward to this game. Thank you for your time in patience and everything! Thank you! Good bye 😀

  28. I keep coming back all excited and i was so happy like so ready to go to tower fall and its not done yet. And i cant wait for it to come out!!! Its so awesome looks like a million dollar game

  29. All I gotta say is- I'm scared, so many more opportunities for our pups to die 😩😂

  30. For pups, are our mates going to help us fend off predators and be a little bit more useful now? Because my mate acts like she wishes we never had pups!!

  31. I really think you guys are making the maps TOO big. My $600 Windows 10 PC lags ALOT with just Amethyst mountain. It works, but it has a low frame rate. Plus its more than just a technical problem. I often don't play the game because of how LONG it takes to get to an area you want on the map. What made 2.7 so enjoyable was even though the maps were beautifully detailed, they weren't overwhelmingly huge. The more you add, the less and less people will be able to actually play it because its going to become too graphic demanding. My suggestion is either scale the maps down, or start a Patreon/Fundraiser to turn it into a game for the Playstation or Nintendo Switch. When you first started releasing footage of this game, you promised it would work on low end PCs (My PC isn't even 'low end' and even I have issues!), but the bigger you make it, the more you break that promise.

  32. This looks cool! But i wanna ask, Will there be cougar cubs in the game

    Im just wondering since thers gonna be bear cubs

  33. When will they do wolfquest for 32 bits? I have 23 bits, not 64, and I really want to play the game because I am a fan, but I can't. :,(

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