Q and A Part 1 – General Therian Questions

Hello and welcome to Therian Nation. I’m Ulfrvif. This will be a question and answer video. I asked members of the community to send in
their questions through various social media that includes Amino, Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and a couple Therian forums. So this question and answer video will answer
general questions about Therianthropy, and there will be a second video where I answer
more personal questions about myself and my own Therian experiences. For this video, I will try to answer your
questions in as much detail as possible. I do have some notes with me that I will be
referring to, so please bear with me. You might see me look down from time to time
just to check my notes and make sure I’m not forgetting anything. So let’s get right into the video. Tails – Can you be multiple types of therians? The way this question is worded, it could
mean two different things, so I will answer it both ways I could interpret the question. You may have meant to ask, “Can you be multiple
theriosides (identify as more than one non-human species)?” The answer is yes. This is known as being a Polytherian. This question could also refer to the level
of integration, being a standard Therian, Suntherian, Vacillant Therian, or Contherian. And then also being either Cladotherian, and/or
Polytherian. The first four refer to levels of integration
or the merging of the humanside and animal sides of oneself. It’s possible to be any one level of integration. Or maybe you could even be something in between,
but generally people one of those that are closest to their experience And then you could
be a Cladotherian (which is identifying not as a distinct species but the general family
or genus in the scientific classification system). Then you could also still be a polytherian. _fledgekatsune – I know that physical shifting
is impossible, but could you talk about your opinios on it? Lots of people in the therianthropy community
are still hugely confused and it’d be nice to shed some light on the very controversial
subject. I think this question could take an entire
video of its own to answer completely. There have been many other members of the
community who have written good responses about physic shifting and how it’s impossible. I will refer you to Lupa’s writing. It’s called “Why Physical Shapeshifting is
Bullocks” and I will provide a link to that under the video or transcript. A lot of Therians wish we could shapeshift,
and we enjoy imagining what that would be like or daydream about it. We might ask each other, “If you could change
for a day, would you?” However, that’s not the same as believing
it’s possible or claiming the ability without any proof. loneikran – What are your opinions on non-Earthly
animal-identified people being allowed to call themselves ‘therians’? The term theriomythic has been in use since
2010. The term weremythic appears in Alt.horror.werewolves
in 1996. The community has really always had individuals
of non-earthly animal identities who interacted with the community and I don’t see anything
wrong with that. Some people just feel more comfortable sharing
their experiences with Therians, and they feel more at home in our community. And I think that’s perfectly fine. aestherians – “What’s your opinion on people
constantly proposing new terms (such as alterhuman, cameotype, and in the fictionkin community
subkin/subtype)? Nice that people are creating new language
or needless word salad? “A subtype is a proposed term for a fictional
kintype’s kintype. Say, if you were Harry Potter-kin an remember
being a deer therian, but you don’t presently identify as a deer. In that case a deer would be your ‘subkin’
(as the coiner of the word said, though I prefer to call it subtype). In this case I don’t know if subkin is a useful
term. Being Therian or Otherkin is about presently
feeling something that you attribute to being nonhuman. Or experiencing something that you think is
outside of the normal range of human experiences that makes you feel nonhuman. If you don’t presently identify as that then
it’s not really related in any way. And I don’t think there needs to be a term
for it. I think alter-human is a good term, and I’ve
seen lots of people use it. My other thoughts on this are that, even if
it’s a good term, because there are so many varied social media platforms now, I worry
that it doesn’t get spread around and used as much as it should. In some cases if a term isn’t good or isn’t
useful, all these multiple social media plateforms could be a good thing. But it really depends on if a lot of people
find it useful. But just one person making a term to use for
themselves could be confusing when other people try to talk to them about their experiences. A lot of terms are being created that are
very similar to terms we already have, so they are not really useful. I think we have people doing that because
are going to get some online fame or attention. So I think it’s best to find a term that we
already have that fits your experiences if that’s possible. Sunrise the Maned Wolf – Hi, I have been having
phantom and mental shifts of a theriotype I didn’t know I had before. Could this be a cameo shift or could this
be another theriotype that I have yet to discover? I have also seen the animal that I have had
the shifts about in my meditations. First of all, if you don’t know if you are
having cameo shift of if it’s actually a theriotype, I wouldn’t call it a theriotype yet. Second, meditation is not for the purpose
of finding theriotypes and we really shouldn’t be having any images or visions during meditation. Meditation is for the purpose of actually
calming the mind and quieting the mind. If you are seeing visions and images then
that’s just your mind actually being busy, and you are not actually accomplishing the
purpose of meditation. But to answer whether or not these are cameo
shifts or shift of a new therioside, that’s really up to you to figure out. Finding another therioside or identifying
a second therioside is not any different from identifying your first therioside. Research is important. Maybe keep a journal. Keep track of your experiences. Be mindful of how you’re feeling. I’m going to have some videos coming out soon
about meditation that will hopefully explain that more. So look for those. Cookie Faith – Hi, I’m new to being a therian. I don’t really know what do with research
and stuff. I just took a bunch of quizzes. I had fox, and I looked at the results, and
human was there to. I’m still trying to take more quizzes to find
advice because I don’t know what to do. Can you help me find my therian type? First of all, quizzes are not a good way to
find a theroiside. Quizzes are not in any way personal or unique
to you. They are in no way connected to your subconscious
or your inner self. Quizzes are just for entertainment and fun. I wouldn’t but any value into the results
that you get from them. Remember that Therians and Otherkin are still
physically human. Therianthrope, if you break down the meaning
of the base words, actually means animal human. Our experiences are both. Really I think you should ask yourself if
you have experienced any Therianthropic shifts, have you felt nonhuman first, before hearing
about or finding the community online. That can really help you make that decision. It’s important to examine your own mindset
and your behaviors and maybe attribute something to being nonhuman. Is your mindset or instincts outside of what
might be considered normal for a human being? You can ask yourself if behaviors or things
you experience can be attributed to only an animal? Can they be attributed to humans and animals? Or is it only something that a human would
do? It’s really up to you to examine your own
experiences. This is self-examination, introspection, mindfulness. I would suggest that you also keep a journal
if that’s possible. It’s really up to you to make that decision
based on everything that you know about yourself and about Therianthropy. I would start with learning the basics of
Therianthropy if you don’t know what the shifts are or any terms that are used in the community/
It’s really important to know some of that first as well. So I would start there. The Weird Place – If you know you have at
least one Theriotype but repeatedly have phantom shifts with different limbs than that Theriotype
but are unsure what that Theriotype is would you be considered a Polytherian? And how could I find out what this Theriotype
I’m experiencing phantom shifts from is? I’m thinking it could possibly be a Pegasus,
but I’m unsure. I think I might have said this for one of
the earlier questions, but finding a second therioside is not a different method from
figuring out the first therioside. You could be experiencing cameo shifts. We’re not really sure why we experience cameo
shifts. Humans are pretty empathetic creatures. Maybe you have been around horses recently. Or horses and birds. Maybe you are just feeling horse-like right
now, temporarily. Human also just experience a lot of random
body phenomena that we’re not sure about. So we don’t even necessarily have to attribute
some of these things to Therianthropy at all. Yes, you could be a polytherian too. It’s really up to you to make that decision. Again, I recommend keeping a journal since
these are happening repeatedly and have happened for awhile. I do know of some Therians who had cameo shifts
for years. But they still didn’t consider that animal
to be part of their identity. You can keep that in mind as well. Next, I had a couple people ask me about Therian
packs and how Therian packs work. First, I will tell you my personal experiences
of packs. I don’t have any since after my awakening. My only experience with a pack, if you could
even call it that, probably not, is just pretending to be animals with my friends way way back
in elementary school. Sometimes we pretended to be dogs, horses,
and other animals. Sometimes we play-fighted. But we had very little knowledge of real animal
behavior, and we were just kids having fun. I also want to note that I’m not in touch
with those people any longer. However, I’m fairly certain that they are
only human-identified and don’t identify as anything else. Just because you and your friends have a Therian
pack and you’re pretending to be animals right now and you’re young doesn’t mean that all
of your friends will keep that label or identity when they get older. So don’t be upset with your friends if later
they say, “I’m not that thing.” Everybody has their own path through life
and their own experiences. I feel like most Therian packs and human groups
are nothing like real wolf packs or groups of wild animals such as elephants, orcas,
horses, or flocks of birds. In the Therian community, one big difference,
is that Therian packs are formed by some of the youngest members of the community. Real animal packs and groups are lead by middle-aged
or the oldest individuals. The oldest individuals usually lead in the
wild because they actually have the most life experience and the most knowledge of where
to find food, water, and other resources. They might also have the greatest knowledge
of migration routes. In the Therian community when it’s the youngest
members who are creating these packs they might not have very much knowledge of life
experience or Therianthropy. I think the focus on being in packs is much
greater than it should be because a lot misinformation or no information about Therianthropy is being
shared with everyone. This can be causing incorrect information
to be spread or no information at all. I think this is contributing to the meaning
of Therianthropy being lost perhaps. In real wolf packs it’s usually middle-aged
or older individuals who are leading the pack. It’s because they have more experience with
hunting. Usually they have hunting methods or techniques
that keep them from being injured. That means hunts are more successful, there
are fewer injuries. The pack is healthier that way. Usually elder members take care of the puppies
at the rendezvous site. But I don’t think roles or ranks are really
set in stone as much as we think they are. The concept of an alpha has been debunked
by the very scientists who hypothesized it. I will try to find some links to that. There are a couple write-ups and videos about
“the alpha” being debunked. To be a good leader of a Therian group I think
you actually need to have some knowledge of Modern Therianthropy and what this identity
means to people. If you know that it’s strictly for roleplay
and you aren’t actually identifying as nonhuman, then just call it roleplay. When you are sharing information about Therianthorpy
to your friends don’t tell them that you’re the only source of information. You actually need to let them be free to research
on their own, go outside of the group for advice from others, because these groups are
actually really isolating in a way. So you need to let people be curious and explore
other options. The people in your group need to be able to
research and figure out things on their own. A good leader is one who is honest with themselves. They are open and transparent about what they
expect from themselves and they are also open and transparent about they expect of the group. Use diplomacy during all arguments. Make sure you get both sides of the argument
or both view points. Don’t play favourites with anyone, and you
want to treat everyone equally. A good leader is a role-model of behavior. I think most Therian packs are of people who
are still of school-age. Maybe being a good role-model means that you
keep your grades up and you help everyone in your group study and keep their grades
up. Maybe you show them that you can get all of
your chores done that your family has asked you to, and maybe you can help them get their
chores done if you need to. Leadership is service, volunteerism, and sacrifice. You want to have a genuine connection to the
people in your group and show them that you genuinely care about them. It’s going to take time to be with them, time
to help them. It can also be mentally and emotionally draining
sometimes to be the person that everyone leans on, so make sure that you are capable of doing
that and putting yourself second if you’re going to be a leader. People should look up to your for positive
reasons not because they are afraid of you. Or you’re all like, “I’m going to jump on
your if you don’t follow me.” People shouldn’t be worshipping you or anything
like that. If people have ranks or roles in the pack
or group then they should be doing it willingly and not because you are threatening them. There should be no monetary value given to
the leader or services performed only for the leader’s sake. All tasks should be performed for the betterment
of everyone. As for Therian packs fighting…Real wolf
packs only fight because they might need more territory for more food or resources. Wolves fighting is a life or death situation. Therian packs usually have a “territory” in
a public park or a public area. To be honest, there is no reason at all for
Therian packs to be fighting. You should all be kind, nice, and civil to
each other and get along and share the space. You can play-fight for fun if you want to. In a way, it could be good exercise. But fights should not be serious for any reason. Be civil to each other. Be helpful to each other. Because fighting for “territory” in Therian
packs is kind of childish. I hope that gives you a better idea of real
packs and how to be a good leader in a Therian group. If you have any further questions you can
let me know. I will try to answer them. Leah The Therian – Why is there so many canine
Therians??? This question has probably been asked and
answers a few hundred times by now in the history of the community by now. It would take a whole other video to go over
all the hypotheses behind it. Maybe I will make another video about that
in the future. But so many people have hypothesized about
it and written about it, and there are other videos about it on Youtube about it. I think just doing a little bit of research
will lead you to some answers, but I’m also going to link down to a writing by Elinox
titled, “Why so Many Wolves?”. You can start there. I really wish people would take some time
to search for answers that are already out there about this questions, because I feel
like we are just beating a dead horse. nyx – Do you believe in things such as plantetkin,
alienkin, and like me, zombiekin? I am a psychological therian and I believe
the human mind can form bonds with thing from the past and future, and my zombie is from
the future. is this plausibel to you? I definitely believe that plantkin are possible. Plants are living things. There is scientific evidence about how plants
communicate with each other in a way. and I know of a couple plantkin who have been
in the community for quite some time. Wereplant is a term that was being used in
Alt.horror.werewolves in the early 1990’s. We’ve also had other terms used such as greenkin
and phytanthrope. I think there is a large universe out there,
and there is a good possibility of life on other planets and places. I think alienkin is a possibility. I think Therianthropy and Otherkinity is an
exploration or all these different possibilities and that’s perfectly okay to outside the norm
of what we consider a normal human identity. Nothing has been proven or disproved about
what we believe at this point. However, it is important to remember that
we are still physically human in this life. Our beliefs should not be used as escapism
or to try to avoid function in human society. People such as intelligent aliens, and divinekin
and angels and demons should not use that belief to be superior or act greater than
everyone else because we are still human. The concept of identifying as a zombie because
that’s your future self does honestly seem a little strange to me. And here’s why. Usually the concept of a future self is one
that’s transcendent or a higher self. Sometimes people believe that they can connect
to this higher self who is more like a Guardian to have some insight on how to improve their
current life. There’s not really much detail about your
hypothesis for being a zombie in the future. Just remember that to identify as Otherkin
you actually need to have something that’s affecting your current experiences in this
current life. Other than that, I don’t think any of us should
be throwing stones in a glass house because all of us have unique beliefs and unique experiences
that pertain to Therianthropy and Otherkinity. Dragon Runes – What’s the first thing a therian/otherkin
should know when starting a youtube channel around their identity? You need to be okay with receiving criticism
about your beliefs or questions about your beliefs. You need to be okay with receiving criticism
about the quality of the videos and the quality of the information that you present. You are likely to have your content taken
and put into cringe compilations. There is always that concern. You may also receive trolling or hateful comments
from antikin or just people who choose to be ignorant and closed-minded. My suggestion for those is to just ignore
them, and it’s best to delete them instead of interact with them. That concludes all of the general questions
that I had about Therianthropy. There will be a second video where I answer
questions related to my more personal experiences of being a Therian. See you next time.

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