Purple Wolf – Acrylic Splatter Paint Abstract Art

Purple Wolf – Acrylic Splatter Paint Abstract Art

today we’re going to be working on a
purple wolf as I call it and let’s go through the paint mix so here are the
paints that I used first off we have a liquitex black light emerald green
bright aqua green and cobalt turquoise and these are all the heavy body then we
have metallic orange metallic cobalt blue light blue by basics liquitex
basics ultramarine a metallic purple and then for the real shiny colors I used
old gold copper and metallic bronze and a couple those are from artist’s loft and
then I used one color I mixed some red and some metallic purple together to
create this light color here right in the middle here so that is the color
mixes in some parts of the video you will see me using Floetrol all that I
have in this bottle right here and Floetrol is a paint conditioner you can find
that on amazon.com if you live in a country where you can’t find it using
distilled water is fine you can thin your paints that way too okay if you
want to watch the sped up version please go to the 52 minute mark of the video
all right so here’s the paint mixing and I am going to get started with a little
Floetrol and a little of the light blue by basic brand and I’m gonna mix
that up really good because I’ll be a good boy it mix it up really good
the reason I am showing the paint mixes it’s because so many people ask me how
do you make your paint what what do you mix in your paint and all that so I
really wanted to put this in here and for those of you that don’t want to see
this you can literally skip past it so this is the ultra marine blue color I get that mixed up really good
then I messed up with the metallic red so I didn’t use that I used a simply
acrylic red by Daler Rowney it’s you can find it at Walmart it’s just called
brilliant red by simply acrylic and that mixed up a lot better than the metallic
red by artist loft… so a little more Floetrol Floetrol and this is the metallic purple
by artist loft that I’m putting in here now getting some goo off the end of it mixing that purple up and the reason why
one of this consistency is because I knew I was going to do the splatter part
so this is the paint for the splatter I’m showing you the right consistencies
for that so this is the metallic old gold by artist loft and I probably could have even gone a
little bit thicker but you know when you’re splashing your paint you want it
to be thin enough so added a little distilled water so my next color I’m
going to put in a little of the metallic purple and a little of the red together
and mix that up for one color and if you live in a country where you cannot order
Floetrol you can just use the distilled water or tap water if you want
to it doesn’t have to be Floetrol and oh I slipped in a little bit of white
paint there I forgot about that that was just a little splatter of white in there
which lightened it up just a little bit and I got some crap on the red they’re porting a
little bit more red and mix that together so then we’re going to go to
the end I’m going to show you a little bit of the colors how they look up close
and that’s it all right now I’m gonna get started on the canvas and you can
tell that I didn’t really go to art school I haven’t had any formal training
or anything like that so I’ll just let you know that right up front
um basically I just kind of squared up the eyes and the nose and in the face
and everything and got a general idea of where I wanted everything to go and
that’s how I contemplated my future painting here so now I’m gonna start out
with some black this is the heavy body black paint and I really love this heavy
body paint you don’t need to use a lot of it to get the color distance you you
know it’ll go a long distance as opposed to cheaper paints that are really thin
so I’m using my palette knife to put on the black here just kind of going around
the shapes and everything like I said if you don’t want to watch this part you
can speed up the video to the fifty-two minute mark and I have a fast version
there but if you really want to watch all of the the little intricate details
that I did then you know this is the video for you especially if you’re going
to do one and you want to replay this video that’s why I left this part in
and some people complain about it but again they can always fast forward I use
the brush there to just kind of brush down some of that black and I did speed
this part up a little bit because it just took a little bit longer than
expected so I went ahead and sped it up anyways he’s getting a little bit funky
here is he gonna start splashing paint yeah here he goes is he gonna run it sometimes when I’m doing this I’m like
what if I just run the whole thing so you just kind of have to be brave and
just go for it if you run it then you run it you can always start over and
paint over it but you won’t get anywhere if you’re not brave you you won’t go
outside the box and all your paintings will pretty much look the same because
you’re not living on the edge so to speak so here I’m flipping some of the
the purple and the red color that I mixed up and that color before that was
the metallic purple that I was working with I really love the metallics by artist
loft I wish you could see this wolf in person
it really sparkles because of the metallic paints in there and it just
looks really cool so this is the ultra marine blue that I’m using gonna get a
little splash action going on there and I think the splashes really make
make it personally I like it you might hate it I like it
but the splashes kinda have to be done just right so to speak because you don’t
want them to splash all together where they just start to mix I kind of like to
have some negative space going on in there and again I’m using a popsicle
stick I mean you guys can do this at home too using a craft stick or popsicle
stick so I just grabbed the light blue and gonna do a few Jackson Pollock
splashes there somebody said my horse painting look like Jackson Pollock style
I didn’t even know who he was so I had to look him up and I saw that he did a lot of the
splash painting stuff and I thought that was pretty cool but his were like huge
really huge so right now it kind of looks like the poor wolf is buried in
splashes and everything and I’m putting a blue beard on him but that’s okay
he’ll start to look better here in a little while and again I’m I’m working
kind of slow just because I keep putting on paint and then I look back okay yeah
I want to come back in with this other color over here and and you will kind of
want your colors spread out you don’t want too many colors in one area so
that’s why I basically like if you noticed I kind of worked in a clockwise
formation right there I went from the beard all the way around in a pattern
there some people don’t like these type of
paintings and that’s fine that that’s what art is all about I mean other
people can see art and some people can’t see anything and they don’t like it so
this is the old gold by artists loft and it has a real nice shine to it I really
love this color I love the way it dries it dries real flat almost like a gold
foil that you put down coming up.i you’ll see that I use a metallic copper
color and it drives the same way I love doing paintings with the the gold colors
the metallic gold colors he’s getting flippin crazy he’s flipping out here
he’s wigging out people it’s a good thing I used this to cover the carpet
because uh yeah you don’t want to get any on the carpet sorry for the top
camera being blurry I have so much trouble with the dang iPhones and the
focusing issues I can even set it and lock it and it will still go out of
focus I don’t understand it so I have some some 4k cameras that I
can manually focus and they’re more like a professional camera and hopefully
those will do a lot better so you guys can see exactly what’s happening so this
is the red color if you can’t tell and that’s by this simply acrylic the
Walmart brand red I don’t know what was up with a metallic
red when I tried to mix it it it just chunked up and I couldn’t mix it at all
so I just dumped it in the trash and started with this red again I know this video is long but it’s
very educational yay we love education we don’t need no
education oh whoops I got carried away in there I won’t
start singing again let’s stick to the wolf so again you can kind of see how
I’m doing a spread out pattern I’m not taking a bunch of red and slamming it
together in the middle or to one side I’m just kind of working out in a
pattern so now I’m going to go back to the purple… start working that in some more you could tell the colors are really
starting to come in now as I come around the the front snout or nose of the wolf
it’s got the crazy gold eyes it’s like 3:00 in the morning right now
while I’m recording this audio dub over so now I jumped in and I am using the
the heavy body that’s a heavy body blue I’m just going around a little bit with
it with the palette knife and hopefully if you are doing the
painting right now and you are actually doing a painting like this watching it I
really really hope it works out for you if that’s why I leave the slow parts in
people most the people like that and they want me to leave it in so that way
they can follow along if they’re doing the painting and it makes it a lot
easier for them because I know videos that they speed it up and it’s like whoa
I had no idea what happened there and then you have to rewind and pause and
it’s a major headache so that color there is let me take a look I don’t
think I set this out here to look at it I forget what color that is it’s a heavy
body color well that is the light green light emerald green color for a minute there I
didn’t know what color that was because it looks a little bit different from the
label it comes out a lot lighter than that but I really love the contrast of
that green it it makes it almost makes it look like there’s a highlight from
that color so I’m getting another color ready here and this is the metallic
cobalt blue this is a fun fun color if I could I would order a whole case of this
blue and this is what I do a lot of the weaves in or with is the metallic cobalt
blue because it’s a nice deep rich color but it has this really awesome metallic
sheen to it and again that’s another color that looks really good when the
painting is finished if you notice I kind of had to cut the
screen down on this shot here because I was wearing shorts and I didn’t want you
to see my ugly hairy legs well don’t want to gross you out you
know and there it looks like my camera got blurry err on the top cam I swear dang iPhone gonna have to ride him about
that then I use an iPhone 6s plus for this shot
one day I’ll upgrade to a better phone but right now it works fine like I said
I’m gonna get those 4k cameras and those will work a lot better than the iPhones
especially that you can zoom a lot farther because this shot is zoomed in a
lot too so that’s why it starts to blur out and I didn’t shoot it in 4k it just
shot the 1080p HD so this is the basic color aqua so it’s almost like that emerald green
color but just the different tone it’s more of like a seafoam and you can buy
the basic brand at Walmart a lot of people say Oh basic brand is a
professional anything you can buy it from Walmart it’s just crap I don’t
believe that it might not have as much pigment in it but I don’t think that
it’s total crap just because it’s sold at Walmart but some people if they’re not paying
$20 a tube for paint then they don’t feel that it’s good enough to use that’s
my opinion I have lots of opinions still cranking in a way out
I have people ask me – why do you use it straight out of the tube that way I
don’t waste a lot of paint if I squeeze a lot of paint out on a big ol pallet
then you know it’s hard to shove it back in the tube so I just take it right off
the right off the tube now get ready to change colors again so I’m gonna go back
to the metallic purple and do I have my hair dryer running here
I’m not sure if I have the no I don’t I don’t on my horse picture I did to dry
the paint faster so it’s really starting to take form and
shape the colors are really looking good starting to glow don’t fall asleep on me guys it’s still going out of here so really
when I did the mouth and like the tonguing part of the wolf I didn’t I
didn’t even realize how cool looking like realistic it was going to be and it
really did turn out that way and that’s why I always helps to have a overall
vision because sometimes your brain is kind of following that and it just comes
out that way and and sometimes you just get lucky to you I think there’s a lot
of luck involved in my painting and other people would disagree with that
and go oh no I mean you have to have talent I mean yeah you have to have the
overall concept and then whatever but I’m kind of out there experimenting too
I love to experiment with new stuff and and just have fun with it I’m listening
to music right now just jammin out having fun but I didn’t want to play
music to this because it gets into a whole copyright thing on YouTube and I
don’t want to have my videos dinged for copyright violation I want to keep it up
here so you guys can see it so I hope while you guys are doing your
painting if you messed up or something like that what I would recommend is stop
then take a hair dryer blow-dry it make sure it’s all nice and
dry and then just lay another color right over that that way if if you don’t
think it looks right then you know dry it lay a color you know start laying
your colors in just carefully around the colors that you didn’t like so I’m still
working with the purple and like I mentioned if you aren’t
liking your painting or there’s something you don’t like about it you
can always go over it with another color if you mess up one little area or
whatnot another thing too is I know if I’m trying to copy somebody’s painting
or drawing or whatever it never comes out just like theirs so don’t expect
your painting to look just like mine kind of go with the flow and you’ll
create your own version that will turn out even better it will come out even
better than mine one color that I didn’t use and all of this was white and that’s
because I wanted the main base of this wolf to be purple there’s a lot of purple in it so you
might not like that much purple you might want a blue wolf so what I would
recommend is just go through all the different shades of blue have a light
blue dark blue and different tones of Blues maybe an ultramarine blue the
cobalt metallic blue like I said gosh I love that color I think I started slowing down a little
bit here because he I didn’t want to make a mistake and and really blow it
you know but I knew it wasn’t quite looking right yet so I had to keep going
that’s for sure had to be brave and just keep going I got a new surround sound
for my office I got some Polk Audio T-50 tower speakers and they really rocked
the house but they not only it’s not like they’re just a loud speaker they’re
they have a real soft warm tone to them but I seriously did not know there were
that many sounds of music they’re so crisp so I’m working with the heavy body
black again working around the eyeballs I really didn’t get the Wolf’s eyes
right the way I wanted them in the way the way of Wolf’s eyes look are kind of
like dark black on the inside up where the nose or snout comes up there’s like
a black spot in there then and that’s the part that makes them look really
like evil looking or whatever like they’re really eyeing you down so I
didn’t really nail that part of it but and really I didn’t… the gold eyes was
just a total guess I didn’t have that planned and I thought how can I make the eyes stand out so I
just went with a gold color and that’s the old gold and to me I don’t think the eyes are
perfectly squared up but I think it’s the painting still looks pretty cool
there’s nothing that I could really do about that then or I would have to kind
of scrap it so to speak so it was taking a look and an overall look at how things
were going and wipe off my hands a little bit and then come in with some
orange color I really didn’t do too much orange at all and this is the artist
loft orange it’s a metallic orange I’m like uh where can I put some orange
oh yeah a little here a little there but that
was a good place to put it right there it kind of highlighted that JA just
highlighted the jawbone just a little bit that’s what’s so cool about this
type of painting is that you can kind of get away with murder
even if you’re not really sure what you’re doing like me I’ll have a couple more pieces of orange
to put in there I’m kind of taking a look at the painting next to me as I’m
narrating this so I put a little copper color in the middle of the eyeballs but
that really didn’t do it for me once I saw that it kind of dried a little bit I
was like now so I came back in later and put in black so it gave that real
contrast so this is the metallic copper by basics brand it just says copper on there it doesn’t
say metallic but if you look at the tube you can tell I tried to define the other little
jawbone there a little better in the ears I went to that side shot a lot just
because it was a little more clear lots more clear so now I am using the well let’s see
this is metallic bronze by artist loft again I love these gold type colors gold
and bronze and copper the metallics they dry really cool with this glisten to
them trying to find the eyes a little bit
dear and then I put just a little shadow or like a little highlight around the
nose so now I broke out the purple again go figure
I mean it’s a purple wolf so I had to have lots of purple and you notice I
kind of took the popsicle stick craft stick whatever you want to call it on
the edges to make the fur kind of look like poofed out I kind of spread out the
paint a little bit like kind of looks a little jagged on the edges I don’t even
know what I’m saying I’m not really sure that people go out
and buy the exact same colors that I would or I do but I want to show what
colors they are in case somebody does again I know this part of the video is
so long so where I use the pallet knife I’m kind
of coming back and doing a little more detail with the popsicle stick I’m kind
of coming back and overlaying where I had used the pallet knife – I think it’s
really cool how some of the swooshes turned out some of the splatters it
turned out good good thing I poured enough of that
purple not that I’m really using a lot of it when I when I’m dipping in there
just enough I wish I would have went into this much
detail on my horse picture but when I did the horse I was really just having a
lot of fun and I didn’t record the main the main part where I was actually
painting the horse so I’m taking a look at things seeing how it looks and trying
to decipher which colors to fill in and fix and this is the ultramarine blue that
I’m using and it dried pretty dark pretty dark… so really it didn’t give a lot of
contrast not like I thought I figured it would stand out a bit more but it didn’t carl needs to start painting faster so I set it down but I suppose I wasn’t
done with it yet I had one more little spot to put in there I think I’m praying
right there so this is the light purple mix the
purple and red mix that I had going just make note when this was dry I came back
and I put a little bit more of the color on top just so it didn’t show the places
that where the paint kind of ran in into each other I didn’t like that and there
were little spots where you could see where it just wasn’t bold enough color
so I came back once it was dry and I put just a tiny bit more and filled in the
little tiny spots not much but just a little bit I figured I would let you
know that because I didn’t really show that on camera it’s kind of wild looking at it right
here to my right and looking at it on the screen while it’s still wet it’s
like hey I did that I did that I don’t know if you’ve watched any other of my
videos but I like to be funny and I do a lot of skits and things like that and
then so if this is the first video that you’ve ever seen in mind go ahead and
watch some other ones and you’ll have a lot of fun almost to the end of this segment before
we go into the next I actually paused the camera at one time and then I came
back for the final part I think I had to take a break I’m talking about taking a break you all
are probably ready to take a break fortunately you can always hit pause so
I’m back at it with the metallic purple again kind of toning down a little bit of the colors I got crazy with because I didn’t want too many
highlights going on in there but it’s coming out really nice really nice so now I’m taking a look at
it and going that looks great I’ll let mr. wolf here
two weeks before I coded it this is what I use to coat the wolf painting with his
liquitex professional gloss varnish and it really makes a nice hard hard shell
when you put this on and it is glossy okay so I got the bottle of liquid Tex
here and what I did before was I just squirted it on and then did that part so
it was a smaller canvas so I’m going to have to do like half half and half and
maybe I should start on the face and then do this side on this side yeah
let’s do that I hope this works because I really like
this piece okay you got to work fast with it that’s for sure so it says not
to keep brushing it out so that might might have been my problem as I kept
brushing it out I guess that’s that’s a lot easier yeah
maybe that was my problem earlier as I kept brushing over it and over it I could tell this is really soaking into
the canvas nice so then you’re supposed to wait three hours at least three hours
and do another coat so this is the final product after putting the seal coat on
it as you can see it’s a little bit shiny there let’s go to the side let’s
go up a little you can see that shine on the canvas there it turned out really
nice I’m really happy with this project I hope you like it you… I’ll let Mr. Wolfey hair dry
two weeks before I coatedit this is what I use to coat the wolf painting with his
liquitex professional gloss varnish and it really makes a nice hard hard shell
when you put this on and it is glossy okay so I got the bottle of liquitex
here and what I did before was I just squirted it on and then did that part so
it was a smaller canvas so I’m going to have to do like half half and a half and
maybe I should start on the face and then do this side on this side yeah
let’s do that I hope this works because I really like
this piece okay you got to work fast with it that’s for sure so it says not to keep brushing it out
so that might might have been my problem as I kept brushing it out I guess that’s that’s a lot easier yeah
maybe that was my problem earlier as I kept brushing over it and over it I could tell this is really soaking into
the canvas nice so then you’re supposed to wait three hours at least three hours
and do another coat so this is the final product after putting the seal coat on
it as you can see it’s a little bit shiny there let’s go to the side let’s
go up a little you can see that shine on the canvas there it turned out really
nice I’m really happy with this project I hope you like it. www.carlmazur.com

37 thoughts on “Purple Wolf – Acrylic Splatter Paint Abstract Art

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