Pundits call Bloomberg’s first Dem debate a ‘disaster’

Pundits call Bloomberg’s first Dem debate a ‘disaster’

100 thoughts on “Pundits call Bloomberg’s first Dem debate a ‘disaster’

  1. Heโ€™s a loser simple kick him out your place is S back in Mexico ha ha ha ha Iโ€™m just saying loser๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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  3. I really wish I didn't feel the need to go into a shame spiral for laughing at my elders. That debate was frickin' hysterical! It was like The View, but so much extra.
    Bloomberg was so unprepared. That was beyond stupid. Trump once again won a debate he was not even in.

  4. It wasn't a complete disaster. He told all the Democrats old geezer Bernie was a communist. But all the Democrats support baby Killin. 60 million dead babies 20 million black babies dead. Why would any sane person vote for these satanic baby killers

  5. All the Democrats looked bad… Bloomberg and Bernie both looked the worst. Horse faced lesbians and a millionaire socialist… what a display of comedy. Somewhere Hillary is pouting… I can't even be vice president.

  6. LMAO Hey Bloomey, tell those other polititians you will release your non disclosures when they all release their. Bwahhhhhhh

  7. Demonrats are fractured into pieces, no power in separation. So their Identity politics boomeranged back on them. What you put out, you get back!

  8. BAHAHAHAA !!!! DEMO FAIL !!! watching rocks fall is more entertaining !!
    When Warren gets the best of you???!! YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SHOWED UP !!
    March 1st 2020 Bloomberg drops out sues DNC for 417 million spent… >:}

  9. Bloomberg tell Soros he is wasting money on your campaign adds. Sick of seeing them and besides no ones gonna beat Trump any how.

  10. That's gonna be very bad when he buys the white house. Gulags will fill with all his enemies. Laugh all you want, if you think he couldn't do it, you don't know how america works. Money over everything

  11. Debate winners in order. 1. Pete , 2. Sanders , 3. Bloomberg , 4. Biden , 5. Warren , 6. Klobachar. Are Americans really that dumb they cant see and hear and comprehend? I don't like Pete over his sexuality and want Bernie to win. but he beat them all. Warren only screamed race race race race, women women women women. that's not debating. she cannot fix this nation. she has no plan other then destruction. Amy is a complete fake smiling loser and another 2 face prosecutor like Harris. Biden is losing his mind and will be in a nursing home by 80 unfit to serve.


  13. Fruitcake Bloomberg cannot handle himself in a debate. The reason is simple he surrounded himself with overpaid Yes Men. They only tell him what he wants to hear they don't tell him reality

  14. I'm still shocked by the ignorance and simpleness of the American public. Bloomberg goes from 0-19% nationally in 1 month by campaign ads alone while the others have been debating and battling it out for almost a year. Maybe he's right, the field is WEAK and ripe for a hostile takeover.

    The more I think about it, the madder I get. Yang and Gabbard have been fighting and working hard for a year and only garnered… 2% – 3% each? Yup, the Democrat "for-the-people" party has been bought out by billionaires. Last time we had big bank backed Hillary, this year we get mega-billionaire Bloomberg after the DNC screws Bernie (again)

  15. A disaster, thats bein kinds and i dont like you much joes, your the racisit one that was talkin a white lash when trump won. Look the white house isnt for sale, plain and simple an if your ok with him doin that, your more of a parisite then thought you were

  16. Hundreds and hundreds of cold empty seats at the orange Cheetos MAGA baby hat party last night. Total embarrassment and humiliation. Hilarious!!!

  17. Poor Boomer-he has his hands tied behind his back and can't write out and slip a hefty CHECK to Lizzy and Klober to keep em quiet-which usually works, panty waste Buttgig is no problem -Biden thinks he is in Disneyland, and if Barney gets arthritis in his arms he won't be able to speak! 5 Perfect Presidential Hopefulls I would say!

  18. The impeachment was the socialists last hope. They still have a few months to come up with some CRAZY scheme on impeachment 2.0. Wait for it because it is coming.

  19. As a European, watching fox news is exhausting. Political arguments are turned into "soundbites" and "bumperstickers" and nothing is about morality, ideology and the best for the majority of the country. This is a horrible way to debate politics, and everyone is speaking as if they are afraid to slow down and think. I know a lot of smart Americans, but they are nothing like what I have seen on Fox news.

  20. Doesn't matter. Bloomberg's already bought the nomination. Win or lose they're stuck with him. God help the Democrat Party.

  21. take all the dems on stage wrap them up into one and still the dems have 10% of a trumps power

  22. Alot of women lied just like Elizabeth Warren ! Bloomberg reminds me of a stale loaf of bread ! Bloomberg has personality like a mule ! Trump 2020 ! ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ‘

  23. Chris M was thinking of Husans 3rd leg! Dems bumper sticker is communism! Buttiepiggy is not what you think piggy is! He is socialist commie trocheck south indiana!

  24. We must elect anybody but Trump . We must undo economic success, reverse our stance as a power in the world, put more Americans on welfare and waste endless dollars on climate change that we really cant do anything about…We need a polite moron that will lie but sound pleasant doing it.

  25. That is the self-proclaimed Elite and We are Irredeemable Deplorable ….Their bumper sticker should say GET SMART ! Trump is Smart….

  26. Why not abolish the whole executive branch of government? Parliamentary democracy is more stable.
    The debate was puerile and nonsensical. What has it got to do with the price of eggs in China what Mr Bloomberg allegedly said to some of his female staff 30 years ago?

  27. Bloomberg woke up this morning trying to figure out how to recoup the billion dollars he blew in payoffs and commercials. Whoever said money can buy happiness never envisioned this scenario, right Mikey?

  28. The main issue on the agenda of aspiring Democrats is to defeat Trump. They are not interested if the result of the President's management is positive or not. They have no shame in lying brazenly to voters promising chimeras. That very American that what is right does not need to be fixed does not mean anything to them either. Defeating Trump and then we'll see is the new slogan.

  29. Now bloomberg is going to go to put numbers together on how to buy each one of them off.
    When it came to bloomberg,I was trying to guess or look and see if he was standing on a box,lol.

  30. Concha's point about the need for optimistic messaging is true, but he shades the truth a bit. General election messaging doesn't debut until after the convention. And "Shining City on the Hill" was from Reagan's farewell address. Concha is probably thinking about "Morning in America". Which was the 1984 re-election campaign. Reagan had no "big message" in 1980; he merely took advantage of anti-Carter sentiment.

    His slogan was "Let's Make America Great Again"โ€ฆwhich got so little play that nobody noticed Trump was re-using it in 2016. Good idea (as Trump would demonstrate), lousy execution.

    (Or perhaps the secret was the trucker hats? Hmmm.)

  31. Worms come out of the ground to be seen when you dump a bucket of soappy water on the the ground,did you guy's now that one,wanna go fishing,then dump a bucket of soappy laundry water on the ground near your porch or side walk and watch them come out!Big or small they hate most laundry soaps,you'll catch a couple dozen easy if not more.But In other topics the Dems will never beat Trump,their just wasting their money,oopp's I mean our money!
    But this has been fun to watch this time just due to that fact and how many things get done in the outer assembly area's for pure positive public enhancements in our areas in needs..

  32. Bumper stickers and platitudes DO NOTHING for helping the American worker's plight. Thanks to the internet, the American people have FAR more information at their disposal. It's pretty obvious WHY Bernie Sanders is the current frontrunner. He has POLICIES that the vast majority of Americans want! No amount of "free stuff", or "Socialism" fear mongering is gonna cut it this time guys… The working class of America has figured out your game.

  33. …Fauxcahontas really nailed cRaZy Bernie with her tomahawk….old Gloomberg was left in a messy steaming pile…

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