President Trump Hosts Hanukkah Reception at White House

President Trump Hosts Hanukkah Reception at White House

-Let’s get to the news. President Trump this afternoon hosted a Hanukkah reception at the White House.
Said Trump… [as Trump] It’s hard to believe
that Hanukkah is already nine years old. [ Laughter ] Make a wish, Hanukkah. [ Laughter ] That’s right,
President Trump hosted a Hanukkah reception
at the White House. It’s his favorite holiday
because, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t misspell it. [ Laughter ] In a new interview,
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she never watched
President Trump on “The Apprentice”
and then, Trump said he never watched her
on “Golden Girls.” [ Laughter ] [as Trump]
You were Blanche, right? According to reports,
Rudy Giuliani has reached a divorce settlement
with his third wife. They opted for divorce
after she realized he was difficult to live with,
and he realized she didn’t have any dirt
on Joe Biden. [ Laughter ] According to reports,
during a hunting trip to Mongolia earlier this year, Donald Trump Jr. killed
an endangered sheep. Even worse, he bored it to death
by reading from his book. [ Laughter ] Time magazine has announced that teenage climate activist
Greta Thunberg is its 2019 Person of the Year. When asked what she thought
about Time, Thunberg said, “We probably have about five,
six years left.” [ Laughter, clapping ] A new study has found that a person’s narcissistic
qualities decline over time, which is weird ’cause
there’s like ten 70-year-olds who think they
[laughing] should be president. [ Laughter ] Middle school students
in Florida were forced to evacuate
a school bus on Monday after a student sprayed
an excessive amount of Axe body spray as a prank. And then, authorities did
the only thing they could… [ Explosion ] [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheering
and applause ] And, finally, researchers
have found that plants can emit an ultrasonic scream when they’re stressed out
or in pain, but I don’t think it’s always
the plant screaming. [ Laughter ]

100 thoughts on “President Trump Hosts Hanukkah Reception at White House

  1. Dear God, please condemned all zionists, whether they are Christian or Jew, and only those that are zionists, to eternity in Hell Fire for their advocation of mass murder and theft, and please reward those Christians and Jews that are against Zionism, amen.

  2. You really need to back up on the Melania jokes. Look at her, she isn't the 'hard done by' little girl people think she is. She knows trump is the gravy train and just because she isn't laughing in public doesn't mean she isn't loving the ride. I wouldn't trust trump, her or any of his family for a new york second.

  3. trump blew up and grounded dtj after hearing he murdered a sheep. He hollered that he needs all the supporters he can get.

  4. "He is a jackass, He is a Joke, He is xenophobic, he's a Bigot, He's unfit for office, he's terrible, he's the most flawed person to run for president" Lindsay Graham 2016

  5. Ugh
    Only 405 days, 2 hours, 40 minutes and 10 seconds left to hear this segment begin with; "Let's get to the News, President Trump…."

    (Yes, I have the Inauguration Day countdown clock on my tablet's home page. 👍😊)

  6. Who the Hell does the uploading for this channel?
    Tip: check your audio levels- it's ALL OVER THE PLACE between videos. Have a nice day!

  7. Sheep got Triggered. Apparently the Mongolian whoever was at the white house right before Cheeto jr. Killed it. Conspiracy…?

  8. Can we talk about the fact the same day Trump signed an anti Semitic ban on college campus, he brought in an anti Semitic pastor to speak at the White House Hanukkah party? The pastor has said multiple times in the past Jews are going to hell because they are sinners. Trump brought a bigot pastor to the Hanukkah party. Stay classy Donnie…

  9. The research did not say that the plants scream when in pain. Oh my god. The eagerness with which laypeople anthropomorphize botanical findings is… something that is bad.

  10. As a Jew, I’m too nervous to attend a Hannukah party hosted by Trump. Every guest would get a gold star, a “lucky” number and a nice set of striped pajamas.

  11. Trump and Julianni are begging to be impeached!. They blatantly and brazenly comment crimes and wave them in-font of the nations faces on a daily basis and still the republicans keep saying: “ Keep your head up your ass like us America! Nothing to see here . “

  12. Trump is the self declared dictator of the United States by his corrupt and criminal actions since he began running for president….he never wanted to be president…he wants to be a dictator….he his slowly but surely consolidating his power by first destroying the former GOP…..attacking our constitution, Congress, the courts, the media, and anything or anyone who gets in his way….if he is not impeached he will completely destroy our democracy and then he will begin his destruction of our allies….first by leaving the UNITED NATIONS…breaking all our previous treaties etc….this plan was created by Putin decades ago and its being carried out right in front of our eyes…..all Americans must wake up and stand up against this war that has been declared on our democracy….

  13. Donny Jr shot this animal while it was sleeping. Beta Men take shortcuts thinking this makes them Alpha. Sort of like pasting your head on Rocky's body. These kind of men have to "buy" their women.

  14. Trump is a Belial.
    A self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon in Hebrew Mythology.
    Proverbs 6.12-19
    He destroyed what he touches.
    The Midus Touch.

  15. Hannukah 9 years old😂
    Don Jr. What an asshole, killing endangerd species. Why don’t we start a hunt at all the Trump family. Assault weapons allowed.

  16. WE GOT HIM NOW Russia
    WE GOT HIM NOW Taxes
    WE GOT HIM NOW Ukraine
    Butthead: “wait, Beavis, we don’t “got him” at all…”

  17. (?) This might be a similar tactic of how the naziz viewed Jewish people; By identifying the Jewish people first, our present government another version of terror might have begun. Also given the shooting it was racial. We are free falling, our country is in the hands of Putin.

  18. Plant Screaming, we've known about this since the 1970's, when that round of Vegetarianism went around, omnivores with carnivore leanings reminding herbivores that plants have feelings too, and not just EAT ME. but you all weren't around before yesterday so you wouldn't know about anything like that.


  20. Melania is just as narcissistic as Donald is, don't fool yourself. And just as cruel. They truly are a soulless couple!!

  21. Rudy divorced his third wife…and second cousin right? Or was the second wife the second cousin? I get so confused by all these republican values and morals.

  22. Sssoooo trump separates undocumented families and sends them to a camp…(fact check if you don’t believe me) and How is that Jewish people are ok with this?

  23. 8 years ago he tweeted about how stupid Obama is for celebrating Hanukkah 2 weeks before it actually happens. Now he's celebrating it 2 weeks before it happens.

  24. How many times has science told people things weren't possible then turned out to be wrong. Plants do have a nervous system and they do communicate. We just don't have the biological equipment to even fathom how.

  25. Anybody else notice how whenever Trump hits a new level of trouble, he ends up doing something "racially inclusive" yet ultimately hollow?

  26. these ass-nutters
    think I'm headcleaner
    under the cross they live
    chasing me like I'm Walter
    building tall skyscrapers
    to the fires of Prometheus
    looking for some
    kind of croissant
    so the ascendant today
    is of Mars and Fire
    fertility is a goat
    and science a liar

  27. Donald Trump Jr., when you find that you are revealing to the World that you are suffering from resting stupid face, perhaps that's the time to start shutting up and listening to people who are smarter than you are. They'd probably start by telling you to stop cow-towing to your dangerously- lower-primate-level Dad, and to stop hunting animals for no reason at all.

  28. He celebrated Hanukkah ten days early with a pastor who says Jews are going to hell, so I guess he'll host Kwanzaa on the 16th with a KKK grand wizard presiding

  29. I pray that celebrities, models and dignitaries such as Anna Wintour, Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry, Tim Burton, Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Ed Ruscha, Alva Chinn, Pat Cleveland, Sir Elton John, HRH Prince Harry’s people and HRH Princess Anne’s people will bend Jerry Hall Murdoch’s ear and insist that she convince her husband, Rupert, that it’s time for him and his Fox News Network to Turn on Trump. If Ms. Jerry Hall Murdoch decides NOT to do the right thing, well then History will remember & look back on her as just another washed up 1970’s Studio-54, coke-snorting, Texas-Trash, gold-digging fashion model that clawed her way to the top…and sadly, when Rupert croaks and she inherits his enormous wealth…well, she will NEVER be revered in the same way that Melinda Gates & Mackenzie Bezos are revered around the world…

  30. This is against YouTubes bullying policy. Why is there an yellow dot for an ad at the end of the video?

    Furthermore, shouldn't it be removed from YouTube altogether?

  31. I re-read the transcript of the phone call again today. Could somebody show me the sentence where the quid pro quo takes place? thanks.

  32. Mark Levin: "Pelosi Project" To Impeach Trump "Must Become Republican Project" When There Is A Dem President

  33. The Axe body spray joke goes for all the other cheap, cloying, noxious crap that women young and old douse themselves in before they're seen in public. Ladies, this is one instance where less is in fact, more.

  34. He likely said Christmas as a dis to Jews to please his base of Nazis. He's that childish and they are that much of a bigot-filled cult… They'll go full Nazi if we let them.

  35. This whole Trump presidency thing is really getting to Seth. I think he may have a mental breakdown, he's acting cookoo lately. Take care pal, Trump has really gotten into your head

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