President of the United States Simulator

President of the United States Simulator

– [Dunk] Hey guys, in this game you play as the president. There he is now, exiting the White House. – [Michael Wilson] “Ok!” “Let’s PARRRTTTYYY!!!” “Welcome to the White House.” – [Dunk] So, in this game, the vice president is evil. I’m the President,
the Vice President is evil. So, in order to save America, I need to wipe out the entire United States military. But I’m the good guy. – [Michael] “Jody, how’s my schedule look for today?” – [Jody] “You’ve got a conference and dinner party at the Japanese Embassy regarding wildlife protection.” – [Michael] “Oh, yeah.” “Sorry, but I’ll have to cancel that.” “I’m heading out to save America.” “The gentleman in me goes off the clock” “at 5 p.m.” – [Dunk] Yep, I’m the same exact way. – [Dunk] I noticed-
– [Michael] “And now, I’m gonna…” – [Dunk] What? – [Michael] “…take America back!!” – [Dunk] Yeah!!!
(Applauding) All- – [Jody] “The enemy forces have even captured San Francisco’s cable cars.” – [Dunk] Oh my god. – [Jody] “We can’t let them get away with using the symbol of this great American city.” – [Dunk] Hey! Those cable cars are a symbol of this great American city… …of San Diego. Let me switch to the… grenade launcher. There we go! – [Michael] “The fight will continue…” “…as long as the America, inside my heart, is still alive.” (Dunkey laughs) – [Michael] “An email?” – [Jody] “Actually it’s a sound file.” – [Michael] “Play it for me.” – [Jody] “Yes, boss.” – [Sound file] “We…” … – [Michael] “The sound quality is terrible.” – [Voice] “If you fail to comply” “the Alcatraz Canon will set you back…” – [Michael] “Will it now?”
(Dunkey laughs) “I’ll smash it faster than a Florida recount!” – [Michael] “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my- oh my-” – [Dunk] I found the Taunt button. – [Michael] “That’s it.” – “Stoke up the barbecue!” – [Dunk] What? – [Michael] “Stoke up the barbecue!” – [Dunk] Sti- What is he saying? – [Michael] “Stoke up the barbecue!” – [Dunk] Still got the barbecue? – [Michael] “Stoke up the barbecue!” – [Dunk] What are you saying?! – [Dunk] What? – [Dunk] What are you sa-? What is that noise? – [Jody] “Didn’t you say, you’d “smash them faster than a Florida recount”?” – [Dunk] Shut up, lady! I’m trying to figure out what he’s saying. – [Michael] “Going up against jokers like this…” “is so tiring!” (Dunkey laughs) “I’ll have to ask you to leave this stage” “before you get hurt.” – [Dunk] One second, you guys, I gotta save the Grand Canyon. – [Jody] “Whoa!” – [Dunk] There we go, now it’s saved. You’re welcome, Florida! I saved it! Oh-!
Where’s the floor?! The floor disappeared during the cutscene! What? The truck is-
Wait, the truck- Okay, the truck is gone. Okay, this is stupid. (Game Over music) – [Michael] “Richard!” – [Richard] “Oh, you’ve done excellent work, Michael.” “How about a reward to show my appreciation?” – [Dunk] Oh, a reward! All right! I’ll take it! – [Richard] “Poison gas will annihilate the city…” “in 5 minutes.” – [Dunk] Thank you… – [Richard] “Have a nice day… or not, Michael.” (Evil laugh) – [Dunk] Okay. Bye-bye. – [Jody] “Mr. President, I haven’t been this happy since…” “Since that supermarket going out of business sale,” “when I was searching for my favorite candy and…” “I found the last box, all covered in dust, at the back of the rack.” “And the expiration date was still good.” – [Michael] “I know the feeling, Jody.” – [Command Cruiser] “Metal Wolf…” “I don’t know what you’re up to.” (Dunkey laughs) – [Command Cruiser] “But I can tell you this,” “you’re…” – [Dunk] What? – [Command Cruiser] “You’re public enemy number one!”
– [Dunk] OH MY GOD… – [Michael] “I’ll head to Liberty Island to rescue my men.” “And the reason is…” “Because I’m the President of this Great United States of America!”
(Dunkey laughs) “I can’t turn my back on a friend.” “And the reason is…” “I’m the President of the United States.” (Dunkey laughs) – [Jody] “Who did that to the White House?” “They shouldn’t call it the White House.” “They should call it the “Fight House”.” – [Dunk] Turn it off. Turn it off. – [Richard] “Hello, Michael.” “How’s life treating you?” – [Michael] “Richard!” “Richard!!!” “Richa-a-a-rd!” “Richard!” – [Richard] “Michael!” – [Michael] “Richard!” – [Richard] “Michael!” – [Michael] “Richard!” “Richard!!!” – [Richard] “Hey there, Michael.” – [Michael] “RICHAAAAARD!!”
(Dunkey laughs hard) – [Richard] “Is that all you got to show for your medal of honor?” “Your medal of honor would look better on me!” “Give-!”
(Dunkey laughs) – [Dunk] I’m gonna die if I beat this whole game.
(Laughing) – [Richard] “…come at me…” “with all your body and soul!” “I’ll hug you to death!” (Dunkey laughs) – [Dunk] Come and fight, you son of a bitch! Ah! What the f-?! (Laughs)
Stop! Stop!
(Laughing) That’s it, Richard! You have pissed me off! No. Now I’m-
Now I couldn’t freakin’ tell ya! [?]
(Laughing) – [Michael] “A A A A A A A A a a a a a a a a a a a a!!!”
(Michael goes super saiyan) – [Dunk] See what happens, Richard? – [Michael] “How do you like me now?!” – [Dunk] Yeah!!!
– [Mario] “So Long, Gay Bowser!” – [Dunk] FUCK YOU, RICHARD! Uh-oh!
He’s turning on his Mega Mode. All right, guys!
This is is the final Boss Fight! Here we go! All right- (stutters)
I beat ’em! It’s over. (Richard screaming) (Michael screaming) – [Dunk] Why is he still screaming? – [Jody] “That’s pointless, Mr. President.”
(Dunkey laughs) – [Michael] “Nothing is pointless!” “And the reason is…” “Because I’m the president of the Great United States of America!”
(Dunkey starts laughing hard in the background) “Yeah!” – [Jody] “Mr. President!” – [Michael] “Jody…” “I’m gonna step out into outer space.” “See you soon!” [OUTRO]
♪ “Assign Monk” – Metal Wolf Chaos OST ♪

100 thoughts on “President of the United States Simulator

  1. The sad part is, the voice acting isn’t that bad… they do indeed sound pretty badass. They just had really shitty scripts

  2. it seems like a great laugh, but i wouldnt actually play this game because …

    im just a normal guy with not enough time really. shrug

  3. I can confirm this is exactly what being president is like

    And the reason is, because I’m the president of the great United States of America

  4. This is probably the dunkey video with the least amount of dunkey talking in it. And its one of his masterpieces… this game looks amazing

  5. Funniest part about all of this is that the voice actor for the President of the United States of America is very clearly a Canadian

  6. 3:35 this man sounds a little like Dan Green I'm half expecting him to pull out a goddamn Dark Magician card and slam it on a table in front of him

  7. This looks like if you cross MGR Revengeance with Transformers and put it on a DS cartridge. Yeah, picking up and throwing up a Shagohod-esque tank and throwing it… full MGR…

  8. This was actually the inspiration for them to make dark souls. Metal wolf chaos was a great game for its time and was indeed the hardest dark souls game of all time beating it made you feel like you’re the president of this great United States of America

  9. This was a mistake, not only is the port ass and lacking the finner touches like lighting and decent sound effects, but now we've got bandwagoning Reddit fags like dunkey in the fandom.

  10. because you are unable to play this game. you are to kid to play this legendary game. grow up kid! may god gives you some brain in your dumb asslike head

  11. Frankly a little bit disappointed, it was irresponsible of Dunkey to use his platform to push a political message in this video

  12. Dunkeys laughter and commentary is literally the best thing ever, and the reason is hes the president of this great United States of America

  13. such a deep game. but our species was not ready yet… because i am the president of the great united states.

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