Pregnant Sheep Whipped, Cut Up for Patagonia-Approved Wool Producer—Act Now

Pregnant Sheep Whipped, Cut Up for Patagonia-Approved Wool Producer—Act Now

After PETA exposed a Patagonia wool supplier that was treating sheep so horribly we have to blur the footage shown here, the company said that it would stop buying wool until it could meet “an appropriately high standard of animal welfare.” Eventually, however, Patagonia started buying wool again from Red Pine Land & Livestock, a supplier in Utah, lauding it as an “excellent partner” that upholds its “rigorous criteria.” But when PETA observers visited a sheep-shearing operation at which thousands of sheep from Red Pine are sheared each year, that is not what they found. Patagonia’s standards say that heavily pregnant sheep should be handled with “extra care” in order “to avoid distress” and only when absolutely necessary, but instead workers yanked them by their wool onto the hard floor of the trailer before shearing them. They were then sent down steep ramps into an outdoor pen. There, a worker was seen whipping them on the head and back in order to get them to enter a chute (or for no reason at all), and this was being done to sheep who, a rancher said, would give birth “any day.” This is definitely not handling with “extra care” or helping to “avoid distress.” Most of the sheep had bloody wounds on their bodies up to 5 inches long near their anuses and on their udders, ears, necks, and torsos from the rough shearing. This goes directly against Patagonia’s standards. Patagonia’s standards purport to ensure that wool comes “from sheep [who] have been treated responsibly,” but our observers also found the bones of sheep who had died strewn across the field. After the heavily pregnant sheep were sheared and left with virtually no coat, they were driven into the desert to give birth. There, they were left out in the cold as the temperature dropped to 32 degrees. Experts agree that newly shorn sheep are prone to hypothermia. They may only have about one-tenth of an inch of their insulating wool left, which can increase heat loss by up to 300 percent. Patagonia’s standards explicitly say that shorn sheep should have effective protection from the weather and from cold stress. Sheep are complex and much smarter than most people realize. In fact, they can recognize at least 50 different faces for up to two years, which is longer than most humans can. They’re extremely loyal and even stick up for weaker sheep in fights. No matter what standards are put in place or where a company purchases wool, the sheep will always suffer. Tell Patagonia to use only cruelty-free, vegan wool. Thank you.

76 thoughts on “Pregnant Sheep Whipped, Cut Up for Patagonia-Approved Wool Producer—Act Now

  1. Please volunteer at shelters and FIGHT for the animals who need it and never ever buy anything from petco and petsmart

  2. well the workers do know were they are going when their time comes they will be very sorry for what they have done the poor sheeps

  3. Uhh I have sheep and we don’t cut there wool like that. We only do it in the summer and we doing shave it all off. You can do it without it being abuse.

  4. They're providing us with their wool and clothes, and this is how we show our gratitude.. humans are the most selfish beings ever!!

  5. U know what i am gonna save so much money that i am gonna give them all farmers and everyone else money to give me all their fuxking sheaps so i can trust them like royalty because this is just rudeee

  6. In Utah the men are Mormon cult and pedophiles. I grew up in this cult. It's sick. Report it to the Mormon church. These men are Mormon and don't care about animals or people

  7. Unfortunately, the 50 faces the sheep see et remember for 2 years, if they survive, are Bastard Ranchers at the abusive RED PINE SHEEP RANCH in UTAH!!
    Big change, PATAGONIA! Atta greedy two legged whores you are. Eh?

    “HEY FOOLS!! We at PATAGONIA are still using CRUEL, BEYOND ABUSIVE treatment to pregnant sheep to get you a sh*tty WOOL sweater!! Yes, we just found another abusive bunch of Ranchers at RED PINE RANCH in UTAH who even added whipping the sheep, just cause… well, no reason! So yes we still suck!”



    PATAGONIA CRUELTY🖐🏽pick a finger!

  8. You can shear sheep gently so they enjoy a wool cut, put them in a breeding shed and leave them under heatlamps with food and water to stay warm. Help protect lambs too and make sure they enjoy being sheared. They feel like us and don't want to suffer from pain.

    1 like = 10,000 sheep saved

  9. There is no reason that they need to be so cruel to those sheep. Just carefully save of the wool and pat them on the head and let them go!!!!!

  10. Im ashamed to call myself human if this is what we do to sheep. "Hey Mom, I don't UGGs for Christmas anymore." Like come on, these workers don't have all day, but they still don' need to treat them like a three-year-old, barbies, scissors, and 'Hair Parlor'. Sheep are living things and can feel pain as well, but if the workers UNDERSTOOD what LIFE is, and that LIVING THINGS can feel PAIN, then maybe they could be proud of what they do. There are so many great alternetives to wool. Go to Peta.Org and in the search bar, look up 'Vegan Coats' and a large variety of options will show up.

  11. That is not how you are supposed to sheer a sheep
    Edit: I saw somebody sheer a sheep before the correct way and the sheep was fine had no wounds and was just relaxing while he was being sheered

  12. My uncle is a wool farmer and he treats his sheep with the best of care. It's very sad to learn that this is happening in the world now.

  13. Why blurr the footage? People need to know and see with their own eyes how cruel and crazy they are treating animals like that. Whipping them and hitting them making each minute and hour of their lives agonizing. Basically giving them frostbite and neglect any care that should be given. This happens way more often than shown and it's so widespread that almost 65 percent of farms have shown signs of animal torture or neglect. Show the public what the livestock on every day is going through every minute. Every hour is agonizing. I'm not a vegan but I still stand for cruelty free farms.

  14. I'd like to get ahold of these people and treat them like they did the sheep. I like animals more than people so people who mistreat animals deserve to get the same punishment

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