Prairie Gun Works Timberwolf: British Trials Sniper Rifle

Prairie Gun Works Timberwolf: British Trials Sniper Rifle

Hi guys. Thanks for tuning in to another video on Forgotten Weapons .com. I am Ian McCollum. I am here today at the Defense Academy in Shrivenham, U.K. (England) and here courtesy of ARES Armament Research Services. Today we’re gonna take a quick look at a big sniper rifle. This is a Timberwolf made by PGW DTI, which is Prairie Gun Works Defense Technologies, Inc. It’s a Canadian company based out of I believe Manitoba and they produced this rifle for military trials as a full-on sniper rifle. Now a number of different militaries tested it. The U.S. tested it. The British tested it. And that’s why we’re taking a look at it here today. It’s chambered for .338 Lapua Magnum, five-round box magazine, bolt-action, and the Timberwolf here is distinctive a bit for having a helically fluted barrel and also a helically fluted bolt. Kind of an interesting stylistic choice here. A couple other features of the gun. It did actually come with a Magpul side-folding stock and grip — a little bit interesting — was outfitted with a Schmidt & Bender 3 to 12 power scope for British military trials and also a rather large suppressor fitted to it. Now it wasn’t ultimately adopted by the British. Instead they decided to go with Accuracy International which they adopted as the L115A1 which then became the A3 in I believe 2007? Yeah. This rifle. Very similar in layout. Obviously they competed. It is a fantastically precise effective and accurate rifle, but not quite good enough for the British military. So the Timberwolf here is a quite good gun there isn’t anything really fundamentally wrong with it. PGW DTI is not a complete startup company. They do have these — these rifles have been adopted by a number of people including the Canadian Armed Forces. But, umm… You know, a few things going against it that it is going to be hard to compete against. For example: The British have used Accuracy International rifles in several roles previously. So they have experience with them, they understand them, they have stockpiles of parts for them, they’ve trained on them. It’d be a little bit difficult to overcome all of that user history to get them to adopt a brand new rifle. But the Canadians made a good try at it with this. So I think we are going to take this out on the range for a couple of shots. See what it’s actually like to fire off a .338 Lapua Magnum with a pretty big pan on the end. Let’s see what that’s like. All right, let’s give it a shot. PEW! PEW! It’s always a little bit incongruous when you have a big suppressor on a big rifle because it kicks a lot, but it doesn’t make all that much noise. Just not quite what you would naturally expect. Let me try one more round. PEW! Pretty slick. Thanks for watching guys. I hope you enjoyed the video. This is a unique and interesting rifle to take a look at if for no other reason than it is, in fact the trials gun. It is serial number UK’s zero zero one. A big thanks to the Defense Academy for allowing me to take a look at it. If you’re interested in learning more about Timberwolf rifles like this one, what you should do is check the description text below where you will find a link to an ARES blog post about these rifles and their similar .50 caliber version being actually found in possession and in use by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Very interesting story where those came from, how they got there, and what the Houthis were doing with them. Anyway, that blog post is in the description text below. Check it out. You’ll enjoy it. And thanks for watching.

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  1. Yay! Finally got the maple leaf in the video! Of course it was with a gun over in Europe but it is nice to know that the modern Canadian flag exists.

  2. rifle fails to feed
    "Pretty slick!"

    That sums up my experience with people claiming certain actions are smooth. Rrrg hnngh stupid thing, why won't you work… THIS ACTION IS SO SMOOTH AND GREAT!

  3. Cant believe this channel only has 564k subs. I rekon some high quality videos would help, but this is by far one of my favorite firearm channels. Always informational.

  4. of the five longest confirmed kills on a sniper rifle three out of five were Canadian soldiers, one American and one from the UK. 4 out of 5 the weapon systems were American 3 McMillan Tac 50 1 Barrett and one British L 115 I believe.

  5. I know the history of the term sniper but in the military do snipers call themselves snipers or some thing else?

  6. So is he actually using subsonic ammo here with the suppressor or is the can that good that even with full power ammo the sound is significantly reduced

  7. The Taliban encountered these guns. Of course…none of them are actually alive to talk about their experiences with the weapon.

  8. The UK are banning High Muzzle Energy rifles as we speak. For no reason whatsoever. Just because the UK government can. I wonder where it has come from but ARES and Shrivenham haven't supported what's left of British shooting.

  9. Accuracy International is British. Since they're based out of Portsmouth it makes more sense for us to use AI rifles. While the Timberwolf is fucking awesome, it's a pain in the arse to buy a firearm from Canada, ship it to Britain, proof it and issue it when AI can produce rifles, have then proofed easily in house and then send the rifles directly to the guys who need them.

  10. The maple leaf on the end plate of the can is a nice touch. You'd think someone who took pride in their work would index it to vertical though.

  11. The sorry comments always make me laugh. We do say it too much. It's as insincere as a used car salesman tho. Sorry we lied lol

  12. Seems to be loud even with the suppressor on. I suspect that you were using supersonic rounds. Anyone know what it sounds like with subsonic rounds?

  13. Got a tour of their shop in Winnipeg in high school one on one with the owner real nice bunch of guys they got there. Cool place

  14. I've been a giant fan or your work for years,I can't imagine how I'd act around all those wonderful and rare firearms.

  15. Alberta, PGW is in Alberta. Take a look at their LRT-3. Also look at the series of precision rifles from Cadex defence Industries. (Also Canadian)

  16. This rifle can actually use like 10 diffrent types of ammo 338 is just the smallest round it uses. most people use .408 cheyenne or .416 pgw

  17. The fact that a small shop in Manitoba was competing with AI – the premier producer of sniper rifles in the world – says a lot.

  18. That's the little beauty that the Canucks use for hunting Taliban hogs in Afghanistan. Canadian soldiers really like their headshots.

  19. Hey Ian, since you're found a Timberwolf (designated C14 in Canadian military service) can you find a McMillan TAC-50 (designated C15 in Canadian military service) to go over?
    The C15 and a legend from JTF2 holds the current world record for longest confirmed kill at 3,540m, and three of the top four (second place is British) longest confirmed kills were made by Canadians using this rifle. Definitely a part of marksmanship history.

  20. British Army: Yeah we're really picky about our sniper rifles
    Soldier: What about an assault rifle sir?
    British Army: Well we've got some brittle green plastic and bendy metal let's throw it together and hope we don't have to go to the Germans to fix it.

  21. Canada uses the Timberwolf but they actually set 3 records with the McMillan TAC-50, including 3871 yards in Iraq May 2017

  22. WOW I can’t BELIEVE it…. speaking as a proud Winterpegger I’ll just say we have a lot of time on our hands to make GREAT rifles. Way to go PGW!

  23. PGW is based out of a small warehouse in winnipeg manitoba . i applied to work there but was too young and inexperienced

  24. I was told the fluting on the rifle was to increase surface area to maintain cooler temps and reduce weight so as to not over encumber the user. The owner of PGW defense even allowed me to take a shot with the smaller version called the coyote in .308 during a long range competition for a card shoot (because I was the only idiot shooting with open sights on my swedish M96)

  25. It's rather quiet and easy explanation how the Houthis came into the possession of the most modern firearms and weapons from all around the world 😂😂😂, in the first years they captured hundreds of tons of weapons from the Saudi Arabian Army, which not only lead to the point that the Saudis start to pay others to fight, and armed them with AK 's and other older weapons from around the world, the Houthis destroyed billions of dollars of equipment, only capturing firearms and machine guns, or canons, all tanks, armored vehicles were set on fire and burned down!
    Since about 2,5 years, the Houthis and the regular Yemeni Army are fighting together, from this point on the coordinated attacks, missiles and drones started to happen in Saudi Arabia too!

  26. My buddies in JTF2 always said "watch out for Snap" our sniper "he can't miss with that thing, and you snore like a chainsaw" then we all laughed

  27. I find it rather disturbing that CURRENT Canadian technology and weapons are winding up in a shithole like Yemen, where essentially one bunch of Islamic wackos is slaughtering another bunch of Islamic wackos (or trying to…sort of…) And worse, they're ending up in the hands of the "enemy". I hear that the almighty House of Saud is not doing so well in that "conflict". I think Justin Castro has some 'splainin' to do. Oh, and for that whole SNC-Lavalin case, too.

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