Poptarts Vs Real Food Challenge (Giant Smoothie) Real Food Vs Gummy Food

Poptarts Vs Real Food Challenge  (Giant Smoothie) Real Food Vs Gummy Food

hmm it kind of smells like dog food No so recently a video popped up in my
recommended feed on YouTube and it was by the Eh Bee family I’m not sure if I’m
saying their name my TV ad coming in the comment section below how do you say
exactly but they had a really good video so I have to be fun for us to do this
challenge but I added a little extreme twist to it and so for today’s video
we’re gonna be doing the ultimate pop-tart versus real food challenge I
love Paul tarts I pop tarts – but I have very specific ones that I like like I
like cherry strawberry I don’t really eat the other ones like by choice I’m
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types of foods today pop-tarts and so I have to admit sound a little bit nasty
and there’s a little weird and gross and there’s some special edition ones that
are strictly for the fall season so I’m excited to try those on top of pop stars
so the way this challenge works is under these two sheets there is a pop-tart
with a specific flavor and then there is the real food of that specific food
since we obviously know which is which we wanted to keep it fair and so we have
this quarter and we’re gonna flip and lover
it has to do one and whoever gets tails has to do two I can’t even do the first
thing I’ll do the first so let’s reveal the strawberry is one of
my favorite flavors cherry is probably my number one although I forgot to
mention at the end of this video we’re gonna be combining all the foods that we
get into our blender and then we’re gonna have to drink our smoothie okay so
my planner will have some pop-tarts some regular food and his will have some
pop-tarts and some regular food what if you just get lobster I mean this
challenge is not that bad so this is my strawberry pop-tart and it’s like white
frosting with like strawberry colored sprinkles on it this is a strawberry
it’s just a strawberry and the inside and you can have pop-tarts toasted or
normal and I like them both ways so I’m fine
mmm this brings me back to running throughout country I would only see pop
stars these aren’t that right but I love strawberry I already love this challenge
yes can I have two all right that was actually not bad but they are gonna get
a little bit more disgusting so let’s keep going we can obviously tell which
means probably the boxer right I’m number two mm-hmm I get what’s
underneath mine get max eating all the fruit I mean you know the boxart
Miami Pop Tarts movie and I’m okay with it do you like blueberries a wolf
blueberries like blueberry I’m not into very type
things I never get blueberries it’s not even blue is she make blue frosting on
the inside these nuts all right this one it’s okay it’s definitely not
my favorite you want to try a piece tell me what you think in my smoothie good
how can you not like this you like that I don’t think I’ve tried talking with
tip but I don’t think I’ll like it it literally tastes better than a chocolate
chip it’s like a chocolate chip but with chocolate in the middle of the top no
way no way it’s better that I don’t you it’s the weirdest smoothie I’ve ever had
so far yours makes sense – like making so much sense right now I think some
water so that it’s a liquid other way it’s gonna be dry before is my lucky
number I get this one oh my gosh how many can I eat right now I get one I’m
gonna do this cherry one is so cute because it’s like ink on the top I just
broke it accidentally I just love cherry pop-tarts mmm
cheater we are gonna add this into the fruit I’ve gotten all the fruit so far
you summoned up patent abuse I’m not gonna lie I’m very nervous about
this I think I got you got tail good okay thank you
I’m actually really happy that I didn’t get that one because I just think that
pumpkin pie pop-tarts would be really disgusting and nasty oh pretty good and
I am opening a bag of pop-tarts mmm makes me feel like Thanksgiving oh it’s
all Halloween colors or fall colors that’s does it taste like real pumpkin
pie it tastes just like pumpkin pies what have you guys ever had this it’s
delicious comment below if you’ve tried the pumpkin pie pop-tart and if you
think it’s good I’m very satisfied with my pumpkin pie they really capture the
taste pretty good I think sounds right I’ll put it
Oh Mike it’s like a real pumpkin pie your flip s’mores
I’m so excited about this you’re gonna s’mores pop-tarts I think I tried it
once and I don’t think I liked it get it oh it’s chocolate and marshmallow in the
middle and they substituted the outside like a graham cracker and it’s just it’s
not working mmm that’s more looks delicious I’ll try it it’s like white
and brown on the inside Oh steer clear I’m so sorry I I think
I’ve had so many pop-tarts too that I’m starting to get a little bit sick but I
don’t like that one cries go on the one do them fail on this s’mores pop-tarts
this music is gonna be so interesting you have all fruit and then some props
are I have pop-tarts and cookies it’s gonna be the best or most disgusting
smoothie ever I’m not sure yet why is gonna be soggy like soggy bread
things like suburbs and it’s the last and final one we could not put something
over it because clearly it would make a hot mess and destroy this beautiful
thing but hot fudge sundae obviously there are hot dog hot fudge
sundaes but I just don’t think they’re gonna match up no today I guess is my
okay okay wait you just flipped it tails enjoy your Sunday just sitting you know
we matched the sundae to the actual front of the pop-tart box I’m so jealous
right now boo you have a milkshake smoothie okay
not a hot fudge sundae they look nothing alike
it kind of smells like dog food know who I really grew up we gotta explain mine
so that mine tastes like that so this has like an inside that’s like a white
creamy weird substance this is my least favorite pop-tart right now we need to
send this video right now such a cheater good night eating signature that’s gonna
mix well with the cherries just time for us to make our smoothies this is
probably the worst part of the challenge I’m gonna add a little water I’m so grossed out my head looks like a
protein shake – oh my gosh – smells like pumpkin smells like cherries and
strawberries with like sour I can’t no we don’t did your Colby no bad it’s not
bad I can’t try a little bit my except for like the chunks of pop-tart or
anything else is blending really nicely how ones better than mine alright guys
doing the extreme pop stars is real food challenge I hope we were doing the video
smoothie at the end was by far the grossest but besides this what would the
grossest one for you oh yeah smartest one – hot fudge sundae I really
didn’t like that one at all I have I just have cherry and strawberry
comment below what your favorite flavor of pop-tart is in the comment section
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do you guys like this challenge if you want to do more things like this
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100 thoughts on “Poptarts Vs Real Food Challenge (Giant Smoothie) Real Food Vs Gummy Food

  1. Iโ€™m sad because this was made a year ago
    I love watch8 g these vid by Matt and Rebecca but now their channel has been filled up with game master stuff

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    I wish I could meet u but live In NEW ZEALAND

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    And l lm a subscriber Because you are the best youtuber everโค๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’

  5. I donโ€™t know why but I donโ€™t like pop tarts I hate the filling on the inside the only thing that I like about them is the crust

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