Pointing At Spiders 2

Pointing At Spiders 2

In the 21st century an evil spider, led by an evil spider,
Ow! My love! aims to destroy an evil spi-LOVE! Ow! My love! [evil laugh] The only hope are – The Pointers! “LET’S DO THE THING” I point at danger! Always remember to never forget the… um…
wait! Gaze at my nipples! [evil laugh] No! My camera!
Go and Save the City! Hmm, I wonder if- There’s no time for this! Go and Save- “LET’S DO THE THING” Fire! Yeah but look next to the fire!
Swedish Meatballs! Rad teens love Swedish Meatballs!
Let’s get some delicious Swedish Meatballs! They help fight impotency! Look ou- LOOK OUT! Look it’s a spi- A SPIDER! [evil laugh] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GO! CONTINUE?

36 thoughts on “Pointing At Spiders 2

  1. The more I watch of your content the more I'm worried… The issue is I'm not sure if I'm worried for your mental health or mine.

  2. yes! Another pointing at crows.. i mean spider movies.. i mean shark revolution… i mean, i think ive lost my mind x

  3. I didn't think you could top the first one but you went and managed to anyway! 9/10 not enough SWEDISH MEATBALLS(tm)

  4. A lot of your comedy writing is kinda off-beat and childish, but what happened in this video is pure gold, if anything it's a great direction, keep it up dEddy!

  5. 🇱   🇪   🇹   🇸

    🇩   🇴

    🇹   🇭   🇪   

    🇹   🇭   🇮   🇳   🇬

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