Planer Repair – Replacing the Drive Belt (DeWALT Part # 429962-08)

Planer Repair – Replacing the Drive Belt (DeWALT Part # 429962-08)

The drive belt links the motor to the cutter
head on your planer. The belt is made of a reinforced neoprene
material. Over time, the belt can wear or break. A worn belt might squeal or give off a burning
smell. If the belt breaks, the motor will run but
the cutter head won’t rotate. Replacing the belt is a repair that you can
do yourself. I’m going to show you how. Hi. I’m Mark Sodja. Do-it-yourself repairs like these are easier
than you might think. From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchen
mixers, outdoor grills, our how-to videos walk you through each repair from start to
finish. Doing it yourself means never having to do
it alone. Let’s get started. I’ll begin by removing the side covers from
the planer. [background sound] To remove the old damaged
belt, I’ll just simply cut it away from the pulleys. Now, install the new belt. Installing the new belt is a little challenging. There’s a very small gap between the adjustment
rod and the cutter head pulley. What you’ll need to do is place about half
of the belt around the upper pulley. Then, twist and push the belt through the
gap between the adjustment rod and the cutter head pulley. Using a screwdriver, I’ll carefully pry the
belt behind the adjustment rod. I’m being as careful as I can not to damage
the threads or the pulley. Now, I’ve placed the screwdriver on the backside
of the nut that holds the cutter head pulley in place. I’m going to carefully pry the belt outward
and onto the pulley. Once you have the pulley started, now you
can rotate both pulleys while pushing the belt in and work it slowly onto each pulley. I’ll finish up by reinstalling the side covers. [background noise] You want to make sure you
get the pointer in front of the scale. [background noise] Now, you know how to replace
the belt on your planer. Be sure to check back often for new videos
and expert advice. If you found this video helpful, give us a
thumbs up and leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “Planer Repair – Replacing the Drive Belt (DeWALT Part # 429962-08)

  1. Thanks for the video for very helpful tip on how to replace the belt without tearing up the entire planer like some of the "Novices" out there. The use of the screw driver with a bit of TLC to get the belt on both the pulleys not something even a advanced DIY guy like me would have thought of in a pinch. Rama

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