Pet Spider Tips for Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula : How to Choose a Pet Chaco Tarantula

Pet Spider Tips for Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula : How to Choose a Pet Chaco Tarantula

Now if you want a pet tarantula, where do
you find a pet tarantula? Always check with your local laws. Some states they do not allow
having pet tarantulas. But in those states that it is legal to have a pet tarantula,
some people, such as myself, breed them as a hobby and you usually find those people
online. Or you can go to a local reptile club. Usually reptiles and arachnids and tarantulas
are associated with one another, because its an exotic hobby. So you can ask those people
of where they get their tarantulas. And some pet stores will sell tarantulas as well. Be
weary of buying your tarantula online because you can not actually see the spider so make
sure you get it from a reputable breeder. now if you go to a pet store or if you actually
go to the breeders home to find a tarantula, make sure you look over it. Make sure it has
all of its legs. Make sure it doesn’t look to stressed out. Also you want to check the
back of the tarantula abdomen. It will also, often tell you if the tarantula is a hair
kicker. Tarantulas, if they feel threatened, will often kick hair off the top of their
abdomen. Usually its when you first pick them up or when they get spooked. now this hair,
if it gets in your skin, it just makes you itch a little bit. But breath it in, or get
it in your eyes, it can be very, very irritating. And some tarantulas have very bad ulcerating
hairs, such as the larger species as the Goliath Bird Eating Spiders. Their hair can really,
really burn your eyes if you get it into your eyes. So be very, very careful of that.

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  1. I've never checked the laws but even if they were illegal that wouldn't really stop shops from carrying them. Most all shops in MN sell the Chilean Rosy Tarantula. I have two so far and plan on getting more.

  2. @pufycino You're too stupid to understand that some species are endangered? For this we need laws to protect them.!I do not want to fraternize with the government or law, but some laws have positive goals.

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    Yeah, I feel you man

  4. @jakethefox97
    spiders also don't show anger. They will rise there front legs up if they feel threatened(that means it wont like you).

  5. Hello,i just got a g. pulchripes female a few days ago and she`s great…i was wondering if you could tell me in what time will she reach a size about 15-16 cm in legspan if at the moment she is 10cm legspan,under normal feeding programs not with powerfeeding. thx

  6. Tarantulas are scary. What really freaks me out about them is the hair. Creatures like spiders should not have hair, Lol. Hair should be saved for pleasant animals like dogs or cats or something. Snakes are a lot less scary for me, mainly because they don't have hair and they would seem to enjoy your presence more than spiders. But hey, I dunno, spiders might love their owners. I don't know anything about spiders; all I know is that they're the freakiest thing ever, Lol.

  7. @CutingDoom aw… i love opinions… where are you from? im from america… and i wish to be in russia

  8. @NoobTwinz5 I'm exactly the same way; I hate tarantulas. I want to shoot one with a pistol.

  9. @pufycino its like owning a ferret only legal in some states its bc dumb ppl let their animals loose and it kills the ecosystem

  10. Do not get tarantulas from pet stores. They usually do not know a thing about what they are selling. Purchase tarantulas form reparable online dealers that specialize in tarantulas.

  11. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so many gross things on here will i have one as a pet nooooooooooo way so gross!! P.S. R.I.P.JoeJohn sorry man

  12. @hordichuck we used to be, then as the world changed freedom became less acceptable. we were free but then our government started making more laws and many of the laws put into place by our government restricted our freedom, this restriction continued uncontrolled until we became what we are today. freedom is a knife that can be very useful or vary dangerous. our government has replaced our freedom with safety scissors.

  13. @hordichuck No we live in a country where democracy is alive and thriving. The majority rules, and if the majority of a town says no to tarantulas, then a law is passed. The land of the free is a ridiculous statement. It implys that we can do what ever we want when we want, and thus murderers should be running free, guns shouldn't be regulated and children should be treated in what ever manner pedos see fit. Freedom simply means we can say what we want and practice whatever religion we want.

  14. @hordichuck well damn…you found my weak spot. I'm a sucker for a compliment when its about my hair. Actually I really wasn't looking for an argument, I just wanted to chime in my two sense. : P I promise I wasn't attacking you, and my tone was light, no condemnation here. To bad tonal inflection doesn't register in text. Lolz. Please have a super nice day!! And again thank you so much the compliment. ; D

  15. @hordichuck Exactly home of the free, that statement doesn't just apply to humans, it goes to animals that aren't suppose to be domesticated, And are suppose to be FREE..

  16. @hordichuck
    Oh, yeah. Why follow the Constitution when you can bar people from having something for no damn reason, am I right?

  17. they are allowed in all states….this guy knows nothing about them….he's not even holding it correctly

  18. Yes, but it would only be like getting stung like a bee if you got bit. The venom is about the same as a bee.

  19. NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A TARANTULA IN SOME STATES!?!?! did those kind of law makers really went to university to make this effort when there are other things they should be more concerned with such as crime, edu(mostly) and gov?!?! xO *screams in horror*

  20. i'd love to have a tarantula. it's just too bad my mom won't let me since she hates them.
    i think they're adorable ugh

  21. lol, make sure it has all seven legs when you buy it. I am sorry everybody I am emotional disturbed.

  22. I miss my Golden Knee :c
    She was an angel and she was so cool and collected.I remember one morning accidentally leaving her tank open and waking up to find her curled up right next to me. ;_;

  23. Are you retarded? You do realize spiders arn't a useless species. Spiders feed on mosquito's and other pesky bugs, so if you exterminate the entire spider species, you're gonna have a pretty bad mosquito problem. So tell me, would you rather have spiders on earth that don't even bother you, or thousands of mosquito's swarming around you as you try to enjoy a night out?

  24. Shes sensing and preparing its more of "I'm prepared to fight you" kind of thing like a rattle on a rattlesnake its a threat display. If she is ready to lunge and bite she would raise her front up and attack pretty fast.

  25. So do tarantulas get use to the scent of their handler? I know they are highly dependent upon the vibrations they detect but would they relax after getting familiar to the handlers scent, taste, sound, look, or whatever it is they do so they associate handler =no danger vs. handler=hair flicking and bite? I was just curious.

  26. Haha, when I saw my First tarantula, I REALLY wanted to pet the fuzzy butt. And let me tell you, you DO NOT want to touch the fuzzy butt! XD

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