Pet Spider Tips for Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula : Handling Tips for Pet Chaco Tarantula

As I mentioned before it’s not always a good
idea to handle your tarantula they’re very fragile animals and if you happen to drop
them um they could potentially get very badly hurt or even die from a small fall. Now if
you have pick up your tarantula here’s how you do it, cup them so they stop moving so
they feel more secure and then very gently place your fingers between their second and
third leg apply a little bit of pressure and pick them up off the sub straight then you
can very gently place them into your hand now I have an aggressive species right here
and I will show you how to maneuver a more aggressive species of tarantula, this is called
a Brazilian white meat tarantula it’s only a baby believe it or not it’s only a little
bit over a year old now for a more aggressive species I prefer to use another container
such as this small deli cup right here so what I’m going to do I’m going to push her
back a little bit put the cup in front of her you can see she’s already kicking hair
off in up her abdomen for a defense and very gently maneuver her into the cup now if she
was rearing up and trying to strike at me you could use something like a pencil or a
piece of paper or just something else besides your finger to kind of push her into the cup
uh because tarantula bites do hurt they feel like a bee sting generally they will not send
you to the hospital unless you’re allergic to uh their venom

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