Pentagon Wolf Pants

Pentagon Wolf Pants

Hello and welcome to ePIG Today, we gonna show You the brandnew Pentagon Wolf Pants Ist really worth a look, so stay tuned Thats how it looks like it has to be said that the pentagon has really had a good throw I’d like to call it UFCryterix because it has really pulled out the best of all known brands and these united in one pair of trousers I’ll show you the details after the specifications here I have it, the Pentagon Wolf. I’ll start to show the details from top to bottom belt loops, fitting up to riggerbelts, no extras such as additional snap link points Elastic size regulation with Velcro fastener – up to one size down at least Snap button with Pentagon logo, zipper, additional button in signal orange, which takes most of the tension On the back, You will find two belt loops side by side, below back pockets with flap an velcro closure no further subdiversion Let’s have a look at the hand pockets. These are spacious and large enough, to get in with gloves – and very deep no further subdiversion what You have inside, is the regulation strap for the knee pads At the rear end, You have a strengthened area for pocket knives Below the hand pockets, You will find Slot pockets for handcuffs, knives, tools, or pistol magazines a little deeper, You have thigh pockets front, fitting notebooks and related stuff Next up the thight pockets side. slotted buttons closure – one exposed, one hidden under the flap The pocket is low profile, but can blow out via elastic strap and folded fabric There is a key attachment point and two inner pockets for M4 Mags inside. You can put the flap behind the mags for instant access What’s nice, You can get inside the Pouch from top or from the front via zipper That helps while sitting or in the car You can always access it Now the knee area. On the wolf pants (and all other combat pants) the most wear out area are the knees You know it from Crye Precision: there is a hole for external kneepads Arc’teryx had one with reinforced knee area, where You put the pad underneath Pentagon did a similar version: Slot for inserting pads and holes on the sides to loop through straps You can either use normal pads or pads with straps I will show You it looks like, but first the backside On the back, You have a strap of Velcro, to hold the pads, which holds the knee pad area to the knee With that the pants will not flap around even with no pads inside additional height adjustment is done with the regulation strap in the hand pockets Arc’teryx kneepads fit, a little tricky, but that’s what it have to be, because everything else will come too loose Now straps are through the holes, and close it as usuall perfect fit In the end, we got a lower leg pocket on each side It also fits a M4 Mag, but it will not close with the flap trouser leg closure with elastic strap and velcro closure additionally, You have a hook on the front, so You can use the pants as gaitors That’s it, this was the indroduction of the Wolf Pants von Pentagon Tactical I hope You liked it. We like the Wolf pants very much we will see how it will hold up in use, on the range, training etc we gladly do another Video after a while if You like if You also own the pants, let us know in the comments how You like it so, please subscribe, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and look at our homepage until next time, take care – byebye

7 thoughts on “Pentagon Wolf Pants

  1. Schöne Hose und gutes Video!

    Allerdings hat das Video noch Verbesserungspotential.
    Die Musik ist eindeutig Verkehrt, die würde eher in den Trailer eines Horrorgames passen.
    Das Vorstellen der Hose wirkt noch etwas unbeholfen ala "Wie fass ich die jetzt am Besten an?"
    Ansonsten gute Arbeit!

  2. I wouldn't pay over a £100, pound's for those trousers they look like ,the wearer has shit themselves..sorry ..only quarm against the trousers not the reviewer

  3. Danke. Mich würde es interessieren wie es sich mit den Hosengroessen verhält? Fällt die Hose eher größer oder kleiner aus? Ist die Groesste Tabelle von Pentagon zuverlässig?

  4. Können sie mir sagen wie die knieprotectoren heißen? Ich wölle sie gerne zusammen mit der hosen kaufen. Danke 🙂

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