Pelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript

Pelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript

100 thoughts on “Pelosi admits she hasn’t read the Ukraine call transcript

  1. You can't make this stuff up. Here is the leader of the House admitting she hadn't read the summary yet declaring Trump is essentially guilty of forcing a foreign Government to investigate the family of his political opposition

  2. The Dems appear to be the biggest risk of national security. They are responsible for not supporting Border security, civil unrest by pushing identity politics, racial division and rigging elections like knocking Sanders out of the Dem candidate and conspiring with uk and Russia in the 2016 election. Using the FBI against Donald Trump.
    How are they able to get away with this??? Do not vote for these leftist. God save America

  3. This idiot need to be impeached herself,inquiry about transcript herself never read and confirmed her desire to proceed an enquiry multiple

  4. is she well? What is going on with her. lies cant keep going guys they are burying themselves each time they talk there BS

  5. "Pelosi admits she hasn't read the Ukraine call transcript"

    It's because she wants to impeach Trump, to find out what's in it.

  6. an empty sucking void of NOTHING. Biden and son above the law???? over $1billion given to his son to play with, for what?. who paid the price, American workers????

  7. And yet she gets on tv and lies that trump is breaking constitution laws. The only one's i see breaking laws is the dems and with the aid of the fake news

  8. Just can't wait for Rudy to continue opening the Joe Biden can of worms. Dems are falling into their own pit – ❤ this! Bring it on Rudy!

  9. I feel sorry for this witch's family and friends, how they have to walk in hiding and in shame, for her utter stupidity !
    FOLKS, take note: Age and maturity sometimes does not offer wisdom !

  10. Is there a question of competency here??? How could a leader in one breath say she has not read the transcript but then immediately state the Pres is threatening the safety of American and that he is not above the law? Can this dingbat be impeached????

  11. This is how stupid dimmocrats are, they call for impeachment over something they haven't read. They believe We The People are too stupid to see through their hate, their rage, and their intolerance…we WILL vote them out!

  12. WHY do we have anyone in Speaker position that doesnt read Bills or Documents before she makes a ruling. I want the Speaker held accountable for making charges before even examining evidence or Bills they are passing.

  13. Hey u skag ur dentures are falling out of ur mouth you need to quit leave go home drink an ensure put on a diaper grab ur binkiy and go to bed.


  15. If you want too see a senior citizen with dementia, who drinks too much and does crack, Nancy is what your looking for, people actually vote for people like that. Wow we really are losing our minds.

  16. Nancy Pelosi should have been admitted to a physic hospital a long time ago and to be honest shames Americans and the rest of the world

  17. Nancy Pelosi should have been admitted to a physic hospital a long time ago and to be honest shames Americans and the rest of the world

  18. Esta vieja es la que deben de investigar es una corructa cospiradora igual que jilariclinto🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  19. The fact is Nancy Pelosi needs her lead meds! Edited for the explanation point!
    Better be careful!… the patriots might rise up like ants and show their 300
    Million GUNS!!!

  20. She doesn't need to read the document. The democrats are just trying to keep "suspicion" as part of the national public narrative. The disgraced media is co operating by continuing to run it.

  21. Nancy wants everyone to investigate and condemn Trump, yet when it comes to Dems, who gives a flying F! Impeach pelosi!

  22. She is guilty of multiple crimes and treason…her moves are hysterical and illogical…going for a mental breakdown to save her neck????
    Why do we have these lunatics running our country into the ground?

  23. As have others, I have avoided rush to judgement. But this is too much. The Speaker of The House appears to be insane. Something is very wrong.

  24. The Ukrainian President said that he was NOT pressured and there was no quid pro quo annnd the treaty with Ukraine will protect the president. The president has the duty to find out what happened with Ukraine and the dnc and Hillary and the Biden thing is probably deeper than it seems at the moment and the president has to do everything he can to bring these conspirators to justice! Him not doing what he’s doing is impeachable. So 🖕🏼the Democrats they can keep crying and I’m pretty sure they walked into a trap 😂😂

  25. Why is Fox News acting like they’re becoming CNN or something? They’re reporting on the facts isn’t necessarily in line with the actual truth and they are purposely not reporting certain facts that are in favor of the President.

  26. It's both fascinating and sobering to see how effective and easy it is to manipulate the masses with 10 sec video clips, pretty women showing a lot of leg and an devotion to propaganda and spin. Faux News is the best.

  27. Sorry trump had no business investigating nobody that's why we have other parts of the government trump guilty period. He gather information on his opponents so he guilty period. Plus let's talk dirt on trump like his taxes . Like he did fraud on his taxes and Republicans dont see trump's fault why cuae that's the only way they will control congress.

  28. What a moron. People like Nasty Nancy should read the Constitution instead of evacuating their bowels on it. Of course she didn't read it. It has facts in it that severely counter-dict the nonstop lies she is spewing.

  29. I just searched for it and cannot find a single reading of the full text on youtube. We absolutely are living in 1984.

  30. Someday, she will loose those dentures, and they'll go flying across the room and hit Hillary in the head. Then we wont have to worry about her. She'll end up committing suicide in bed "accidentally"

  31. Why doesn't she get those mini-implants that secure your denture solidly.
    She talks like a moron, constantly pushing the upper plate up.
    I think she can afford them.

  32. No he didn't ask for help from Ukraine with his campaign as she said. What nut tree did she fall out of. Let me get this straight. Joe Biden committed serious crimes and Trump is on trial for it? HUH? Put this betch in a nursing home will ya?

  33. Research Petty Pelosi and take her to court. We'll sic lawyer Sydney Powell on her then watch Petty Pelosi forget what is going on. Petty Pelosi is due back at the Betty Ford clinic and when she gets out we'll have our own whistle blower ready to saw her brain in half. Show us your tax returns Ms. Pettiness.

    "We'll have to impeach him to figure out if he bribed Ukraine like Biden did"

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