100 thoughts on “Part 4 of the Fox News GOP presidential debate in Detroit

  1. Listening to them and all this dirty laundry makes you wonder what is being voted in….they all lie, lie and lie some more!!!

  2. Seems all the people being paid by the big corporates are ganging up on Trump, i guess when you are being paid and told to trash trump you have no other choice but to Trash the Trump!

  3. The way that the moderators ask a question to one candidate about what another candidate has said, is what is leading to a lot of the fighting and cheap shots. The moderators are asking these leading questions that challenge what a rival on stage has said and asks an opponent to comment on it and makes it easy to criticize another candidate and political opponent and leads to verbal sparring and some ugly fights and inappropriate exchanges; rather than each candidate talking about their record is and what qualifies them for the nomination and to expand upon and further detail their ideas of good policy on various areas of governmental responsibility. John Kasich, is a good example of a candidate that rarely or never takes the bait offered by the moderators on the panel to criticize a rival for the nomination and instead chooses wisely to talk positively about what he has done and what he will do and not negatively about others seeking the nomination, by doing so, Kasich is taking the high road and is worthy of greater success and popular support coming out of these debates, more than any of the other candidates, and I hope his share of popular support and votes and delegates increases the most coming out of this debate.

  4. Fox. you should be ashamed of yourself for this broadcast. You acted like hillbilly pleps. I hope your viewers switch off and go over to CNN.

  5. Regardless of the nominee, though Kasich did not use any hip terminology or key words or political phrases, he made a very important point, maybe the most important point of this election's discussion – about how America solves problems. Freedom is our solution – the freedom of individuals to make their own decisions and manage their own lives. When will we return to that? We don't need a strong leader for that, nor one who will take those decisions out of our hands. We need one that returns those decisions to us, and gets the government refocused on its own, simple job.

  6. I hope Rubio realizes it's the same thing with regular college , if your not doing engineering or medicine you can literally look up everything online for free or a low cost , I don't see his point other than yeah education is messed up

  7. i can't believe how strong "Mr. Trump" is… he is constantly being attacked… that is why i love him… it tells me that the establishment are scared to death of him taking over and throwing their sorry asses out…

  8. Cruz is an incredible candidate and has my vote in the primary, but I will wholeheartedly back whoever the GOP nominee is in the end in order to block Clinton.

  9. It disgusts me how Trump keeps using his voters for own benefit. These kind of people should be prisoners, not presidents!

  10. this man is the one i want leading our country… "PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP"… most politicians are merely political whores… think about it…!!! why do they have to have big money backing them… doesn't that make them whores… Donald Trump is spending his own money…

  11. talk about unfair… Trump is a business man… how can he say anything about these two political whores who have never had a business… they are merely political whores… make a living running their mouth… they are simply giving out blow jobs… and cruz seems to be better at it than rubio… lol… 😉 … yes sir… get your blow jobs here ladies and gentlemen… we will save you… yipee… yi… a…

  12. this is not a campaign… it is a Trump bashing… especially the news media with miss rosey odonald herself… fox news is owned by the gop… and damned they are good at what they do aren't they… that is just the typical kind of shit we have had running our country for years… so… give em hell boys… here's one for gop… gop must stand for "Group of Perverts… sorry ass party if you ask me… some really low bred… low life scumbags… which is typical of our government… i bet the rest of the world is laughing their asses off…

  13. whooaa…Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?? All of them are ganging up on Trump! How is this fair? Even the moderators? come on. As long as Hillary doesn't become president, we will survive.

  14. You know, I'm not a Trump guy.. But I like how desperate he makes these other douchebags seem (not Kasich, he's not a douchebag)

  15. Why talk bad about Donald, Cruz,and Rubio?You can all vote for the adult of the bunch. Vote for J. Kasich.

  16. People can actually listen to Trump and ignore that he once said he was for the Iraq war, now he says he never was for the War.

  17. pathetic. pure theater. this has nothing to do with actual governance. politics is the entertainment division of the new world order.

  18. look at them attack trump, at least trump has experience! cruize is ovious a snake rubio is ok but not a leader!

  19. I don't think America can win. Donald's the least evil. I would vote for him just to stop Hillary and to watch him kick these politicians in the groin every day. I love to watch the pain of these asses.


  21. confused from the uk? is this an all candidates debate or just an interview with Trump? he must have had 80% of the show, has he already won?

  22. I ❤ Megan and voting for my friend Trump. I gave Donald a call, he told me that this was staged about the bullets back n forth with Megan to give my lady more ratings. I wasn't so sure so I called my babe and she confirmed it, she didn't want to but AIPAC forced it for Foxs news over all.

  23. Wow. Those people signed up for those classes on their own accord. With that said…..it was completely obvious how biased this debate was against Trump and they didn’t even hide it….this was an obvious attempt to take Trump down.

  24. Man, Megyn Kelly is losing her marbles trying to have this debate about Trump University, she's making a spectacle of herself!


  26. megan- such a loser.. why are you debating Donald… smh … wow – you really can tell she didn't like Trump from the get go

  27. Marco Rubio is the real con artist! Lousy career politician.

    Ted Cruz if you would have won the presidency it would have been business as usual. Go nowhere Cruz. All talk and no action.

    It was so obvious that all of these RHINOS were running scared and in turn they attacked Trump.

  28. Kasich, Rubio are on the take. They are a part of a corrupt system. They are scared of Trump, because Trump hs exposed them.

  29. I'm now a big Trump fan. Watching him brings tears of joy to me. I hated politicians all my life, they all speak word salad and lies. President Trump is NOT a politician (or as some say correctly, not a career politician), but a businessman with common sense who loves his country. Career politicians HATE that. He can not be bribed or puppetted and manipulated. The rest of the world is seeing his advantages over the entrenched corrupted alternatives.
    Love to President Trump, his family, inner circle and awesome policies. And the mighty USA.
    Cheers from Australia
    Mr. Showers.

  30. The reason Trump won the nomination is he allows all the focus to be on him. He gets most of the attention and is able to get his message across.

  31. biased as it may be, it's refreshing to see the moderators at least press the candidates on any controversies or contradicting statements they may have made … unlike the current debates

  32. Trump can turn any insane negative qn into a triumph debate and conclusion that makes you learn something and admire him even more. How he does that is a wonder!

  33. He really tells it as it is. "I HAD LEARNT!!! Nobody ever asked me that qn, this was BRAND NEW!" That's Trump. He really tells it as it is!

  34. Rubio is always pointing finger at trump. If u point one finger at others then three fingers of you pointing out you.

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