Parscale says Dem presidential primary race might be rigged against Bernie

Parscale says Dem presidential primary race might be rigged against Bernie

100 thoughts on “Parscale says Dem presidential primary race might be rigged against Bernie

  1. Be careful what you blame other people for. The demcrates blamed our great american president of doing the same thing! What goes around comes around! Now we will see who has a trial in the senate. God bless America and God bless the voters of Donald J. Trump! Winning!

  2. They know TRUMP will win. If Bernie runs against TRUMP and loses, it will be Capitalism defeating Socialism.

    Can't have that.

    This is why the Communist Progressive Democrats need a closet Socialist to get defeated.

    Don't want to have the loss against Capitalism.

  3. It was clear the results would be rigged and they did it again ..The Dems played a lot with government money during Obama and that money is kept them far from principles

  4. Bloomberg would mysteriously come to be Dems presidential candidates . What is true is that Dems like money and to get it at all cause . If Bloomberg accept to pay them off to compensate their campaign finances after the cheating they would agree and Kamala Harris is ready to flirt with him to promised him black votes . Kamala like money and would do everything for money

  5. Look at the past election. The DNC and Hillary cheated Bernie in the 2016 primary, cheated in the Presidential debates, and tried to cheat America in the 2016 elections. They are starting 2020 with the same game plan. Resist any suppression of voter fraud, adjust the voter software, increase the number of next day ballots found, and expand the voting rolls beyond the number of eligible adults living in the precincts to make it all make sense.

  6. I'll bet you the DemocRATS are delaying and waiting to release their Iowa Caucus results until Trump's State of the Union address tonight. Their pattern of corruption, lies, misinformation, cover-up and hypocrisy is so predictable now. And of course the mainstream media is part of this conspiracy to undermine the president's message continuously. I'm not surprised…

  7. Hey DEM VOTERS!!! The DNC dont care about your votes… they are gonna nominate who THEY want….NOT what YOU want. Keep that in mind come Nov 2020

  8. "Might be rigged"?
    Of course it's rigged.
    Democraps are involved, right?
    What else do you expect?
    They are rigging the elections in Commiefornia 👋 😆 as I write.

  9. Of course the thing is rigged against Bernie. He is a Socialist and that will never be in control in this country. We have fought wars keeping that stupidity out so no way in hell it gets in office.

  10. TRUMP IS FOR TRUMP and nobody else but TRUMP! He will lie, cheat, extort, and intimidate without any moral compass or integrity to guide him to get what he wants for Trump. He is a disgrace!

  11. Gee whiz Brad has too much time on his hands. Shouldn’t you be back in the office squeezing the last penny out of trump cult members to pay for his never ending legal bills and trashgate super bowl parties. Better yet, pay all the cities you stiffed to hold trump trash rallies.

  12. What's funny is here Baltimore is having problems with the squeegee kids on the streets, and they also have Garbage problems . Well pay the boys to pick it up two problems solved at once. Don't you think

  13. LOCK HIM UP ! – RUMP has LIED over 16,000 plus times thus far! Knowing that, how can anyone believe King Pinocchio, his defense team or for that matter any GOP senate member ? The time to expel this narcissistic racist psychopath is NOW !

  14. -Dems use electronic app
    -App shows Bernie with early lead
    -App suddenly “crashes”-which is the funny part
    -App found to be created by former Hillary staffers
    -App found to be funded by Buttigieg
    -Buttigieg claims to have won before anybody knows the results

    Yeah, nothing to see here…..

  15. The "democrats" have been a disaster. I expect Trump to win but I won't be overconfident. Being overconfident made "democrats" look so stupid after the election.

  16. joe's damaged goods. & wall street doesn't like bernie or liz. African Americans aren't backing pete. the dnc wants joe because he knows how grift gets done – plus they have enough on him that they can control him. he should announce amy as his running mate right now. that would be roughly 30% of the iowa caucus and get a lot of press (making up for the loss of press for not taking the lead in iowa). OR (horror show music) Hillary as VP.

  17. we LOVE Trump's tweets!,…we don't vwant the likes of the MSM "explain" his messages to the public., or "doing the thinking for us" as Joe & Mika suggest., "these people are stupid!". WWG1WGA!

  18. Sure it’s rigged, Hillary’s campaign staff from 2016 are running the show. Would love to see Hillary get caught shafting Bernie again. RUSSIANS….

  19. My thoughts too. Might be that they did not like the vote of the people so they are interfering in the outcome.

    The delay is very strange . Never before has this happened.

    The presidential election will needs to be tightly monitored.

  20. The Media and the DNC don't like that the people in Iowa didn't pick their guy (Biden), so they are delaying the results.
    And trying to figure out how to change those votes too.
    Will they impeach the winner?

  21. The constant resistance and destain from the left has made what President Trump has done even better. Not only has Trump made this country better but he did it up hill both ways with every single slimy democrat on his back. All you have done is made a great fighter a legendary fighter.
    Thanks suckers.

  22. Democrats just dug a 5 foot 6 inch grave thinking it was for Trump. He is 6 foot 2 inches. Only their candidates will fit in it.

  23. When Democrats are involved its totally rigged…
    Democrats are already attacking Sanders so they can steal his votes again and there will be no accountability for it again

  24. If you want to see a 'dead system at work' jump over to the 'state of the union' by Our President, and just watch the dead-in-the-water dems sitting on their rear ends, and yes, they look just like they're dead, like their chances of re-election come November. A picture is worth a thousand words, or maybe a cool half-million votes.

  25. Every right winger: Liberals are emotional crybabies and wine about feelings and let everyone in.

    Also every right winger: Since we are losing there is a conspiracy against us…

  26. Actually, I should be rigged against him…. he isn't a democrat and should run on the socialist ticket… all socialist should be kicked out of the democratic party.

  27. DNC crooks and DEMtards could f'up a crowbar. Selling a commie Utopia; all you have to do is give them all your earnings and then go stand in the "free sh!t" line. Just trust them to do it all.


    1-“the Russian collusion” which was made when Clinton colluded with two politicians from the Ukraine and a foreign spy.

    2-Mueller holding the report for five months after completion to get past the 2018 elections, allowing stupid voters that believed the liars in media to elect more democrats to the House.

    3-fake impeachment… which couldn’t have happened had Mueller not held the report, and members of the media and democrats in office not lied and claimed they had intimate knowledge of the evidence that would be published in the Mueller report….

  29. well yeah IT WAS RIGGED.

    that was obvious when it was announced that EMPTY-SUIT Buttigieg was ahead

    reminder. Hillary people HATE Bernie Sanders.
    Crooked Hillary hates Bernie Sanders.

    The corrupt DNC Establishment hates Bernie because they don't want their Gravy Train to come to an end, they live the comfort of being rich, even if they had to sell out The Working Class to get rich.

    The "app" counting the Iowa votes is called "Shadow" from company called ACRONYM/

    ACRONYM is run by Hillary people

    …Pete Buttigieg has given ACRONYM $40,000
    (who the frak donates to an app company???)

    this stinks to high heaven. ONLY FOX NEWS states the obvious.

    the MSM , CNN and MSNBC won't say "rigged", they just say mistake and incompetence … but look at the comments on those CNN MSNBC etc videos, EVERYBODY KNOWS there is DNC Fuckery going on AGAIN.
    ….It's like that Leonard Cohen song 'Everybody Knows'

  30. I can’t help but laugh at how nobody wants the Communist in office but will use said communist as paper weight lmao.

  31. Now the mad dogs are about to turn and attack their own and ditch Bernie again. There is absolutely no choice in that political party. Who voted for this criminal gang? I guess they will have to go with, who the media owners have chosen, to be the peoples choice.

  32. The Democratic party is rigged because of its delegate system. Where even if you win the votes they can still vote for whoever they want, which means whoever at the top of the corrupt party can pick who is the candidate. Funny cuz Democrats need to change their name since they are the least democratic party.

  33. First Off, Trump doesn't even have a little bruise from Nasty Nancy's attempted IMP/Coup… Nasty has all the bruises & scarring… her makeup ran off her face, when she got so hot. Nasty Nancy is a two-bit, evil woman, who should be severely admonished by Congress, for her Class Act of tearing up the SOTU speech. Nasty has caused her own demise & the DemonRATS have helped her. It's time for America to urinate on her despicable career, from today on….. She has disgraced herself beyond our Wildest Dreams, she has severed herself from decency… Yeah the DemonRATS will try to rig the election, but that won't bold well either. It will be their demise…

  34. I'm beginning to think Bernie Sanders rigs the Dem presidential primaries against himself, so he can go to the public and declare himself as the victim

  35. If it's rigged how can we be confident that our vote is protected? I never believed that early voting was good because they have time to change or hide it as we've seen before. We had better keep our eyes and ears open on this matter for both parties.

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