Ozzy Man Reviews: Hare vs Wolves

Ozzy Man Reviews: Hare vs Wolves

Welcome back to the middle of Butt-Fuck-Nowhere It looks like we have some hungry wolves running around This hare has activated his periscope He can definitely see impending doom on the horizon He’s like: “Yup, I gotta get to a safe house” The wolf yells out: “Too late, you little fuck knuckle” “My family is gonna eat you for breakfast” “We’re gonna munch on your guts” “We’re gonna chew on your legs” “We’re gonna grind up your furry tail and use it as oregano” The hare yells back: “You need to cook your meat if you want the seasoning to taste good, you dumb cunt!” Perhaps not the smartest thing to say when you have a wolf [caught] on your heels Oh crikey, there’s two of them If I was a hare, I would be shitting bricks Luckily, I am a human Anyway, the trash-talking continues The hare says: “What do you call two bulls on a hunting trip?” “What?” “I dunno, just probably a couple of dickheads that are probably hungry” The wolf says: “That’s a shit joke” The hare’s like: “Your wolf mama is so fat, she couldn’t even catch a tortoise” The wolves point out that it was in fact the hare who lost the race to the tortoise The hare says: “Fuck, that’s actually a solid retort” And now he’s gonna get caught! Noo! He manages to wheel around and stay out of trouble Gee whiz The hare is a cheeky wanker But he’s got the skill to back it up He says: “What do you call a wolf who can’t catch meat?” “I-I don’t know” “A vegetarian by default, because he SUCKS as a predator!” Yeah, the hare is not a comedian But look at him go! The wolves reckon it’s not over till the fat lady sings The hare says: “Don’t body-shame fat ladies” “You’re stereotyping opera singers” The wolf is like: “What?! You called my mum fat” “Ah, fuck this guy” Yeah nah yeah, the hare has definitely won this He’s bored He’s just standing around, looking for more adventures in the outback [Outro Music]

100 thoughts on “Ozzy Man Reviews: Hare vs Wolves

  1. After the video stopped, the wolf caught the hare but instead of eating it, they became good friends. They discussed a plan to do away with the infamous Werewolf and set their plan into action by having sex. A litter of "Harewolfs" were happily born and will be ready for spooky movies soon!

  2. I’ve never seen wolves chasing a hare before but I’ve seen a coyote chase a road runner and never could catch it too .

  3. Gandalf : These are Gundabad wargs. They will outrun you!
    Radagast : These are Rhosgobel rabbits. I'd like to see them try.

  4. With all due respect to the hare, TBH, those wolves are probably just chasing that hare for fun, the usually take down deer/elk, but that hare would be dead if didn't annoy the wolves into giving up

  5. If that stupid hare hadn’t made so many unnecessary turns those wolves wouldn’t have gotten so close😂 It was practically running in circles at some points while the wolves were just sitting there letting him tire out.

  6. Anyone else notice how fucking huge that Hare is? That could literally feed two wolves, maybe more would join in. So bigb

  7. This is just NatGeo Editors trick.

    In reality, the first Wabit was caught. One can see -> that: the Wabit which gets clear from whatever it was chasing it; has shorter hears than the first Wabit.

    Wabits got speed and some stamina; yet, not much endurance.

    Those wolves are experiment hunters. Wearing down the first Wabit in turns. And they would probably rule the Earth; if Humans got wiped out by some epidemi.

  8. 🤨👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼I'm glad this Hare made it alive!

    🤣👍🏼Ozzy bro stop cussing in your videos!!!!!!!

    I'm still waitin for a video with regular reporting from you with no cussin!!!!!

  9. This video reminded me of a clip from the movie The Edge:
    Now I know why the rabbit is smoking a pipe. 🙂

  10. I knew that rabbits have a lot of stamina, just by how much they reproduce… Now I know why they can reproduce so much, a female rabbit can't say, "No" to a male rabbit. He will just chase her down.

  11. Wolves :IMA CATCH THAT HARE!
    Me : catches it and kills wolves with lancester repeater
    also me in 1896 : puts THYME for some DEADEYE effect

  12. Гандон пушистый,он был обязан сдохнуть и покормить волков,сука!

  13. You realize even though most are cheering for the rabbit there are some people cheering for the wolves. Scary people.

  14. 1:02 That wolf litterally got a taste of the hare. It looks like a tail, but the hare didn't have much of a tail to begin with.

  15. Everyone: i’m so glad that rabbit got away!
    Me: wow those wolves might not have enough energy to catch their next prey and die of starvation

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