Outmatched (FOX) Trailer HD – Jason Biggs comedy series

Outmatched (FOX) Trailer HD – Jason Biggs comedy series

There aren’t many
books written about how to raise three genius kids. Well, actually, there are. They’re just super long. Two ordinary parents. We nurtured their
gifts and encouraged their natural curiosity. [non-english speech] English. But small words. Man, that was dumb. Yeah. Three extraordinary children. I’m developing an opera
about Saco and Vanzetti. I do theoretical physics. I will not be a
[inaudible] in my own home. I don’t know what
any of that means! And the other one. What about this little one? Noses are just
mouths that eat smells. She’s our star. What the hell is going on here? I’m helping Mark
with his “Oprah.” On the wall? Basement? Basement. They’ve taken over
the whole house. I mean, this is all
that we have left. I used to think this
basement is where our kids would sneak down to smoke pot. And now we do. I love them. I don’t want them to
grow into super weirdos. All I want is one day of normal. All right, so let’s do it. We’re going to the boardwalk? That doesn’t sound normal. It sounds trashy. We live in Atlantic City. Normal is trashy. I think it sounds fun. Is it OK if I bring a friend? Yes. He’s got a friend. Just like the kids
in the movies. All of the kids
are actually ready. I even got Mark to
wear swim trunks. I mean, he called them
water khakis, but whatever. He’s wearing them. [knocking at door] Hi, Mrs. Bennett. Can I help you? Stu Stu! Bry Bry! Caw caw! Dab. Jason Biggs and
Maggie Lawson– He’s 200 years old. You’re always telling
me that I should try and make more friends. People your own
age, who introduce you to drugs and alcohol. People my own age
are boring and vapid. All they do is make penis
jokes and “Rick and Morty” references. God, people his
age sound awesome. “Outmatched,” coming soon. Show some respect. Two of you were conceived
at the boardwalk. I am not going to say which two. Under the pier, back
of the tram car.

72 thoughts on “Outmatched (FOX) Trailer HD – Jason Biggs comedy series

  1. Is it me or are all these pilots looking laughably bad this season. With that being said, they'll always have a home on Netflix!

  2. This is Jason’s chance at redemption at he messed up his chance of voicing Leonardo in teenage mutant ninja turtles

  3. It’s not funny but the laughs tell it is?! Confusing. Seriously I don’t get how canned laughs is still a thing?!

  4. This is what Jason Biggs has to take since he spent all that “American Pie” 🥧 money!!!

  5. A cis, straight white family where the boys are smart and the dumb one is a girl?
    Nope, doesn't stand a chance.

  6. This is def getting cancelled, you can only do so much material of “we’re dumb, our kids are smart”

  7. I will confess I laughed at two jokes. Not gonna say which two.

    (This will probably be cancelled before it has a chance to be good )

  8. Dear Fox, you would best serve your viewers and shareholders if you'd cancel this BEFORE it ever airs. #AmericaHasSufferedEnough

  9. This reminds me of one of those new cheesy Disney shows but with adult jokes I give it three episodes and done

  10. Wow! I made the mistake of scrolling down the comments for a moment: just cause you can comment doesn't mean you should troll. I just wanted to find out when the series will air. I hope they locked in 10 episodes (at least). As an adult I can relate to all the characters. Biggs is king! Hopefully they can drop at least one American Pie reference in the first episode.

  11. I can see looper making a sequel…. Why Hollywood won't cast Jason Biggs anymore 2 🤔🤦‍♂️🤣

  12. Well I know alot must've said this already but I'll say it anyways 'I sense cancellation in order'!

  13. Why do people judge a series so quickly after just seeing the trailer? I know that’s what the trailer is meant for, but I’ve honestly never seen a good trailer. This trailer was meh but I’ll still give the show a shot.

  14. Well sorry Jason Biggs but I Devon Tennison as Cookie Masterson Stifler Indiana Jones,Cookie Masterson Hobbit Stifler and Cookie Masterson Stifler Carrie Anne-Moss am so aggervated and infuriated that Outmatch is currently on Fox because specifically Fox would play Simpsons after your hilarious sitcom Outmatch now answer me Devon Tennison as Cookie Masterson Stifler Indiana Jones,Cookie Masterson Hobbit Stifler,and Cookie Masterson Stifler Carrie Anne-Moss this hilarious,religious and stunning Wilson High School TV channel trivia question.
    If you are so aggervated and infuriated that Outmatch is currently on Fox and you watch Jason Biggs as Shannon Elizabeth's favorite hilarious and religious Jewish South Park boy Kyle's sitcom Outmatch to move,What channel specific,exact and detail channel would you most likely see it on?
    1.Adult Swim
    2.Comedy Central
    3.Paramount Channel
    Would you like to see the correct answer?
    It would simply be transferred to Comedy Central because specifically that way American Pie actors and actresses can watch endless and unlimited hilarious and religious episodes of American Pie's favorite hilarious and religious Comedy Central cartoon South Park.

  15. The fake laugh tracks kill these shows, that’s why I can watch but the corniness is way to high also

  16. This show is mindblowing, original, and uncancellable. All of what I said is likely to give cancer, so be cautious.

  17. Since Fox owns Disney, does this mean I finally get my wish of Jason Biggs being an official Disney Princess?

  18. This does not look good at all lol. Disappointed that they went with this instead of Last Man Standing. Still going to give a try cause of Maggie Lawson.

  19. this looks fun and the cast is great (Excited to see Maggie i.e. Juliet), idk why people are saying cancellation already

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