Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Gameplay | 5 Unmissable 4K Moments

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Gameplay | 5 Unmissable 4K Moments

Hello, this is Matthew from Rock Paper Shotgun. If I sound chirpy today it’s because I recently
got to play the first few hours of Ori And The Will of The Wisps, a game I am stupidly
excited for. Ori and the Blind Forest is one my all-time
favourite Metroidvanias and one of the best games Microsoft have made this generation. The good news? The sequel is looking superb – the game’s
producer Dnaiel Smith told me they didn’t just want to churn out an Ori 1.5, and so
they’ve gone big: three times the size of the original which is a whole of jumping and
probably falling on spikes to look forward to. I’m working on an in-depth breakdown of
everything we saw, but today I want the game to speak for itself, so I’m going to quickly
set up a few sequences that took my breath away and explain why they are so damn cool. Whack it up to 4k and enjoy! Let’s start at the very beginning – and
in this regard Blind Forest was a tough act to follow. Who can forget the playable prologue that
set up a world of heartbreak for us to contend with. I’ve got a feeling that Will of the Wisp
isn’t just going to pluck our heartstrings but play a gnarly guitar solo on them, and
it all starts with a beautiful flight over one of the greatest looking gameworlds ever built. All together: ooooh, ahhhhhh… Next up we head to a dilapidated
water mill, where Ori learns a new power: grapple. It’s a tendril that attaches to lamps and
climbable surfaces, like the thick grass coating the cogs of this busted building. This move is an invitation to send the whole
world spinning as you slowly power up the mill, using your extendable reach to drop
over spike pits and yank yourself back up to safety. Also keep an eye out for the smaller wheels:
they spin so fast that grabbing their outsides can fling Ori off with extra momentum. If this is just the first dungeon of the game,
imagine what madness lies in wait… And, as was the case in Blind Forest, no sooner
have you mastered those platforming basics, Moon Studios slam the foot on the accelerator
with one of those incredible escape sequences. This one is triggered by this horrible brute
and features more amazing music from Gareth Coker – he tells us to listen out for Ori’s
more confident theme in this sequence. I mean, the little guy managed to survive
Blind Forest so it makes sense his theme takes this action in his stride. Oh, and forgive my bodge at the end. Off we go… While platforming remains a daring dance of
dashes, jumps and launching off projectiles, Ori is more of a fighter this time out – you
can map a radial dial of moves to three Xbox face buttons, even hopping into the dial to
change moves mid-combo, to finish off some sword chops with an explosive fireball finisher. And what better place to test these powers
than the Combat Shrine – survive all the waves of attackers for an extra tasty treat. Given that Ori is more of a fighter, it makes
sense that Will of the Wisps really ups its boss game. These range from real old school designs like
this beetle here – using double jumps and dodges to slide under his belly and over his
earthquake move – to more ambitious designs that combine action and chase sequences into
huge cinematic events. We’re expecting big things to come, but
here’s a bit of early wolf action… Anyway, those are just a few snippets of the
game – we saw a whole lot more in our hands-on and will be digging into everything in a video
next week, so please do subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see that. If you have any questions about the game,
pop them in the comments and I’ll get them answered – and I may even include them in
the next video. Let me know if you’re as excited for Ori
and the Will of the Wisps as I am and we will hopefully see you again soon. Bye for now!

17 thoughts on “Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Gameplay | 5 Unmissable 4K Moments

  1. Can this be played without a controller? I made some headway in the first game, but something changed and it quit responding to bound keyboard commands. I don't have a choice here…I'm disabled with only one hand working so I use a mouse with three HAT switches on it that bind to a total of 12 keyboard commands.

    These Ori games are just gorgeous and I'd love to play them, but there isn't much point if they won't work without a controller.

  2. Ori is my favorite protagonist. I had never even really enjoyed metroidvania type games before, I'm more of an RPG fan like Mass Effect, etc. but Ori is just such a beautiful character and the story and world really are just breathtaking.

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