Ollie’s First Waterslide!

Ollie’s First Waterslide!

– [Both] Good morning! (laughter) – Okay, take two (laughs). – [All] Good morning! And welcome back other to our channel. Make sure you click that
subscribe button down below. – Ding, ding, ding! (dings) – Yeah, these boys are being so crazy because I told them
that today, we are going on an adventure. – Yay! – This kid cannot even stop
dancing he’s so excited. First things first, in order
to go on our adventure, we have a bag here and we have to pack it with all the things you’re
going to need, okay? – I wonder where we’re going? – [Mom] Okay, so, in order
to pack it with the things that you need, you have to
know where we’re going, right? – Yes. – [Mom] K, I’m gonna tell you right now. – Okay. – [Mom] Today we are
going to a water park! (audience cheering) – Are we gonna spend the night there? – [Mom] Maybe. – Do we get to swim? – [Mom] Yes. – Is it a inside one? – [Mom] Yep. – Remember when we went
to the Wolf Ridge with Carl and Ginger? – [Mom] That’s right, we
have been there before. He’s talking about Great Wolf Lodge. We have been there before and we had a blast. (upbeat music) – So we need to pack up
and we need everything to be together so that we can actually go and have fun, okay? Alright. – Yayy let’s go, go, go! I’m just so excited. (mom laughing) – [Mom] Okay ready? Let’s go get packing. – Okay. (video game music) (video game chime) – Got what we need. – [Mom] Yeah, all right, the boys ran and got their swimsuits. I think that’s all you need really, right? – Yeah. – [Mom] All right, we
got daddy’s swimsuit, we’ve got mama’s swimsuit. I think we’re about ready to go. These boys are so excited
and I gotta say I am super excited too. It’s been a little bit of
a while since we’ve taken them to a water park. If you guys wanna see like
one of those fun videos that we’ve done at the
water park, I’ll have that linked up high and you
guys can check it out. – What’s up you guys, we just
got all loaded in the car and where are we going? – To the Wolf Lodge! – Wolf Lodge! (kids howling) – You guys are so cute. You ready? – Yeah. – Let’s go. – Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas guys. – [Dad] No, not Santa, it’s a wolf silly. (boy laughing) – All right, we are all in
the car and ready to go. But I think driving there
is gonna take way too long. – Yeah, I don’t wanna drive. – All right, let’s get outta here. One, two, three. (fingers snap) – [Both] Whoa! – [Mom] Yeah! – We didn’t even have to drive you guys. We here, we made it to
the Great Wolf Lodge Finn. – Oh, there’s a statue of a wolf. – [Mom] Oh, you can see the wolf. – [Dad] Yes, wolf statue
over there howling. – I’m so glad I didn’t have to drive. – Oh my gosh, I am so excited
to go to a water park. – Oh yeah. – It’s been so long. – And guess what we,
who we get to go with? Our friends Jude and Joel. – Yes, that’s right, we are
meeting some friends here. – And Maria. – It’s gonna be so fun. Ollie and I are getting a
closer look at the wolf. Wow! – Whoa, that’s a giant wolf. – Yeah, remember when
we were here last time? – [Ollie] Yeah. – We had so much the
last time we were here . We all looked so different it was crazy. – It’s because we all
went with Carl and Ginger. – [Dad] Yeah, that was when we came with Carl and Ginger, huh? – Yeah. (boy howling) – The wolf (upbeat music) – [Mom] Check out our room. We’ve got two beds, and these kids, – I love going to a hotel. – You do huh, you like love
going on little trips, huh? – Yeah. – He always begged us,
are we going to a hotel? I’m like, no, we’re not. But, today, we are. We don’t know if we’re gonna
spend the night though. ‘Cause, we kinda just wanted to have fun for like the day, and
you have to get a room in order to swim here. So, the boys are just
gonna eat some lunch, and then we’re going swimming. (upbeat music) (magical chiming) (boy yelling) (upbeat music) – Go! (upbeat music) – Let’s go guys! (boy yells) (water gurgling) – Good job buddy! – That slide. – [Dad] You wanna go down that one? Ollie and I just found an
abandoned tree fort you guys. It’s overtaken by giant
badgers, there’s a huge bucket of water and it’s so much fun, huh? – Yeah! – To explore? – Yeah! – All right, you take the camera bro. – Okay. – You’re gonna lead the expedition, okay? – Okay. – Yes, go for it. – Argh! Oh, ?! (water gurgling) (upbeat music) – Ollie, that giant slide
just led us to this! Look at this. I think something might be broken. Is there supposed to be this much water? We’re under the bridge. (Ollie shouts) (screams) – Ollie do you wanna
go on top of the water? – Yeah! (upbeat music) – Alright you guys we are gonna
go on the River Canyon Ride! You ready dude? – Yeah! – That’s right, let’s go! We’re climbing up. (upbeat music) – Wooo! – This is crazy! (laughter) (screams) (upbeat music) – [Dad] Good job little
man high five dude! You are being such a good vlogger dude. Are you having so much
fun at the waterpark? – Yeah I’m gonna go underwater! – Okay thumbs up if you think
Ollie is an amazing vlogger you ready one two three go! (upbeat music) (screams) – Okay so at the last minute we panicked and we went on Coyote Canyon even though I’m proud to do Alberta Falls, what did you think of it? – I didn’t like it. – That was pretty scary,
I honestly had no idea how fast it was gonna go and how hard it was gonna
drop out like drop huh? You did really good though. We’ll go on a slower ride next time okay? You did a good job. – We are having so much fun here and Ollie wants to show you something what have you found Ollie? – I found a secret door. – He found a secret door you guys okay let’s do secret
door at the water park! – It’s over here! – Okay. – [Dad] Woooah. That is crazy it is a
secret door and it’s locked. Look at this door you guys. Knock on it Ollie. I don’t think anyone’s in the secret door. Comment down below, what
do you think is behind this secret door you guys? That’s so interesting. (upbeat music) (children shouting) – [Mom] Alright go ahead. (squeals) – We had so much fun huh. – We are all waterparked out. – I think we’re gonna
leave, to have to leave or we’re gonna stay here one night. – Yeah one night’s enough I think. – [Mom] Yeah haha. – Are you ready for some food Finn? – Yep. – Yeah, we had so much fun, oh my gosh. – [Mom] That was so awesome. – Ollie went on all the slides right and had so much fun you were so brave huh. – I did the drop slide it’s
like one where you go down it’s super safe but then it squashes you. – [Mom] It’s super safe haha. We didn’t know we were gonna do that one and each time we were like
oh it’s dropping it’s fast. – I didn’t know it was gonna drop. – [Mom] Yeah haha. – And also it scared me cos there was like a big fast bowl. – It was kinda like being
inside a toilet bowl huh. – And when I went I nearly got stuck. – Yeah we did get stuck. – Yeah we had so much fun. It was a much much needed
break and it was just so nice to be able to play with these boys I know they’ve been kinda
cooped up cos it’s been cold out and so nice it’s an indoor waterpark and, we heard like a ton of
you guys here at this park like how awesome is that? – Yeah it was crazy. Anyway so I think we’re just
gonna end up driving home so I think we’re gonna end this video so (all shout) and let me know down in the comments what your favorite waterpark
is that you’ve ever gone to and maybe we’ll end up going
to the waterpark that you say. – Ooh that’s a good one. (Finn shouts) Alright let’s say bye boo. – [All] Byeee! (upbeat music) – Oh, this place is green like a leaf.

100 thoughts on “Ollie’s First Waterslide!

  1. i did the tallest waterslide in my country tbh it was not scary cause it does not have a drop where it's really harsh but it was extremely fast to the point where you can't lift your head up

  2. in our country i went to the best water park in the country and there was one slide where u had no floatie and it was so fast to the point where i could not even close my mouth like how you sky dive!!! btw the place is called "Rio Lento" in lebenon

  3. Love this video! Love Great Wolf! We met you guys there, very nice family. thanks for taking pictures with our kids.

  4. My fav waterpark would have to be six flags Hurricane warthewpark ! BTW love y'all you guys are a cute family.

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