OH NO! Trey Gowdy Just Went On Fox News & SHOWED America Who James Comey Really Is…

OH NO! Trey Gowdy Just Went On Fox News & SHOWED America Who James Comey Really Is…

BREAKING Obama WAS Spying On President Trump! Here Is The PROOF! By Danny Gold Today, March 22, 2017, will go down in history
as the day Donald Trump PROVED Obama did spy on him during the election! According to House Intelligence Committee
Chairman Devin Nunes, Barack Obama�s administration used blanket
surveillance and �unmasking� practices to spy on members of the Trump campaign! So how did he do it exactly? Well, according to Nunes, Obama DID use a
FISA warrant. FISA is a secret court that gives the government
the ability to spy on �foreign� people without letting the public know. They then collected info on foreigners speaking
with members of the Trump campaign and �incidentally� collected TONS of information of Donald Trump
and his associates. Now, the Intelligence Community is required
to redact the names of Americans caught up in these investigations that are not under
suspicion. They did NOT do this for Trump�s associates
and then handed the information directly to Obama. So, while there may have been no LITERAL wiretapping,
there was mass surveillance. This is the same CRAP Obama pulled when he
was using the NSA to spy on every American. They even claimed then that they �incidentally�
collected the information. BS! We gotta help protect our President from the
UNCONSTITUTIONAL practices of that Dictator Obama. Let�s get this SHARED everywhere so America
can learn the TRUTH!

86 thoughts on “OH NO! Trey Gowdy Just Went On Fox News & SHOWED America Who James Comey Really Is…

  1. next like to me that James Comey has been found out about I don't think he's going to be FBI director much longer that's my opinion

  2. Comey the inept hasn't found the leak yet? easy. It's his people doing the leaking. Start with the rat who's wife took that $800,000 from the DNC to run for Congress.

  3. Prison for Barry, prison for Hickory, prison for Slick Willy, prison for Weeeener, prison for Nasty Legosi, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on………………………………………

  4. potus trump is up against man…big time…i nevr seen anyhthing like this in my life…this country mat just continue to sink

  5. I like Trey Gowdy…but come on…he is all bark and no bite. Not ONE of these SOBS has done a damn thing to ANYBODY that should be in prison. It's all for show. I use to think he would crash the demons party, but sorry, HE and NO ONE ELSE has done a damn thing, but talk, not ONE. W h o has gone to prison? All these criminals in Washington and all we get is TALK! I for one am sick of it. Criminals are thick in Washington. They look after their own. We the People need to figure a way to make things happen. Until then, don't look for anyone in the District of Criminals to do any prison time. F'n losers.

  6. Tell us something we don't know !!!
    Same old Fucking dog and pony show !!!
    Know, If really want to show us something start prosecuting these idiots and make an example out of them……..Ohhhh we have to be more sensitive and politically correct……

  7. **thank you Trey Gowdy…😘💕…and Devin Nunes, 😘💕… and Jason Chaffetz 😘💕… and Elise Stefanik 😘💕…**

  8. Likely a traitor? That's been proven beyond any shadow of doubt. The questions now are when will Comey be indicted and stand trial for treason against the United States and tampering in an election?

  9. man who ever made this video stop lying you just like Trump make up shit Trump lied on Obama he lie about Ted Cruz dad he lied about 911 he still lying he lie lie lie and lie I am sick of his dam lies

  10. not ownly should he be fired but jailed but that will never happen just like Hillary and Obama will not get jailed cause our government is so fucking corrupted

  11. We know who Comey works for. Too much at stake for him. He's way too deep. When he's convicted it will destroy is family. Integrity is lost with 80% of our career politicians. Very sad.

  12. Comey is a Commie. Last time I checked the bible says something about all the secret things being exposed. Need to look that one up. This guys dirt is coming out. He is a rat.

  13. Our president just played Paul ryan💯He never wanted ryancare he knew that crap would not go threw he just made Ryan the weasel think he was on his side,,,you know how Trump always wins 🥇

  14. President Trump Can't Fire James Comey ..He has A 10 yr Contract .. Only way they can they Have to Find Something On him To Have A Lagit Reason To Fire Him Which they are Working On It ..And Hopefully He Looses His Pension Aswell ..But they Also may find Something to Impeach Trump for And If They Do That Everyone Knows Amerixa will Be At War ..Because All The Worthless Traitors Have Been Exsposed ..And A Rise Of 1776 And Oir Second Amendment Rights To Bear Arms Not Only for Protection From.A Domestic Threat But also Our Own Government And President Trump Being Impeached Would be A Good Enough Reason To Take All These Criminals Down In our Government ..They all Been in the News

  15. ObamaGate Bombshell – Bigger Than Watergate, ..see still report on youtube for massive evidence of illegal tapping on Trump

  16. It is all a staged game.  No one will ever pay for their wrong doings.  The questions are given to everyone who is being asked, ahead of time, and they simply read their answers which they already prepared.  It is ALL designed to make it appear that Congress gives a crap, but they are part of the problem.  They are ALL traitors to honest Americans.

  17. You are spot on re Comey – I bet he can't sleep at night and his days are numbered and it won't end well but that automated voice is quite creepy!

  18. Didn't you guys love him when he reopened the investigation into Hillary's emails? Where was the outrage regarding the 'leaking of classified ino' then? Hypocrisy of the highest level. 🙂 also are you using a voice transformer or something? Your voice intonation is as dead as Trump/Ryancare.

  19. INTERESTING your computer can say "Comey", but says Gooody for Gow-dy. OH, I don't wonder who GOO-EY GOODY works for.

  20. It's patently obvious Comey sold out to somebody or he is just plain stupid! But, my prediction, just like BrokeBarrackMountain Obama and Free Hilly, Comey will NEVER be indicted, imprisoned or put before a firing squad! Why, because there are really two sets of laws in this country. With one set, clearly, if you have enough money you can get away with murder, sell state secrets, break every law on the books and You won't get anything but a bunch of caustic insults from enraged internet users! I've said it before, if President Trump does not take down BrokeBarrackMountain Obama and Free Hilly very soon his credibility will be trashed! Think not? Think again!

  21. He should be in chains and even Gowdy is suggesting Trump should apoligise to obama for spying claims so he is a nevertrumper still

  22. The public is not or have been made completely aware in how corrupt our Government within all departments are. Members of both political parties are very tainted with corruption, they have and are putting the nation at risk to the point of destroying it and the peoples future in that of covering themselves up of all their national and international corruption… Trump is quite aware of the massive corruption and he has a very tall order in that of removing it and cleaning up our Government, but the peoples also have a greater obligation in that of replacing these lifetime politicians with new ones who have integrity and moral fiber, IT best not to elect no attorneys as a representative of congress or Hollywood types…

  23. You'd be taken more seriously if you pronounced Trey Gowdy's name correctly! It's embarrassing to hear the way you keep saying it!

  24. Lets start with prosecuting COMEY. This is treason against the American people. Not just our honorable president.

  25. See those bags under Comey's eyes??? He is owned by the cabal- much as he hates that fact ( he's not thrilled about it and I'd even go as far as to say he is constantly being coerced), he has a choice- to tell the truth and wind up like one of the great unsung heroes of our time, the former L.A. FBI chief Ted Gunderson (and we all know what happened to him…, he was one of the bravest people in the establishment if you ask me), or he can continue dancing to his puppet masters tune…and go on to live for another day , what would you do if you were in his unfortunate position? He has a wife, kids and these parasitic criminal moochers have no morals, as Comey well knows. Just like almost every other politician or figurehead operating under the guise of our federal government, save for the likes of Trey Gowdy, Pat Leahy, JFK, President Trump, Bannon, Jason Chaffetz, and Roger Stone, etc., the rest are all under duress and by association, conspiring with criminals, who themselves are shaking in their fancy ass boots – and desperately clinging to the old regime, because they're about to get the boot when it comes to their blatant milking of the current system, time to cut them loose so they can't continue to funnel out our hard earned tax money into their slimy pockets! Comey can't be trusted because he is OWNED!

  26. could you at least learn the correct pronunciation of the names in your video: his name is TREY GOWDY. NOT FRED GOODY…GOOD GRIEF.

  27. Comey has put himself in no win situation. Still not looked at DNC server. I thought Russian hacking was big deal. Comey said he tried to alert DNC for 10 months. Wikileaks's come out, DNC find out they have been hacked. FBI cannot look at server. Are you kidding me!!!!! This whole thing is a joke!!! If things do not change we are doomed

  28. Don't know if James Comey would have the intestinal fortitude to indict a gnat. The caution he displays with every response makes you wonder if he thinks he's on trial
    Maybe he is

  29. how is it, that we've been hearing the phrase "Drain the Swamp"….for what….about a year now….yet, NONE… of the obvious scum, has been arrested….?

  30. A message to "Trump Breaking News Network"
    Whilst your content is appreciated, the robotic voice in unbearable and I'm sure many would agree.

  31. How long has it been considered collusion just having a conservation with a Russian where is the list of countries we are not allowed to speak with? Who decided Russia is an enemy of the USA and what possible reason could there be for them to be considered enemies. I saw a doco on returning astronauts from the space station, two Russians and one American the were recuperating laying beside each other in stretchers after being removed from the capsule. They were giving each other high fives and the American had his hand resting on the hand of a Russian, brothers in arms bonded friends surviving a dangerous experience. A beautiful sight for all mankind. Perhaps that's it all Americans should be sent into space with Russians to return enlightened and friends.

  32. I hope that Trey Gowdy becomes the house speaker and oust Ryan and Trump has a man who will back him 100%. Comey should be replaced immediately after getting our new Supreme court judge .

  33. trey was patiently waiting to get into it, he was well aware cthe COC was treated like cubscouts, barking dogs, no fangs. I respect him, he simply needs to be given the backup needed to bite rather than bark.

  34. Stop lying ypu liberal lunatic! I'm a libertarian by the way, in case any liberal dummies start criticize me, and I'm neither more liberal, nor more conservative. I'm an anarchist, so don't be stupid. Trump didn't share "classified info" because there is no proof , with visual AND audio proof. Stop being a part of the divide in our country!

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