Obama claims credit for ‘longest streak of job creation’ in US history

Obama claims credit for ‘longest streak of job creation’ in US history

100 thoughts on “Obama claims credit for ‘longest streak of job creation’ in US history

  1. No class from Obama in his part. He didn't even give a little credit to President Trump. No doubt that Obama build the foundation, but how President Trump has ran with it, and his achievements with the economy, it has overshadowed what President Obama did

  2. The only economy that Obama can claim improved under his presidency is that of Iran. What would you expect when you tip in hundreds of billions of dollars with no strings attached?

  3. The only credit you get is for fooling America into thinking you were actually a legit president. You'll go down in history as the worst president ever, hope Michael is doing well..

  4. So, let me get this straight. It took Obama 11 years and President Trump 3 years. Hey, Obama Fast food jobs don't count for sustainable growth.

  5. Obama Beelzebub, according to Susan, created 8.1 million jobs in his final three years. Let us not forget how many businesses went under in his first four years ….. five of my favorite businesses, all in my area, and in his last term, my doctor …. just two blocks from my house, closed her office for a different medical position. Democrats always wreck the economy. Republican presidents restore it, always with Dems claiming credit. Somethings never seem to change. However, with Trump in control, truth is being restored.

  6. Abra Cadabra Biatch….
    TRUMP 2020
    TRUMP JR 2024

  7. Facts don't matter anymore. The economy doesn't matter. Trump is a proud racist who revels in ignorance, thriving on low information, just like his base. That is why they love him, he speaks their language, the language of the hateful and uneducated.

  8. I love how they then show the graphs that completely back up what Obama said as Steve Moore is calling it 'ridiculous'. Going from 10% unemployment to 4.5% is actually … pretty amazing and Trump definitely inherited that downward trend there. And then Trump's graph goes from %4.5 to %3.5 but they stretch it out to look as impressive.

  9. I haven't listened to Neil in a couple years until l got a YouTube recommendation just now and he is still literally saying the same thing he was saying when l last watched his video…"tip your hat to both gentlemen on the economy.." l must be living in a time machine 🤣

  10. The Democratic Quisling Party, remembering that his mouth used to draw crowds and help portray their lies, asked disastrous parasite Barack to spew this laughable nonsense. He said, "what's in it for Me?" So they gave him a bag of Clinton Money Laundering Foundation cash, and he spewed. It's way past time for the dud to fade away to his rightful place as nothing but a foul stench in the history books.

  11. "I don't know what happened there. The police acted stupidly." — Disastrous parasite Barack, doing his part to minimize respect for the police. Kids refused to eat their vegetables because Bush said he didn't like broccoli; kids died because Barack told them he didn't like cops.

  12. Obama the most corrupted president in histori now he wants to take credit for the economy are you bugging are you out of your mind are you tripping.Obama stay in your 🐀 Rat hole and live the economi to the real President your dady your papa Donal J. Trump. Rats belong inthe rat holes so Obama stay in your rat hole

  13. The ONLY things Obama did was ruin our health insurance & cause the creation of ISIS. Oh, yeah, and send our tax dollars to Iran, who wants to nuke us. 🇺🇸TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  14. LMAO…… He continued failed democrat financial policies, over-regulated which killed jobs, growth and personal income.

  15. Why did he ask his guest opinions just 2 argue with them when they disagreed about obama and try 2 justify his opinion dont know which is worse about that him r Wallace

  16. The avg job creation was better under Obama than Trump. Sorry if facts hurt, snowflakes. AND……AND……that was after a Republican President left the economy in shambles. Also, no one can trust anything Trump reports, nor anything reported by his appointed minions. He'll lie in a heartbeat to make himself look better.

  17. Totally laughable. My goodness, O was the worst and most destructive person to occupy the WH. He was pivotal in destroying God's ordained family plan among other things.

  18. I cannot believe the ratards that still like that loser the worst president in us history! That coined the term if you dont agree with me your racist,uneducated or sexist! He just about ruined this country and did divide it!!

  19. Why am I not surprised that the Dems would try to give credit to their Saint Obama for todays economy. It is clear that the liberals will do and say ANYTHING to regain power; lie, cheat, corrupt, etc…

  20. Obama is hallucinating and feels so jealous of the accomplishments of Pres. Trump that he could not do during his 8-year term. Obama should be investigated for lack of transparency and accountability as to what happened to the $787 billion Stimulus Package approved by the Democrat controlled Congress in 2009, for sending pallets of cash worth $1.7 billion (which is illegal) as part of the bribe for the Iran Nuclear Deal with unidentified/untraceable recipients, on reports that his administration apparently funneled US Foreign Aid funds into George Soros' Open Society Foundation and other of his NGO's, as well as for the increase in the government’s debt from $10.6 trillion at the start of his administration to $19.9 trillion at the end of his administration, without any noticeable improvement in our infrastructure, in our lackluster economy, in our manufacturing, in working families’ lives, even with sequestrations in our military spending, and with the slowest recovery from recession in modern history. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY, BARRY SOETORO?

  21. He blamed Bush 43 all 8 years for the bad economy and now tries to take credit for President Trump’s raging economy. Remember Obama couldn’t just wave a magic wand. Trump cut red tape and reversed business strangling regulations on day one. That’s what set the economy of fire.

  22. Obama is a traitor of America!!,sold out his own people !! Worst president ever!! Set race relations back 20 years!! Only thing Obama did in white house was enrich his own bank account!! And suck Michael Obama's balls in oval office!! Democrappers are enemies of America!!Wake up people!

  23. Obamas white house counted the millions of people forced to get a second job after losing their full time job because of Obamacare restrictions. I am not the only one remembering this?

  24. obama had 8 years to do what little he did along with the fact President Trumph has been and continues to be attacked by the bottom feeding swamp Dems.yet still turned our country around and made me glad to be American

  25. I think Obama's greatest contribution to the economy was leaving office. The recession that we had at the beginning of his disastrous administration was a result of people knowing what was coming. Which was a job stifling socialist that would do whatever it took to tear down America.

  26. Reality is . . every president must build off of each other. You can't give full credit to a past president for what is currently happening. However giving Obama partial credit I don't think is a bad thing.

  27. Everyone knows Odummy and his policies didn't help America. Democrat politics are the exact opposite of what Trump has did for this great booming economy. Obamacare forced Americans to buy govt healthcare insurance or else.. oh yeah don't forget to watch the premiums sky rocket every year. I'm glad President Trump rid that trash can healthcare plan

  28. yeah – the economy and jobs – SUCKED during obamas terms – and now he is trying to take credit for what Trump did for the past three years

  29. I would post a link to Obamas magic wand statement but its buried under the youtube algorithm for no one to ever see or hear but we remember.

  30. Um let's be real and speak FACTS!! Obama's part time jobs do not count. Tim Hortons, retail shouldn't count. AND PEOPLE HAD TO GO GET JOBS BECAUSE THEY NEEDED TO BUY HEALTH INSURANCE!!! I cant even listen to this lol

  31. Another Obama lie. where is the magic wand?

    Obama you know and America knows you were a president that did more harm for this nation than any other.
    Dems cannot run a country, they cant run their household never mind a country.
    You should be ashamed of yourself, and I hope it bothers you when cashing the peoples check.

    Oh BTW obama, i made Citi pull out of the economic downfall by paying my credit card and including my 2.35 interest.

  32. don't forget to take credit for the renewed racial tensions. Don't forget about the ten trillion you added to our deficit. Don't forget about the weak leadership on your part around the world. Don't forget about your spying on candidates. Don't forget about your tax increases. Don't forget about your disaster healthcare program. Don't forget about a lot of things.

  33. I have never been or will never be a fan of President Obama but he’s pretty much correct here. Fox News isn’t even stating facts to challenge President Obama’s claims, they’re literally that just spewing lies and making it sound true. They’re no different than CNN and it’s embarrassing. Though he doubled our deficit during his tenure, he pulled our country out of the mud economicall. President Obama left the office with unemployment increasing economic growth and an unemployment rate of 4.2%. Here we are 3 years later and it has continued to drop now at 3.5 I believe which is the lowest we’ve ever had. If you compare Obama’s last 3 years with 7.9 million jobs, to President Trumps first 3 years with 6.7 million jobs. President Trump also has yet to top President Obama’s 4 straight quarters of record setting GDP. I’ll gladly criticize President Obama for the “Affordable Care Act”, and many many other horrible things during his tenure but I’ll defend him on the economy. He pulled off one of, if not the best, recovery in American history. He should be recognized for that. I am not Fox or CNN, I have no agenda and these are all checkable facts. As far the economy and only the economy, President Trump was handed the USA on a golden platter. With all of that being said, 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  34. Anyone who voted for Obama is an idiot. This man was not qualified to be president. They only voted for him because he's black.

  35. This is Obama's "Audacity of Hope" claiming that someone else's success is yours! This is preposterous for Obama to claim this! It was Trump that cut Obama's regulations in half!

  36. Talk about delusional…this coming from a commander and chief who couldn't even get a simple website running correctly! Obama's legacy…to blame the previous administration for not being able to get things done and now take credit from the current administration now that the U.S. is doing well again. For a masterful con-job that you played on the citizens of America I do you credit!

  37. The race-card wizard of the whole demoseptic swamp, or main pinpoint of their doubts, and distrust. Let him be the next governerd of OH, CA, or NY.

  38. To say Obama can take credit…is very fair to say cuz that is a fair thing to say, but that doesn't make it accurate, Obama kept the economy completely stagnant for a whole decade, he did not make any moves to create jobs


  40. Obama is a narcissist… the only thing he does well is revise history. Both men cannot take a bow. This economy belongs to trump and trump alone. You all must be high… we lived through Obama’s new normal and it sucked.

  41. is it Obama who brought the tax reform? was it Obama who went out of Paris climate hoax agreement ? Was is Obama who went out of NAFTA and who arranged new trade agreements with Canada and Mexico ? and who took on the fight against China dominating the market? come on Barry..get a life

  42. Just because it started under him, as well as the great economy doesn´t mean he gets credit….
    All credit, and hail, to the beloved leader….

  43. I work for a manufacturing company and under Bush we were prosperous under Obama we were very close to going out of business and now under Trump prosperous again…I have no idea whose at fault or who to applaud but I'm glad to have plenty of work again..

  44. Our economy is better only because Most Obama policies have been done away with.. like the whole “welfare for illegal immigrants “ the Climate accordance.. that was trillions of dollars… sorry Obama you haven’t done near what President Trump has for this country

  45. First it was “President Trump is a horrible President “ now it’s, “Obama takes credit forever economy “

  46. Obama increased the cost of my health insurance and health care by 800%, increased my taxed income by 20%, and his regulation kept me from being able to get a house for ten years. Trump gets elected and I am able to get a house, see my first 5% pay raise, pay less in taxes, and have seem my health care cost slowly going down. Obama can F himself.

  47. So many low information commenters here. If the facts don't support Trump, just change them so they do. It takes time for changes in one administration to be obvious, usually into the next presidential term. Trump and his people are lucky that they came into the WH on the heels of a strong, coherent, A+ class administration that was hardworking, educated, focused, and confident. At least for a short time anyway, Trump and his D class team can believe that they were actually responsible for creating a decent economy.

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