Nunes says Dems have been ‘hell-bent to impeach’ for three years

Nunes says Dems have been ‘hell-bent to impeach’ for three years

100 thoughts on “Nunes says Dems have been ‘hell-bent to impeach’ for three years

  1. The DemonRats in your face conspiracy corruption and sedition on right out in the open. Along with the unconstitutional methods that have been used to go after the president. Why haven't they all been arrested for treason sedition and conspiracy already..they did it right in our faces every day and nothing qas ever done at the time of it. Every DemonRat involved should already be behind bars at this moment awaiting trial in Leavenworth for sedition, treason and conspiracy against Trump. Why are they still sitting behind the House and the Senate to this day..investigate each and everyone of them involved in this sham impeachment. And abuse of power..

  2. The Dems have abused the system and abused their power.
    Thinking that it would sway the public.
    All it did was make their own Democratic voters and supporters question what their politicians are really interested in, and dividing their own voter base.
    They have accomplished NOTHING since Trump was elected.
    All the while, Trump has the lowest unemployment, has built half of the Wall, best Wall Street numbers, and has given the American public more opportunities than ever before !!!
    They have guaranteed a Trump 2020 victory.
    Se la vie.

  3. Baldwin. We want a president who investigates corruption ! Like. Biden and son ! I’d. Vote for Sanford and son before those two !

  4. No doubt the number 1, numero uno issue going into 2020 is the coup cabal, deep state and NWO entangled in the USA 🇺🇸.

  5. Guess what patriotic Americans..???.Once Trump is acquitted from the sham of impeachment by the Senate, the Devils will continue with a variety of other forms of impeachment to drive him out of office….But God, but God…as we guard Trump in fervent decreed prayer God will establish him to fulfill another four years and desolate all his enemies near and far in Yeshua Hamashiach's Name.Amen!!!

  6. Let’s hear it for Nunsie’s folks the most corrupt SOB in the senate, way to rock that corruption 👏👏👏👏👏

  7. @devin nunes stepped on the constitution? They have far more then has stepped on the Constitution they shredded it they burn it they took a pee on it and they let it on fire the whole Democratic party needs to be tried for treason are attempting to do a cute cool on the sitting president of the United States even if you didn't like Donald Trump you don't agree with this because you don't want them to do this to you or anyone else because they got away with it this time they must be tried for treason and hung by their neck on George Washington cherry tree in the front yard of the White House. We cannot let them to continue to do this

  8. Tell my pencil neck shift shift the s*** head doesn't want to testify you know why doesn't want to testify because he get charged with lying on the stand Adam shift has made a mockery I've not only Congress and his party but the entire United States for all the other countries that are watching this on TV or sitting there laughing at the American people why are you letting this go on do you really think this is okay we the American people cannot let this continue we must come together and get this guy for treason and a crew on our president I don't care what party represent he needs to be stopped


  10. Past time to cuff all Dems involved in the ongoing coup attempt on POTUS. Why the heck did Mitch not take the impeachment hoax to the Supreme Court who should've already stepped in and shot down the dirty Democrats.

  11. Yet another case of the Law Enforcement Departments actually breaking the LAW ! Isn't it about Time that lady Justice wheeled's her sword.

  12. From England, God help your country if those people ever again take control.
    You nearly lost it to open borders for votes under Hillary, and licking the arse of the Mullars under Obama, The whitemanbad, policemanbad rhetoric to cause internal conflict that saw many killed and young men in prison for life for thinking they were doing what they were told by these really bad people.
    I love your country, In England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand all of Europe are fighting the forces of socialism.
    You beat the bullet when you got Trump.
    The west needs him

  13. Biden Peliso Kerry Kids all worked for Ukraine…. The Billion dollars that was given to them how much of the taxpayers dollars did they steal… They all became millionaire… trying hind there cash…

  14. I still want to know why russia. Was carrying off uranium no doubt to sell to iran to blow up ISREAL AND AMERICA is there desire.

  15. The US Senate should issue many subpoenas for Adam Schiff, the whistle-blower, the Bidens, etc. Let the swamp draining begin!

  16. Pelosi held the articles because as soon as the senate calls witnesses, their game is over. Senate starts their session, Schiff gets called, he either perjures himself or tells the truth and self incriminates win win. Also, who really did a quid pro quo with Ukraine?

  17. Trump appears to be trying to outsmart the Democrats to force the whistle-blower out of hiding. So he can Epstein him. Trump never give up, or let well enough alone. Trying to have things his way. With no regard for legal laws.

  18. Trump ran on cleaning up the coruption and so is Ukraine's government. So Who are all the name's that took part in coruption sham in the Ukraine government? The dems are hell bent on it not coming to light. Could it be more than one name on it. Think about it.
    God bless America again

  19. Laura! Stop interrupting dammit! Nunes had things to say I wanted to hear, not your loud rediculous voice.!! Just shut up and listen!!!

  20. Nothing matters but Trumps actions. Doesnt matter that you hate dems, doesnt matter what someone said 3 years ago. What matters is whether or not Trump is guilty of the articles.

    Greatings from the Netherlands

  22. I so hope the dems are stupid enough to hand things over to the Senate. The president is accused of doing wrong when he asked if what Creepy Uncle Joe bragged about doing was true. So it is that the massive corruption and criminal behavior Creepy Uncle Joe is the center of is the issue. IF the trial proves beyond doubt that Creepy Uncle Joe and his son are corrupt and criminal, then the law demands they be investigated and the president did good. If Creepy Uncle Joe can be proven innocent of corruption then there is no legal reason for investigating him beyond his own boasts. So it is that the Creepy Uncle Joe and the corruption in Ukraine of our politicians becomes the center stage for some really good butt kicking conversations… with evidence.
    IF the dems follow through then ya gotta wonder who they are working for, cause this has the potential of wreaking havoc through their ranks.

  23. I've never given a thumbs down to Laura, but she's getting on my nerves now. Her consistent "Cut off" of guest trying to answer her questions is intimating for me. I cannot imagine the frustrating feeling it gives Devin Nunes. She needs to know when to shut her 🥧 hole and let them finish! And she needs to understand the listeners are NOT Morons!

  24. The real bews is trump has committed impeachable offenses all along. The real news is Nunes and others are protecting a known criminal.

  25. Hell-bent, and they have succeeded, IMO that's where they will end up!!
    I love Mr. Nunes!! Clear and concise. 👏👏👏👏

  26. I question the dems house of Representatives,,,,Who are they representing? Maybe they should change their name to the house of impeachment.

  27. The Media is not letting the Dems get away with anything, its the Republicans that are letting them get away with it. Start throwing charges against them and hold their feet to the fire for a change.

  28. The demon Democrats are scared because Trump is going to expose hiw they have been laundering our tax dollars though Ukraine for their own financial gains for decades now. This fake impeachment is all political theater and isn't going anywhere. Drain the swamp WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  29. The members of the House Democrats, FBI and DOJ are all treasonous scumbags and should go to prison for the coup attempts against President Trump. Long Live our Great Leader of the United States of America, President Trump. MAGA and KAG 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. The orange fraud is guilty. Anyone who says otherwise is a Putin Troll.
    How can the Whistleblower be fake, when he revealed exactly what Trump stated.

  31. Laura. Show this to Hannity. Joke of the day. "Senate impeaches Trump Striking Presidency. Pence sworn in as President. During Congress's August Recess, Pence Pardons Trump. Trump runs for 2020, Wins and runs for 2024 too because Trump Officially only President from 2020-2024". HaHaHa… JLSwag

  32. why do you all talk about the whistle blower? the story has already been corroborated by multiple sources.. some with first hand knowledge.. why is trump blocking witnesses? if you can't tell me why the whistle blower matters then you need to change your tone.. Nunes has ties to Russia and the Ukraine.. Biden is a distraction, and if he's guilty you can have him because we don't want him. trump supporters are brainwashed projectionist, or they simply aren't paying enough attention. then of course there's some who just have major character/moral/personality defects, and they don't want to addmit they were wrong… america is at is's darkest time right now, giving into fascism and authoritarianism.. because they're being lead to belive that socialism is bad, because communist.. come on people, use your brains! you're defending the rich, you're doing exactly what they want you to be doing..

  33. Removing President Trump for a "Phone Call" will cause a huge uproar in the USA. Only the most radical leftists will be happy. Let's expunge this ridiculous impeachment and vote in November.

  34. I'm sorry but it seems to me like the Republicans are always behind what's going on with them Republicans you need to get your act together this is not a joke anymore they are actually going after the United States and their people and you're not doing your job properly nobody seems to be following up on anything it just kind of like oh yeah we need to know follow the rules what the hell are you talkin about what rules dams are working with no rules I think it's about time that you guys got the memo

  35. Can see Adam Schiff blink his eyes. I saw early today Nacy Pelosi did same in back on area side blink her eyes. Something very fishy!!!!!!!!!

  36. China is by far America's most worrisome global problem on this planet. China intends to be the most powerful country on this planet ASAP. America needs to build islands in the China sea and then install a missile silo system to keep China at bay. We must be armed and ready for Chinese aggression. The Chinese are more than willing to loose millions of Chinese in a war with America. The communist party doesn't care how many of their people will be killed…wake up America!

  37. trump's defense blown out of the air, by friendly fire! Lol!
    trump's attorney will have to hire an attorney himself due to the incriminating documents congress received just today.
    Anyone who knows Sekulow knows he would end this way.
    nunes has been begging for money to pay defense lawyers since he might be indicted as well.
    Trump is an impeached perp, anyone who supports him will end the same way. Crime doesn't pay.

  38. The Senate really needs to get on with dismissing this whole sham! I am sick of hearing about it from both sides, and I know I'm not the only one. Why give this theatrical production any more attention than it deserves? It does not deserve a trial when the articles don't even bear up to the standard for impeachment. Why give any credit to them at all? It's a waste and the Senate has already allowed Pelosi to waste enough time on this. As soon as she missed the first deadline given by McConnel to submit those articles, the Senate should have shut it down then and there!


  40. The republicans have Biden admitting to withholding $billion to the Ukrainians on video and can't prosecute anything, and the democrats have nothing on Trump and he's getting impeached? Obviously the republicans are to weak to get anything done. OR there is a power far greater than the republicans at work, keeping them from getting done what they need to do in the house and senate. Thank God we have a strong president.

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