NPCs Do the Darndest Things

NPCs Do the Darndest Things

We’ve got a cool WolfQuest update
coming out today. It should be out as you watch this video with a lot of new animal
behaviors in it! So here: one of them! Bald eagle fishing in the Lamar River. And we
have the elk rut. We’ve got those small herds of bachelor bulls who hang out
near the big herds with all the cows. And here in October during the game, they’ll
be pretty ornery and come over and challenge the resident bull in that herd –
bugling – and the resident [bull] will come over and bugle back. And if they decide
to really get into it, they’ll come around and fight! And you know, we’ve
watched a lot of videos of these things and they’re…they’re… ungulates are weird!
They fight and then they kind of break off and kind of circle around each other,
they’re kind of eyeing each other, they’re kind of glaring at each other…
Sometimes that might be the end of it and one of them says, “Eh…I don’t need this
today!” and wanders off. And sometimes they’ll go right back at it. Here we have a sweet little snowshoe
hare…WOAH! Oh! He missed it! The golden eagle (a new animal: golden
eagles!) and there…looks like… got a… got a hare hanging off the claws there, yep!
What else do we have? Foxes mousing – pouncing on their prey. Buck mule
deer also have a rut in the fall… and so you will come across them fighting.
They do similar kind of …these weird kind of circling dances as they’re
trying to size each other up and intimidate each other. So we’ve been working on
this update for about a month now, off and on.
Along with multiplayer and Slough Creek and bug fixes… and it took a little
longer than expected. Some of these new animal behavior started to hurt
performance some. So we’ve had to do some optimizing. And then I had a little
spell in the hospital with a bad infection. But it’s all come together
here it’s available now on in version 1.0.1! And although some of these
are, you know, kind of big dramatic things, like the the rut, for me, a lot of it is
just …I just love running around– following the eagles as they fly around
and watching them hunt. We actually increased the …how much you can tilt your
camera up in the head cam view. That’s the T key. So you can just run through
the forest and watch those eagles. Follow them around as they fly around. And for
me, just seeing those eagles flying around in the world adds…adds so much to the
game. So we’re really excited to get this update in good shape and out into
everybody’s hands to check it out!

100 thoughts on “NPCs Do the Darndest Things

  1. I think I’m going to get a new laptop for Christmas. So far, I have been playing in Good Basic mode. When I get a new laptop, will I be able to play in the higher mode of graphics?

  2. I found a fish on the lamar river shore and I'm wondering if it would be possible to hunt fish?
    You know,since wolves are capable of hunting fish…

  3. Me: * gets notifacation *
    "Ong finaly!! A new vid!"
    Also me: * finds out its about a update*

    ….* passes out *

  4. will the cattle ranch have some now addons on or it'll only have some texture modifications?( I know it's not going to be so soon but I'm curious if it'll be different than 2.7 wolfquest btw love you , spectacular work guys ) <3

  5. Hey guys!
    Wow, I'm loving these updates!!!!!!
    So I just wanted to make sure; WQ3 is still coming out on mobile eventually, right?

  6. Can you still get WQ2.7 on pc? On my tablet (android) it glitched out. I will be getting WQ3 on some months later when I get a laptop and am hoping to get 2.7 as well. Also if you purchase 2.7 and 3 on pc, will you need to pay for the extra ear, tail, etc and skin features?

  7. Man the ecosystem in this game is gonna be so realistic, soon we’ll just need a inspector mode just so we can watch these animals live their daily life

  8. I remember this jerk… Stealing my pupies, my precious children 😭💔Please a moment of silence for all those pups who went to the sky and never came back.

  9. Ahhh, WolfQuest 3 may be out, but it sure is still growing! The bald eagle is beautiful, same with the golden eagle! You guys did a great job designing them. That Golden Eagle is gonna be a pain when we get pups, ouch…
    The fox mousing is just ADORABLE! Those Mule deer fights are looking good too. The elk rutting sounds so realistic, everything looks realistic! You guys are doing such a great job on this, keep up the great work, thank you for such a great game! 🥰

    Edit 2: Also I hope you feel better Dave! ^^

  10. Wow this is all looking good hope you guys are having fun with making the game it's always better to enjoy working on something

  11. I'd be great to have a super-rare occurrence of elk / deer getting their antlers stuck together! might make for too much easy food though. it could be fixed by the breaking of antlers, but i know veeeeery well how impossible that can be

  12. GORGEOUS animation! This is amazing and AHHHH I CANT EVEN! Also I hope you’re okay, since the hospital visit! Don’t overwork yourself!

  13. On the day wolf quest 3 came out in couldn't play it because I had shigga toxin and it was bad enough i had to be in the hospital for 2 weeks after the release and when I was better I was never off of it, I nearly gave up on it and starved but I didn't all because your game kept me going and I passed it but I'm so happy I didn't give up because if I did I would still be there . thank you for helping me even if you didnt try!

  14. You should TOTALLY use the stuff you have is Wolf Quest and make an EAGLE SIMULATOR!!! IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  15. I wonder if the bulls lose health when they fight eachother… If so I would definitely snoop in and try and kill the one with less HP

  16. I hope the next npcs they add in the future are bison or pronghorn, they would make great editions.

    Maybe even whitetail deer could make it into the game as I know that they occur in occasionally in the park.

  17. Amazing! This is so cool! Sadly,
    I can’t play it the game because I can’t download stuff on my fathers computers so I just watch in one day hope of being able to play. And seeing these updates get me excited to see the eagles and bucks acting like they do in the wild! Your channel is amazing and I will give you all the support I have! Right now I can only play WolfQuest on my iPad which hasn’t gotten any updates in a while so I hope you could but a tiny bit of time in the game to change it a bit! So thank you for all your hard work and I push you to make more in your amazing game! Thank you WolfQuest and I’d appreciate it if you could put a little bit of time in the old game to fix the bugs like how it always kicks me from the game and how sometimes it won’t save my progress even if I do so please check out those and make the game more “graphic”. Sorry for asking all this and sorry for the long comment :3.

  18. I would like you to add the story of a wolf, for example, you are born, walk the path of a puppy, play, eat, and then grow up and your parents teach you how to hunt, and when you grow up, you already go on your way. I also want you to add hunters and dogs and people who can follow you, put on a collar and track you.

  19. Wolf watching a bull elk fight while eating a bunny*
    Eats bunny*
    Eagle comes out of nowhere and snatch his bunny*
    Wolf:come on really you really had to do that
    Eagle: ha ha ha I hope you starve

  20. it would be nice if we could actually eat foxes, coyotes, and wolf carcasses. It feels very jarring to be prevented from eating a food source, sucks me right out of the immersion that the game other wise does really well.

  21. Hmm… I wonder if there's going to be a family tree system where you can see all of your wolves and the pups they had on big list. Probably not since i don't recall seeing anything about playing as your pups in the after game (Besides taking screenshots of your pups and then trying to edit them to play as them to continue the cycle, that's what I do and it's pretty fun)

    But I am pretty hype about the DLC when you can continue to be with your pups and hunt like a pack :3

  22. I literally payed money for this game… and it doesn’t work because i have too low fps.. you should probably say something about that in the description of the game before people spend money on a game they cant use

  23. Oh great! I can't wait for it! 🐇 Bow my favourite Youtuber Can play it and see all the amazing new things! 😮😄

  24. Hey Wolf Quest Ya know if You Add The feature When the Elk When They're By a Tree They Can Eat Bark off of it 😯 or when they fight i saw in the video where the Deer was fighting by the tree Was That deer Dodging the Tree? like it Was going a Diffrent way when it got pushed Back.

    Oh And! The Idea that i wanted to Tell You that is When They fight They can Trip if the other deer has more strength! That would be cool 😊. and Could You Add Snakes in wolfquest 3?

  25. WolfQuest your all the best! One day i will go to yellow stone national park and visit. I also like the game too. It looks simular likes right now.

  26. I think this entire game makes me want to become a wolf biologist. Guess I’m not gonna be a geneticist anymore, oh well.

    On another note, will we ever be able to play as Canis rufus (Red wolf)? They’re wolves after all. Or is this just gonna focus on Gray wolves in Yellowstone and nowhere else?

  27. I hope you're doing better men, take care of your health we are a very patient fanbase and we can always wait for new content since it's always so good coming from the Wolf Quest team.

  28. I got this game but sadly my computer can't run it.. but I got it on steam so if If I ever get a new computer hopefully I can play it 🙂

  29. I want to get this game but I can’t spend too much money cause I’m a college student and you know how that is 😭😭

  30. Last vid u said that ur gonna add a bison and pronghorn I think u forgot about them and also plz work on them and when u get them looking good and realistic show em to us in the next vid plzzzz btw the update was awesome I was always chasing eagles and watching them chasing coyotes catching fish but I didn't see one catching a hare

  31. Hey glad you're feeling better! I know hospital visits are no fun. Super excited to see new updates as well. You guys are amazing, keep up the good work! 🥰🐺😍

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