No president should endure what Trump has gone through: Rep. Banks

No president should endure what Trump has gone through: Rep. Banks

100 thoughts on “No president should endure what Trump has gone through: Rep. Banks

  1. Democrats and their supporters are not only enemies of America but they’re worthless sons a bitches too. Not one American in the bunch. Democrats must be eradicated from America !!!

  2. Nothing on the left deserves to be moved forward in either the house or senate. Communism in this country deserves no platform.

  3. Truly he was chosen for these evil times Like him dislike him Everyone deserves fair play and justice. I'm told he knew he'd have to go through these trials to expose the hate. Clearly he has made it easy to see light and darkness.

  4. A victory ONLY applies when after all due process of evidence and witnesses are presented then found NOT guilty after examination. Trump & his gang oppressed, bullied, minimized, blocked all evidence and witnesses to avoid impeachment (A clear sign of guilt of all criminality)

    Trump is a dirty scum unworthy of running a country! Satan is his father, whom he follows day & night. A WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING.

  5. Let’s get real the democrat party is not a competition party to the Republican Party ! Stop propping them up as if they are those days are gone and it’s the fault of the democrats for where they are today its a wreckless party making wreckless legislation it cannot lead nor govern in a responsible manner ! Leave them to sink or swim on THIER own !

  6. Is there anything the American People can do to get rid of the congressional democrats! Beside waiting for the election? Can the American people move somehow to fire them?


  8. If Bolton say yes it was quid procrow then the nx question is who was suppose to tell the Ukraine’s because is either Bolton is lying or the Ukraine president is lying where will that go it was not discussed in the phone call how brain does that take to work that out

  9. They only lost those seats because Bloomberg "bought those seats" for the Dem with his 100million dollar DNC buy in that was uses in mass advertising…doh!

  10. If we let Pelosi have no consequences that's like a bully getting away with bullying people I thought there was a law against that now

  11. I want to see the democrats who have supported this 3 year witch hunt out of office they are worthless not because they are democrats but because they have no desire to work for the United States Citizens. If the leaker is Eric Ciramella and if he is also dating Alexa Schiff then Adam Schiff should be impeached as well as those who are complicit in this matter.

  12. Democrats don't seem to be capable of learning…I think they might be too old to learn. Bring in some younger people like in their 30's who still have functioning brains.

  13. Trump is just a butt hurt snowflake..he has skin like an onion….poor wittle Donny….he needs a WHAMBULANCE..HERE IT COMES WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH…WAKE UP AMERICA…YOU HAVE A 3 YEAR OLD RUNNING THINGS

  14. Trump and his family have been put thru hell the past few years. It was morally reprehensive and they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  15. Dems declared they ate "at war". They started it, we are going to finish it. Any Republican not onboard with is free to leave, now. These coupsters need be be removed, and convicted. Legislation needs to be put in place to ensure the country is never subje ted to this again.

  16. Amazing , obama , a traitor , a liar , an embezzler was very well, thank you , even more , that criminal was president of America for ….. 8 years , the worst time in America’s history , he was loved by biggest enemies of this country , and Trump = best president ever was harassed , hit with lies , slander calomnies by same enemies who sold America to globalists .

  17. There's nothing more insulting than being dismissed and ignored. Let's move on as though all this nursery drama wasn't worth fighting about. Take the high road and enough with the name-calling.


  19. BASED ON THE INTERVIEW; Sen. Romney said, I voted with my conscience that the President is guilty (paraphrase)… that sense, the rest of the Republican Senators did not used their conscience?……."Conscience" is SUBJECTIVE, only God and yourself knew your own conscience, nobody knows nor can see each others conscience, right?……..

    Now, the 52 or 53 remaining Republican Senators, did not used their own conscience but they rely on the Facts of the Truth when they Acquitted the President……God sided with Truth that is why Trump was ACQUITTED for Life……..As Christ said, "I am the Way and the Truth"……"The Truth shall set you Free" (paraphrase)…….so, God and the Truth are ONE……..

    On the other hand, Sen. Romney did not used the Fact/Truth, instead he used his Own Conscience, therefore, we can conclude that since he did not sided with the Facts/Truth, then the opposite of Facts is Lies, right?….then his conscience is EVIL….God said in the Bible, "What ever measurements of stick or rod you used to your neighbor, the same measurements God will used against you" (paraphrase)….God fulfilled those Words and it comes Alive…..God, Acquitted Pres. Trump without witnesses and Partisan vote (all Republicans) at the Senate, the same measurements Demo-socialist-Leftist gave to the Pres. Trump without Proper Fair Process of Trial, without witnesses, no defense lawyer to cross examine the witnesses, etc.and Partisan Vote (all Democrats) at the House when they slapped Trump with 2 articles of Impeachment…….Justice is Served……The WORDS of God is Alive and the entire World witnessed it…..To God be the Glory and Power….Amen.

  20. liberal impeachment of trump was not just an attack on trump. it was an attack on the office of the presidency. an attack on america itself.

  21. "No president should endure what Trump has gone through" Gee, sounds just like Holocaust Narrative. Now he gets to Rob, Plunder and Genocide anyone he wants.

  22. The radical bills the House sends to the Senate just proves why we elected Donald Trump and will do so again. We voted to STOP these politicians from playing games with issues that matter, but the Dems haven't figured it out yet. We see through this 300 bills crap, and blaming someone else for doing nothing. Trump is getting things done. He's not sitting around saying "hey we did our job, it's not our fault" like the Dems.

  23. We wouldn't go backwards but the Democrats are forcing us to!! People are breaking the laws of our country and need to be brought to justice!!! Nancy Pelosi said NO ONE is above the law!!! Well let's do a little investigating and find out what is really going on!

  24. These corrupt and good-for-nothing RATS who are guilty of crimes should be prosecuted and put to jail. Unless they are in prison and suffer the consequences of their criminal activities, they will not stop making disruptive noise wasting time and taxpayers' money.

  25. I would like to see President Trump get a do over of the first four years because of Democrats Hatred and slander and more slander my hope would be to see all of so called Elite Democrats out of office and in prison or in Guantánamo

  26. When Trump wins in 2020 he should be allowed a 3rd term exception because his first term was stolen from him by the Democrats. It's only fair.

  27. The Bidens are going down. And other big names as well. This has to be done. Drain the swamp. President Trump is saving this country and these criminals try to impeach him and I'm talking about the criminals in Congress.

  28. Let me. get this straight. The demrats. Can bring up. False. Charges on the. President and. All they get is. A pat. On the. Head. And told o. You bad. Little boys and. Girls. Now you. Have had. Your fun. Now. Go back. To. Work. ..and president. Trump is suppose to. Smile. And say. O. Let's work together. Now !! After. They. Smeared his name. Threathen his life and kids !! And no. Accountability. !! IAM. Missing. Something here. What the Hell is. The. White. House. For .Could. Some one. Please. Tell me. !! You have. To be. Deaf. Blind and. Stupid. To fall for. This. Crap. .It's a Dam. Maffia. .

  29. STOP GIVING CRIMINALS A PASS !!!! IF SHE WERE REPUBLICAN….THERE WOULD BE NO PASS. I AM FED UP WITH WITH THE GARBAGE PEOPLE IN OUR GOVT. with noone accounting !! It's ridiculous & embarrassing!! How did we get stupid enough to get these scum in office ???

  30. The sooner you guys get rid of that hideous woman, the better off the country and its people will be. She simply is a cancer in the political system, that has no cure at the moment. She has shown that she hates Trump, not just a dislike of his policies, but a genuine hate for the person and as a result, she is not fit to hold a position like Speaker of the House, as she has clearly abused that power to benefit her agenda and that of the Democrats. She is the one who should be investigated and removed. She embarrassed the US on the world stage and the things she says are simply delusional and irrational, just fuelled by spite and hate. Nasty bloody piece of work.

  31. That's why I call him, "My President"!! This Innocent Man, did nothing wrong!! First four people I want arrested is Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff!! I call it Treason for what they've done!! But the Puppet-Master is Goerge Soros!! He should be the first of them all!! Follow the Money!!

  32. This PRESIDENT is so awesome Americans should reward him and his family with 4 more years keep the SENATE and TAKE THE HOUSE!

  33. Okay: Next time we see a Dem president giving a SOTU Address, We'll Tear up that Script, too…..Get out the Shredder and Make it a Tradition! Nice play, Nana!

  34. Of course the DEMOCRAT on this show don't want the criminals Justice. She should be in prison that what the law ! She committed A CRIME in front of the WORLD.

  35. Could sombody get some chapstick for all these old White GOP Senators and Congressman! Or better yet Trumps tiny D…I mean we have all seen his hands..

  36. My President is President, and if God be for him who can be against him. President Trump, get up there and say anything you want to say, because nobody has a better right!

  37. President Trump should be AWARDED A 3RD term just because his first term was stolen from him by the Democrats and their fake news media.

  38. MAGA!! america is GREAT!! Impeachment? Dems got nothing concrete. Everything they have is fake. Unemployment n crime are low. You can't say he is mentally unfit. Biden's proven dirty. It isn't political assassination to investigate a criminal. Trump all the way!! A legitimately elected president has the right to play hardball with any nation in negotiations. Remember ww2? When Imperial Japan became ambitious, and attacked Asia, America withheld sales of guns, oil and steel . That's how foreign negotiations are…. TOUGH!! You fight! MAGA!!

  39. Trump was impeached because he committed impeachable crimes. If Trump is looking for someone to blame for his impeachment, he needs to look in the mirror.

  40. looking for a crime??? more than 3 years looking for a crime, and millions witnessed it. destruction of public property, a legal document signed by the Executive Branch and submitted in trust into the Congressional Record. degrading Congress once again. contempt of/for Congress

  41. The swamp has to be held accountable. It is the most righteous of means to ensure this kind of with hunt never happens again, without consequences.

  42. BRAVO – BRAVO – BRAVO to BCP., Your assessment is 'spot-on'. 'Administrator WRAY', is not a Director of anything. Wray has promised support for John Durham because he has no choice. For heavens sake! let's see some action. POTUS has been acquitted, now PLEASE prosecute the Obama 'Deep State'. If the evidence is available then anyone directly or indirectly complicit in the Attempted Coup d'etat, including CNN and MSNBC board executives and especially the Obama Inter-Agency Directors, MUST be prosecuted.

  43. I love President Trump! He’s the best President in modern history. He has shown the world how corrupt and useless career politicians are!

  44. The problem with moving on from this weeks events, is that there is a road block in the house and the person who tore up the SOU address is the leader of it. Is she going to continue being churlish on and on? Is Nadler going to do the Mad Hatter thing in the judiciary committee? Is Schiff going to take his impersonation of the worst narcissist in the congress to the next level and lie us all into insanity? How can we move on, and if we try to where will we go?

  45. Democrats hate you disgusting deplorable conservatives. Democrats love illegal immigrants, abortion, oppression, Jim Crow laws, and terrorist.

  46. Security Needs to investigate Nancy pelosi's threat that President Trump will not be President again ⁉️🤔 That was a threat !

  47. Of course! No President should go through this sort of 'shi*'.
    However, it never bother us. Lies bothers us never!!!!!!

  48. The Republicans are sounding desperate to lie about how much the majority hates the orange Ape!
    but they find out in November.

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