New study details lifespan of coronavirus in air, on surfaces

New study details lifespan of coronavirus in air, on surfaces

100 thoughts on “New study details lifespan of coronavirus in air, on surfaces

  1. Did Cuomo really say every COVID-19 patient is requiring a ventilator? Anyone else listen to the press conference today?

  2. For all of you worried about Batman….he's fine. Apparently, the chinese bat that caused this disease made it unharmful to batman because it's a big fan of batman. Robin, on the other hand, is dead. But nobody really cares about robin, do they? He's just kind of around in the scenery but nobody really watches him

  3. They can't make up their minds on how this works so apparently it depends of wind, draft, humidity, temperature, etc.

  4. Not to minimize the risks of coronavirus but the mortality numbers we've been given are misleading. Here is what the World Health Organization has reported: “Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected.”  The problem is the COVID-19 mortality rate is calculated using REPORTED cases while the seasonal flu number is based on an ESTIMATE of TOTAL flu cases nationwide. If you use reported cases for seasonal flu the mortality rate is 10%, more than double the mortality rate for COVID-19.

  5. The die virus seems to break down the economy, every one all sitting at home sad news. But guess what? You can still make your money transfer and earn while sitting at home. Ask me and I will teach you

  6. If the virus is airborne for hours, then infection is inevitable. The only true preventative measure is a vaccine. That said, if the vast majority of people recover through natural immunity, then that would be the best course of action give that a vaccine is not available. Shutting down businesses and taking a major economic hit is only going to make matters worse.

    Yes it's sad that people will die from this. But watching your country fall apart is worse, because then everyone suffers.

  7. Ah……does he have a secret about where the cleaning products are and the disinfectants? I can’t find any. Either can Amazon.

  8. The mostly elderly dirtbags in DC did NOTHING when Trump himself and several others were "exposed" and tested positive – he shook hands, they all stayed in "close proximity", did NOT leave DC – would they EVER do that if this bs were "deadly"? OH, and ONLY famous people were getting tested. DUH. Biggest BS hoax govt BS ever

  9. If we were allowed in China we would known everything we are learning 2 to 3 months ago ,china regime is mud to me ,if you Americans aren't just a little butt hurt you should be ! Don't forget, support TRUMP'S policies he loves the American people and wants the best for all of us hopefully u haters are starting to see his love towards you! TRUMP will probably be the last independent president you'll ever have better enjoy this time in history!he's no puppet to any organization or anyone that's why he has so many haters up high!

  10. This is not anything new. Many viruses live for days on hard surfaces. Norovirus lives for weeks on hard surfaces. The messgae here should be, WASH YOUR HANDS, WASH YOUR CLOTHES. WIPE DOWN YOUR GROCERIES, WASH YOUR SHOPPING BAGS. COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH. DISINFECT YOUR MAIL AND MONEY. Remember what your parents told you, DO IT. If you are a millenial, listen to your grandparents.

  11. People need to know there’s a big difference between airborne and droplet transmission. COV19 is not airborne. If it were we would have a much higher transmission rate similar to measles.

  12. So HOW SAFE are we maintaining 6 feet away from one another? If the Virus can linger in the air for up to 30 minutes…even 3 hours…WHY are we telling everyone that face masks are useless and they should ONLY worry about touching an infected surface or someone DIRECTLY coughing or sneezing on them? I HOPE we get our stories STRAIGHT on this matter…because a lot of people who THINK they're taking the recommended and safe procedures….ARE NOT!

  13. Airborne 30 min-1hour, cardboard 24 hours, stainless steel 2 days, Fake news coverage of corona virus-as long as it takes to get rid of the Trump not the virus🤪

  14. America. Stop calling it the China virus. Please! We all think our county is the best on Earth! Be humble at least!
    Don’t make this pandemic political like Trump does! Let’s work together

  15. This clown President called the Coronavirus a Hoax, was busy with rallies before action and now he says he's was waiting on everyone. Isn't he supposed to lead? You Trump supporters are slow.

  16. ummm, dark mosses on dark castle walls and it started a black plague

    (in history books )too. I dislike the truly uneducated representative paid popular people.And men, stop calling it skin. WASH YOUR GD HANDS

  17. KOSHER…
    oh ya…can woman do an FBI criminal check before a date yet?
    oh ya, catholic 'homes' for the 'unwanted'…there was a big ticket in for offsprings
    and 'adoption' kindness. dna my foot:D/ ummmm the race and the watchers…onward.

  18. ultraviolet light .. "Because I know they taking pictures on the ultraviolet light Yes, uh huh, yeah, but these days it's all secrecy; no privacy Shoot first, that's right… you know" what?



  21. How is this new?? Weve been aware since january and their saying this now? Chinas known of this since December

  22. Still can’t get tests or masks for healthcare workers, athletes have priority, trumps going to have bigger numbers then Italy, are we winning yet?


  24. Also clean your bacteria infested iPhone/SmartPhone with all those boo boo fingerprints ya'll leaving on it.

  25. So it is no longer a Dem hoax, or a media stunt, or a foreign sneak attack, or a lefty beat up to embarrass the orange Potus? Don’t forget the Fox favourite of Obama sneakily undermining his successor, or Hilary creating a pandemic with emails. This is another administration stuff up promoted by bimbos and himbos on Fox.

  26. UV lamps would do a lot to sterilize surfaces quickly in a kitchen, or anywhere else. During the swine flu outbreak, a hospital I went to in California, had UV lamps in the lobby, shining just above the heads of the patrons, sterilizing air in the upper part of the room.

  27. I'm curious, do we know its lifespan in standing water? It rains and there are puddles, so it would be good to know for our safety.

  28. This is the same Fox Network who said this was all fake, guess it takes a long time before the brain cells start functioning there

  29. NOTE: These times in this video are for room temperature or higher. For surfaces where it is cold (such as outside in cold weather), coronaviruses can last several days (even up to 4 weeks) depending on temperature, humidity, type of surface, and how much sunlight (or UV) the surface is exposed to.

  30. Virus is fragile. Heat is the answer for your lungs and heart. A long dry HOT sauna, and/or wet Hot Sauna is the best way to defeat it. As hot as you can endure for as long as possible, and take deep breathes. Also good, if sauna has a concrete floor and seat so your body is grounded. A super hot whirlpool/hottub is good, too. Raise your core body temperature 8-10 degrees celsius above normal. Deny the Virus any opportunity to root into your lungs.
    Avoid pharma – even still an anti-viral will take too long to develop. Do sauna & hottubbing with friends! FUN!! Don't fall for the anxiety routine from the media. Build Saunas!

  31. they only tested plastic and stainless seal. no one tested silver brass copper. its what they used to make dore handles out of oh and they where self sanitizing and flro cleaning solutions soap bleach what about vinegar.

  32. I won't buy a takeaway coffee if the barista isn't wearing gloves, because the cups are cardboard and the lids are plastic. I've seen baristas use the palm of their bare hand to press the lid on other people's cups. I tried it with my own safely-prepared cup when i finished it.It's hard to avoid touching the spout with your palm or your fingers.The spout goes directly into the customer's mouth whenever they sip the coffee.That seems like an open invitation for covid-19.

  33. PROTECT YOUR BOYS A report published online that suggests the novel coronavirus may lead to male infertility has now been removed. The piece, which was published on the Hubei government's website and widely shared on Chinese social media before being retracted, claimed that men who had contracted and recovered from the disease should seek medical advice to determine whether the virus had affected their fertility. 'Clinicians should pay attention to the risk of testicular lesions in patients during hospitalisation and later clinical follow-up, especially the assessment and appropriate intervention in young patients' fertility,' the report stated. Produced by a team based at the Reproductive Medicine Centre at Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, China, the report said it was theoretically possible that Covid-19 could impact men's reproductive health, as a receptor that the virus is thought to use to infect human cells, called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), is also highly expressed in the testes.

  34. They should mention that copper or brass is extremely anti-microbial and the virus will die on it rather quickly.

  35. Those who have their shorts in a twist over TP should perhaps remember that before about 1895 there was no such thing. People typically each placed a bottle of water near the shitter for personal use. It's free and it works… and, it gives a whole new reason for "washing hands frequently".

  36. What about us allergy sufferers, not a lot of over the counter meds work like they say they do. I cough A LOT this time of the year.

  37. Not surprising. The virus should at least be capable of this much to have spread so far and wide. I might raise an eyebrow if you tell me that the virus spreads via video calls.

  38. The coronavirus lasts 2 days on stainless steel? just put some soapy water( just a few drops of dish detergent in a cup of water is enough, kills flees INSTANTLY) on the virus and see how long it lasts.

  39. How long is it VIABLE AFTER SHEDDING. Detectable does not mean you are going to turn into a zombie… maybe.

  40. the self proclaimed expert says to use long one-way strokes, while showing someone wiping down a frig with short circular strokes. The expert should of said something about house hold bleach diluted with water, and isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) being the best and most cost effective disinfectants. Just don't mix them!

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