Neglected Pony Hooves Were So Long He Couldn’t Walk | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E03

Neglected Pony Hooves Were So Long He Couldn’t Walk | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E03

– We were called by the
animal welfare authorities. There was a pony locked
up for a long time, and he needed us to take
him and to care for him, because he was really,
really heavily mistreated. It was just horrible. We are a horses and farm animal sanctuary. We have about 400 farm animals. In Belgium, there are very
few farm animal sanctuaries, but they are very often mistreated. They need a place that
takes care of them. When Poly arrived here,
we called our blacksmith so he could chop off the
biggest part of the hooves which are really, really
heavy for such a little pony. That’s 540 degrees of curving. We have never, ever seen that. Poly just couldn’t walk. – That’s the first day
Poly’s ever had good care and people who really,
really loved him already. Good things were happening,
were beginning to happen. He didn’t have any kind of
personality when he arrived here. Now he does what he wants. He’s very, very kind with people. Now he has a real pony life. – Two or three days after Poly arrived, Lola was born here. She’s very small, Poly’s very small. He needed company. We put them together. At first, Lola’s mother was
very, very protective of her, but Lola really, really
wanted to go to see Poly. It took a few days, and then Lola’s mother took confidence in Poly
and let him approach Lola. I think they’re more than friends, he’s like a father for her. It’s like Lola’s been adopted by Poly. Look at that. Yeah, they really love each other. He has a great life now
with his new family. – Such a comeback,
that’s amazing how a pony who has suffered like this in the hands of humans still has
confidence in other humans. He’s full of hope, love, friendship. Yeah, he’s everything. How you can overcome
what life does to you, what other beings do to
you, just with love of life.

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  1. You can check out @Animaux en Péril (…) for more of their incredible rescue stories. And Watch the next episode of Comeback Kids here:

  2. How is she/he now? Justice for the mistreated animals. Strict laws around the World. God Bless all you good people. More of you in this World

  3. So so so so grateful for the amazing humans that rescue any kind of animal!! how someone could mistreat an animal, or any living thing, is a concept I will never be able to understand

  4. Not to be rude, but there is no such thing as a miniature pony, it’s a miniature horse.. I love the stuff you do💜💜 so happy you were able to bring him back

  5. I honestly thought the thumbnail was clickbait because I had never seen hooves overgrown like that. Boy was I wrong… I mean I thought natural wear and tear from moving around grinds them in like with wild horses, was this pony kept in a stall all the time for his hooves to grow like that?

  6. Most Modern animals can’t live without humans! So stupid vegans breaking into farms and releasing animals to the wild will most likely kill them just for a little self gratification!

  7. 🇨🇦👍🏻🌹🌹 yea., Poly., your so awesome., thank you for sharing a beautiful story!! Humans can be be savages indeed!! 😝

  8. Anyone saw that when the pony with neglected hooves walked through the barn all the horses were just watchin

  9. Need locking up those abusive humans ! Just beautiful now too see little one doing so well X godbless all that care XXX

  10. What did we as humans do to deserve such wonderful animals. To see how neglected he was makes me sad but he is so good for a pony not used to being maintained! Animals are so precious. Thankyou for all your hard work giving them a great life 😘

  11. OMG poly made me cry for 2 reasons how bad she'd been treated then how good. God bless all of people who rescued her😘

  12. Great story! We own a horse farm and have witnessed how people can neglect and abuse these poor animals. Some are resilient and bounce back but unfortunately not all are. The abuse can cause an animal to be untrusting and in turn lash out at those trying to help them, this making them a danger and having to be euthanized. It’s so sad and extremely unfair because it’s not their fault.

  13. Very heart breaking to see such beautiful creatures going thru such suffering. Thank you for rescuing him, what a transformation that TLC n sweet feed can do. The bond of trust they have with us , who care.

  14. Sad video but a very good video keep giving us the old ones YouTube tell us your politics why do you keep doing it watched it and watched it again for the shoeing it's still have to watch it some more you just beat a dead horse hahaha

  15. How do horses survive in the wild without humans if their hooves grow that long? Nature doesn’t make sense on this one…

  16. To give you an idea of how that might feel, imagine never ever cutting your toenails and being forced to walk on your tiptoes like a ballerina. Sound fun to you?!?

    IDK what kind of sadistic a*hole does this sort of thing to another living being, but I know that we MUST VOTE OUT local politicians who refuse to pass tougher animal cruelty legislation, and then MUST VOTE IN those who actually give a damn. It is the least we can do!!! 🐾

  17. I hope they put him on grass for just a few minutes at a time. Miniature horses + long lush grass is a recipe for laminitis and lameness without careful management, especially coming off a neglect situation.

  18. I’m so happy you took care of that pony, IM HORSE CRAZY AND THOSE PEOPLE WHO THUMBSDOWN CAN ROT IN HELL
    He’s so cute and tiny!!!

  19. When I was a kid (in the 70’s), the farmer behind us had 2 shetlands with hooves that curled like elf shoes. I called the ‘DOG POUND’ (what a hell hole) thinking they could help the ponies. I was told they didn’t help animals outside the city limits. As I got older, I found out about the horrible jerk in charge (Monte Doolin). He was an evil cruel person in charge of the “Animal Auschwitz” in my town. It took decades for us to get an actual SHELTER (LCHS), who also rescues animals throughout the county.

  20. 🥇🌹🌾💐🍀👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️♥️♥️🤝

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