Native american flute bas “Wolf”/ Пимак бас “Волк”

Native american flute bas “Wolf”/ Пимак бас “Волк”

Bass flutes are used for deep meditation, harmonization, sound therapy. Their sound helps to achieve balance and peace of mind. Friends, I welcome you to the Sound of House channel Today’s video will be dedicated to this flute. With a totem wolf. Apricot tree wolf. The flute itself is made of ash. Tnality salt pentatonic. Here is such a bass flute. He did the flute for about a week and the week went on a totem. Plus adjustment. It so happened that I changed the totem and reconfigured the holes. And in general, during these two weeks there was an adjustment. Why so long? Because when you change the totem …. I especially want to pay attention to those people who want to change the totem on the flute, which is not very easy to do, especially on bass flutes Why? Because all the nuances associated with angles, distances, are adapted specifically to a particular flute. The slightest changes in form, even those that I can’t notice, change the sound of the flute so that I feel that it plays differently. These micro-changes are not always clearly visible to the eye. There are such cases that I made a very similar totem and connected it with a flute, but changes are still felt. This may not be noticeable in high-pitched flutes. Solo flutes of key E and F. But on large ones, the slightest change carries a change in the entire flute. and entails reconfiguration of the holes. From all this, I concluded that in the future I will not change totems to others. Why do you ask? Because it is an extra waste of time. A totem is the soul of a flute. If the soul has entered a certain body, then it means to be so. There is a moment when the flute does not sound with a particular totem. Then I change the totem itself, and do not put a new one. This is a normal job. But if you take a new totem, then everything changes, the whole principle of sounding.
At the end of the manufacture of this flute, I concluded that there was no need to do this. The flute turned out very good no matter what. The sound is very good. And a calm sound. The model of this flute is longitudinal. A mouthpiece is made from the end. to make it easier to blow. I used to make a side whistle. The result was a transverse flute. It didn’t affect the convenience. On this finger hole model is convenient. I do not exclude that I will also make models with a side whistle. Because in the transverse model there is one useful nuance. You can make a removable cover from the end and clean everything inside. This is especially suitable for those who are too lazy to flush the flute. You can remove the lid, quickly clean the ramrod once, put the lid on and go play There is another point on this flute: the transition between the preliminary and game cameras is made so minimally that the condensate practically does not linger there. Which has a positive effect on the game. Since the Indian flute and the Wolf totem, I want to tell you one parable about the “Two Wolves”. Once a student asks his teacher
– Teacher, how can I defeat evil in myself? The teacher answered him
– Each person has two wolves: white and black. Whoever you feed will have strength in himself. The student realized that good would triumph if he fed the white wolf. But the most interesting thing is that the parable does not end there. Teacher continued to speak
– In fact, in order to educate all the positive qualities in yourself, you need to feed both wolves Because the negative qualities of the dark wolf can transform into positive. For example: aggression in courage and determination. But if you do not feed him, he will constantly get and disturb the white wolf. There are no such concepts as good and evil. You need to learn to see the benefits, the rational and the top and bottom. Both in black and in white. This is the wisdom of this parable. I was very inspired by the idea of this parable. The principle of music is this: it is not bad or good. It can only be harmonious or inharmonious. Harmony can be present everywhere. Any situation can be harmonized. From evil we always want to brush aside. This does not work in music, there are no evil people, there are inharmonious people who can be brought to harmony and they will become happy. This parable says that the black wolf will serve if fed. Everything needs a balance. About this one this totem. About this just this flute. The flute already has a friend. Today I am sending it. I’ll play again All the best to you. Play, enjoy. Remember to order flutes for harmonization. Ready for you to make your flute with your totem. Below are links where you can see all the bass flutes and where you can order or buy ready-made flutes All the best to you. Until we meet again.

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  1. Насчёт Добра и зла можно много говорить, когда головы преступника рубят, это и есть чёрный волк живущий во имя Добра !

  2. Просьба извлекать весь звукоряд, и хотя-бы непрерывно минуту…

  3. А почему бы не делать тотем просто как прикрепленную фигурку. И менять ее можно безболезненно, кто захочет.

  4. Очень хорошие флейты у вас получаются , звучат чисто и было бы не плохо зделать обзор на изготовление бас флейты , очень интересно будет .

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