Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Official Trailer | Nancy Drew Mystery Games

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Official Trailer | Nancy Drew Mystery Games

Rated E for Everyone. *HeR Interactive jingle* It’s up to you as Nancy Drew! Ollie: When Chantal told me you just a young thing, I thought she was pulling my leg. But you’re not much older ‘n my little girl, Freddie. Nancy: Well, if one of the people at the Lodge is to blame for all those accidents, Chantal thinks somebody like me has a better chance of figuring out who it is than somebody more… …you know, hard-nosed. Ollie: We’re here, so you’ll get to prove
yourself soon enough. *A long, faint howl* Ollie: You hear that? *Car driving* *Bang* Ollie: Well now what was that…? *Explosion* *Fire crackling* Bill: I’m Bill Kessler, this guy’s Lou Talbot. Lou: Hey. Bill: What’s your name again? Nancy: Nancy. Nancy Drew. Guadalupe: My name is Guadalupe Comillo. *Grill sizzling* Nancy: Order up. Yanni: How can I help you? Ollie: Need something? Nancy: You think the wolf is causing the accidents? Ollie: Not a doubt in my mind. Everything was A-OK ’til it showed up and started howling. It’s bad luck. And something’s protecting it. Something…unnatural. *Wolf howling* Guadalupe: Wolves and humans simply do not mix. While wolves may appear to be similar to dogs, behaviors that have been bred out of dogs after thousands of years of domestication …are still instinctive to wolves. Yanni: They are creatures of infinite evil. And that is all I am going to say on the matter. *Whoosh* / *Nancy gasps* *Wolf growls* / *Nancy gasps* *Rocks and snow falling* / *Nancy screams* Dare to play!

16 thoughts on “Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Official Trailer | Nancy Drew Mystery Games

  1. @purplestreakpunk It should work on your computer and is actually the first game with the new user interaface. You should also call technical support at 1-800-461-8787 to help get Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon to work on your computer.

  2. @Spud11357 ME TOO. i had a night mares for a whole week. once'd i dreamed i was nancy hiding in a closet at the rokan and she was talking to someone on the phone . it looked like a trailor like a trailor for a game and it started playing voices like one from savanna "you shouldnt really talk about the dead expeccaly when their not at rest" and this one from bess "get out of their nancy!" and then i saw a shadow and then poof i woke up screaming. o.o

  3. @timberwolfhusky

    Isis the wolf isnt the bad guy!!!! She saves nancy's life and nancy treats her as a pet! Wow, learn stuff before you say crap

  4. gosh thanks for the spolier it was the best idea in the world to post spoilers as comments on utube vids so everyone who hasent even gotten to the part can see! thanks! :/


  6. This was the first Nancy Drew game I got. I was about 10 and it is still one of my favorites. I actually just finished it today! I had forgotten about it because it was a bit hard for me then. I love it!!!!

  7. Is it only me who thinks that the guy who throws the iceball looks like handyman? I thought that he is the culprit because of that.

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