Nancy Drew | Season Preview | The CW

Nancy Drew | Season Preview | The CW

(dramatic music) – [Nick] Nancy? – [George] Drew! – [McGinnis] Nancy Drew. – Why does he say your name like that? – She’s a beloved, iconic character. What can I say, girls love mystery. – It’s definitely a
modern take on the books. – Many generations have some
familiarity with Nancy Drew. – [McGinnis] She used
to complicate my job. – Do you mean do it for you? – Fierce, bold, unapologetic. – I didn’t take you as such a badass. – She’s not afraid to go out
there and ask the questions that the police department
doesn’t necessarily ask. And that’s what we love about her. – It was late at night,
Tiffany Hudson was found dead by Nancy Drew, out there
in the parking lot. – So what do you five have to say? – We are all at The Claw when it happens, everyone is a suspect. – [McGinnis] Town
screw-up, ex-con, city girl and Nancy Drew. – So it’s cool ’cause you
see her put the cap back on and it’s not just for necessity but it’s she who you feel
the fire come back to. – [Ghost] Nancy. – Tiffany Hudson murdered by a ghost? – Except definitely not. – Nancy is very practical so
she’s not having any of it. – Nancy does not believe in ghosts. Hard stop. However… – I love how creepy it is. – Creepy mystery. – Right away, there are a ton of mysteries that I’m really excited about. – I’m blown away with the
tone we’re setting for this. There’s a real danger in the air. – I just, chills up my spine. – And there is juicy romance and amazing moments of friendship. I tend to do these sorts
of things by myself. – Admit it Drew, we’re helpful. – Really deep, dark secrets. – And you really don’t
know who to believe. – You saw a ghost. (suspenseful music)

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  1. I love the pilot episode of Nancy Drew can’t wait for more episodes of this series plus maybe a crossover with Riverdale will be fun

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