Nancy Drew | Inside: Pilot | The CW

Nancy Drew | Inside: Pilot | The CW

– What can I say? Girls love mystery. – She’s relentlessly in
pursuit of the truth. – It was in a hidden compartment
in Tiffany’s nightstand. – She is really good at solving mysteries, she’s really good at seeing things that other people might
not notice at first glance. – I’m impressed. – Hate to admit it, but so am I. (bell dings)
– I’m impressed to. – Nancy Drew has just
experienced a harrowing tragedy. She’s lost her mother. It’s changed the course of her life. It’s changed everything
she thought she knew about herself as a detective. She has pulled back
from being a detective, which is sort of what
defined her as a young girl. And so she’s kind of adrift. – Oh, look who’s late. Getting to be a habit. – All of our characters
work at this restaurant called The Claw. And one night a socialite is
killed in the parking lot. Help! They’re the ones that find the body. Each of them has a secret that makes them look
a little bit fallible. – Don’t just stand there
guys, post something on Yelp. – What do you want us to post? We promise our wait-staff
didn’t murder anyone? (ominous music)

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  1. The one thing we know about "Nancy Drew" is that you will not be permitted to see a heterosexual white man kiss a heterosexual white woman on the show in a romantic way.

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